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Keen Targhee II

Of course, if $$ is a huge factor, then these might not be a first choice. But what I like about them is that the sole treads wraps up from the bottom to around the lower sides of the foot and around the toe box. What i found is that when the tread is just placed on the bottom, and torque is continuously applied, they will come undone and become flaps on the underside of your shoe. I have not had this happen with these (yet) and it's been over a year. They also have good tread and are all around well built.

I hope this helps,
I have the keen disc golf shoes. I really like them. The sole seems pretty indestructible and they keep my feet dry in the wet. I don't know that they are completely necessary, but I like them. I'm with everybody else whatever keeps you comfortable. A good pair of trail running shoes would probably be OK too. I also had the Adidas Kanadia trail running shoes at one time too. They are comfortable and had good traction but didn't have the quality upper materials that Keen puts into their shoes and they weren't water proof/resistant. There is a certain amount of... you get what you pay for. I have seen the Keen disc golf shoes on sale a lot lately for about 70 to 80 bucks down from regularly about 110, 120 bucks.

How wide is the toe box on the Keen's? Where might I find them? No way I am ordering them without trying them on. I have a wide foot with narrow heel. Oboz and combat boots have been my standby now for years because of this.

I will go look at some trail running shoes. I had not thought about trail runners; the low heel on runners should help.