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[Millennium] Solstice

If this is indeed the MD4 reborn, and will be available in a DX equivalent, Millennium will be taking my money for a long time. I might even think about selling my pristine stiff P-line MD4 to buy a bunch......I won't, but I might think about it
Any word on a release date?

Saw this post from Millennium Rep on the FB group page on 3/15

Some of the Solstice have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle by the shipping company we WERE using. They are actively trying to find where they stashed them but that is what the darn holdup is. Trust me when I say that none of you are more frustrated by the delay than we are. We did the giveaway at LVC to create buzz on them (which worked great) and they were supposed to drop the next week or two after (strike while the iron is hot!) and the shipping company has obviously blown those plans to kingdom come. I will keep everyone updated as soon as we get any of them in (DT or Quantum). That's all I know right now so please don't ask a million questions; as soon as I find something else out I will let you all know.
Saw this post from Millennium Rep on the FB group page on 3/15

Dang! A whole run lost to the shipping ether!? Hope they find them soon, I loved my MD4 but got rid of it once I knew they weren't going to be produced any longer.
Side profile certainly looks like an MD4. Hopefully they find that shipment soon
They had some stamped up for the Discs Unlimited Open this last weekend (stock stamped DT and Quantum 1.1 First Contact) so the shipment must have been located and arrived this last week. I got a couple Q with payout and 1 DT for the player pack but I expect the stock ones will got out to dealers over the next couple weeks and will be available through the Millennium Pro Shop https://shop.golfdisc.com/.

Threw one of the Quantum yesterday and it seemed to hold up to the 10+ mph headwind well on a few shots. Stamped flight numbers are 5/4/0/3. Top of the Solstice is flat like a RocX3 and bottom wing is flat with a microbead. I think that matches the MD3/MD4 bottom? Quantum is a bit more flexible in the flight plate than the DT but they both feel nice. Certainly will soften up in warmer temps and after some use.
On the MD4 thread it was compared to the Verdict several times, saying they were similar. The MD4 flies pretty true to the flight numbers, hopefully the Solstice molds up the same
I ordered 3 DT and 1 Quantum. The original plan was to order 5 DT, but I decided that a Quantum with the first contact stamp would be good to have. I am very specific about color so hopefully they had enough reds left, otherwise I might get less than ordered. Also, depending on what kind of plastic Marmoset is able to put some stamps on, I might end up with a bunch more DT or one or two of a different plastic. So excited to see what these fly like.
I should mention that the ones I got my hands on last weekend have a bit of flashing left on the parting line around the blunt wing edge. More prominent on the Quantum ones which would take a lot of tree hits to remove so some sanding is needed if you want a 'perfect' feel to the outer edge. Seems the lower wing mold piece has a slightly larger outer diameter and doesn't quite line up with the top.

Micro bead bottom of the rim feels fine at that parting line where it meets the core. Tooling for the core has 'MADE IN USA' (all caps) on bottom and 'www.innovadiscs.com' (all lowercase) only on the top when oriented to be readable. I have not seen this specific tooling on any 5 speed mid-ranges. MD4 owners could check to see if this tooling matches up.
From the Pro Shop

"Thanks for your order! Unfortunately, we don't have red in the Solstice. We do have Merlot in the Quantum (we also have orange, yellow and blue), and we have black, pink, purple and orange in the DT. I know you had selected cancel item, but in case y ou are wanting one of these colors, we can sub those and get your order shipped out."

Ouch, I guess I will have to wait to see what Marshall Street and Infinite receive. Damn my OCD

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