Silver Trusted Reviewers... the overlooked middle child

I was curious to see those numbers too and just looked them up. Here you go....

Bronze: 10 Reviews, 100 Helpful Votes, 20 Unique Voters

Silver: 25 Reviews, 200 Helpful Votes, 35 Unique Voters

Gold: 35 Reviews, 350 Helpful Votes, 75 Unique Voters

Diamond: 60 Reviews, 1000 Helpful Votes, 200 Unique Voters
Uniques have been increased since the info you quote here. Now 90 for Gold and 250 for Diamond.
Is there a place that lists all the reviewers?
no, but there used to be

that's another feature i'd like to see return: a searchable list of all members that is sortable by a variety of ways. at the very least, the current Notable Members page needs a category for reviewers.

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