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Estonia’s Disc Golf in Numbers 2023 edition!

DG Fanatic

Dec 5, 2023
Tallinn, Estonia
Before diving into Estonia's numbers, let's take a look how's disc golf doing in Europe.

TOP 5 European countries by current PDGA membership (as of December 29th 2023):

  1. Sweden – 5544 active members
  2. Finland – 4562
  3. Norway – 3462
  4. Estonia – 1417
  5. Denmark – 1177
At the end of 2023, Europe had 21 588 active PDGA members, reflecting a growth rate of 6.7% compared to 2022 and nearly double the count from 2020.

2020-2023 Year to Date PDGA Continental & Worldwide Demographics:

2020-2023 PDGA demographics

Key points:
  • A total of 13 388 players played at least ONCE according to Disc Golf Metrix, that's ~10% growth from last year!
  • At the end of 2023, Estonia had a total of 1417 active PDGA members.
  • A total of 1972 female disc golfers kept score at least once!
  • Most rounds in a single week = 16 625;

TOP 5 Estonia's Most Played Disc Golf Courses in 2023:

1. Kurna - 19 734 rounds played;
2. Männiku - 18 985;
3. Järve Discgolfpark - 18 597;
4. Tartu Roosi DG - 14 338;
5. Keila DG - 12 286.

For more detailed info continue reading here - Estonia's Disc Golf in Numbers (2023) | Disc Golf Fanatic


Disc Golf Seasonality in Estonia

Even though Estonia has four beautiful seasons the vast majority of disc golf rounds are being played during summertime.


Heat Map of Rounds Played in Estonia During the 2023 Season

As one-third of the total population lives in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, disc golf around the capital is extremely popular. During summertime the courses near bigger cities are packed with disc golfers as displayed in the image down below. Orange areas represent very popular courses.

Heatmap of Estonia's disc golf courses where over 2000+ rounds were scored

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