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Prime disc rocks

I sent an email to their customer service address (located on the "Contact Us" section of their website) on Monday to see what was up & have yet to receive a reply. An ominous first impression.

It would be a shame to see such a highly-respected name in the disc golf retail business go down the crapper due to a change of management.
Oh no...

If Vegan Ray doesn't know the deal, I am afraid that the once great Prime Disc is/has been converted to Disc Nation.

It will be a shame if this is how it is going down, but I can understand if Steve doesn't have the time to fulfill the Prime Orders.

But damn Steve, if you needed someone with warehouse/shipping experience I wish you could have let me know... I would have been there to help out.

One of my throwing partners pointed out that the basket he ordered had disc nation as the drop shipper, and when I went to the site, I saw the address changed. Either way, I feel like I am going to have to find a new supplier of plastic, I just don't think Prime will ever be the same.

No regrets to all the plastic I got from Prime and Best of Luck to Steve in all his Adventures.
I've ordered a bunch from Disc Nation and Prime, and both have been good. If Steve has bid adios, I have to believe he made sure he left his "baby" in good hands.
I have never ordered from either place via an online transaction, but I have spent lots of money in the store on Slaughter Ln. The cool thing is you can throw a disc before buying it to see if the fit and feel is good. The guys over there are super friendly and helpful. After watching a throw to two from me, one guy made a suggestion on a different disc than what I went in after and after trying it, I was sold. I have never dealt with Prime in any fashion, but those of you that have, can rest assured that the service, from my experience with Disc Nation, will be the same and continue as you have come to expect. Of course, this is just my humble opinion.
haha. I was quoting for truth... From what I've heard A.Mutt has it correct, of course I have no idea to what degree if any that he keeps his hand in it.

woohoo, what do I win?
From the horse's mouth:

Steve Dodge on the NEFA board said:
With my new position at Vibram ( http://www.wbjournal.com/news45496.html ), I was unable to continue the level of customer service that Prime Discs customers deserve and expect. I handed off the day to day execution of Prime and it is still being run with the purpose of growing the sport of disc golf and giving back to its patrons.

The in-stock guarantee is still in effect ( http://www.primediscs.com/policies.asp )
Your Prime Points are still good ( http://www.primediscs.com/points.asp )
The 10% back to clubs is still in effect ( http://www.primediscs.com/affiliates.asp )
The Prime World Rankings are still being calculated (updated this morning: http://www.primediscs.com/world-rankings.asp )
Orders will be shipped as fast or faster than I was able to do (and still using USPS to get orders delivered crazy fast)
With the exception of the auctions, everything should be the same.
We'll see...

If Steve is out there... or VR happens to see him, let me know where to put my resume in as a Vibram Midwest Sales Manager.;)

Best of Luck with the new title Steve, and congratulations, you and prime discs will always be missed, even if the new guys are just as good.

At the moment though, I am up to my arse in plastic from events.

Sorry to the OP for Thread-jacking, I just wanted to see what was going on with Prime, I got my answers and will slink back to the shadows.
Well, I ordered from PrimeDiscs.com on Wednesday. (I'm in Massachusetts, and their previous shipping from NH was suuuuuper fast). I got the stuff today (48 hours later) from Texas with the same 3$ shipping.

Hopefully that's a good sign that only the location has changed, not the quality of the services.

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