Stafford Woods this weekend?


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Jun 13, 2015
Virginia Beach, VA
I haven't been on DGCR much at all recently! And my disc golf time has been way limited. But! I'll be in Philadelphia this next weekend and have never played a New Jersey course, so I plan to try to sneak away from my work thing to get a round in. How are Sunday mornings in general? I'm guessing if I get to the course early enough it won't be too busy. This would be Feb 25.
It's outstanding and seems to be hanging on despite the threats of it shutting down.

Sundays are usually fine on the early side. Would just check ahead to see if they are hosting a tournament
It's a great course. I found a nice local who did a great job showing me the course. I can only imagine how tight those wooded lines will be in a few months!

I missed your OP, would have asked you to throw! It's not my home course but I'm close enough.

Definitely a bit more tight in the coming months lol...glad you enjoyed it!

Nice to see you back!

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