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Post a cool disc golf photo

Earlier in the week, spring slowly arriving #8 Fairway Munden Point Virginia Beach. Behind the red basket both photos you'll see boats passing by. In the summer still the most scenic hole I've played. #9 comes back at you with water on both sides of Fairway. I've lost three disc so far this year, one approach yellow basket, two red basket swept by strong wind .

You'll have to look hard, in the first photo on the right side of that large tree, on the first large branch was a Saint. Couldn't get it down. I've had a few get hung up there, but always gotten them down


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Not too hard to tell this guy is a disc golf dig-it. He's actually a friend, we had played two rounds together at Munden Point Virginia Beach. He'll be attending Worlds this year.


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This is the site of a new disc golf course in the Philippines!! :D

There was one temp course 6 years ago, and almost a dozen in-progress or already in the ground!

Here's one I'm sure some of you have seen happen but not that often. Hole 8 (I think) at Greystone Woods in Morris Plains, NJ. My brother threw a red Westside Pine off the tee and at about 120ish feet, found it wedged in a tree about 15 feet up.


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Love those Holler picks, @wolfhaley! Last photo is hole 17? Great cross valley shot where you really don't want to hit an early tree. I got through clean and faded out into the shack/greenhouse that was just left of the green (right in your pic).

Do they still have a teepad on top of one of those boulders?

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