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[Innova] TeeBird Confusion


Apr 19, 2009
Terre Haute, IN
Ok, all start by saying I have done the searches, and lots of reading and seem even more confused than before.

I have recently fallen in love with teebirds after getting extremely frustrated with my consistency with High Speed discs. That being said I have a champ 12x that I destroyed very quickly. ( hit a guide wire to a telephone pole and took a chunk out :doh: ) I Have managed to get a couple of 11x Champion and can chuck them out around 400'.

I am looking to get some more of them as I am sure I will lose one or hit that guide wire again.

What I have learned.

- The molding on the back can have Innova or lnnova along with CA or CAL
- They had runs of a "milky" plastic along with a more clear.
- The front can say Fairway Drive or Distance Driver
- there is 11x KC pro and 11x Champion

Everybody seems to Agree to Disagree on the general flight characteristic on all of the variations. What I am looking for is a very general rule of thumb of what to expect and the prices to expect on each. Everybody knows that you may have 2 discs that came from the same mold within 5 min of each other and they fly different, like I said, I'm looking to compile a general Rule of Thumb. Also from my experiences the Idye seem a lot easier to get a hold compared to the regular ones.

Thanks in advance.
my thoughts??? Don't hunt for rare discs... not worth it. Just buy a stack of Star or current Champ Teebirds for get the 10x, 11x, 12x stuff and play.

How much will they cost? to much...
you can't really say "this teebird flies just like this one" because innova's molds are inconsistent. not inconsistent enough to make them terrible, just subtle variations.
some. the ones that say "lNNOVA" instead of "INNOVA" tend to have a lower parting line, and are flatter. flatter discs fly different than their domey counterpart, so yeah, they're different.
some. the ones that say "lNNOVA" instead of "INNOVA" tend to have a lower parting line, and are flatter. flatter discs fly different than their domey counterpart, so yeah, they're different.

Interesting. I have four, 12x KC Pro Aviars, three have "l" and one has "I". The "I" also has "San Marino, CA, 91108-8368" under the Innova Champion Discs. Never noticed that!

Other than that, as best I can tell they are the same.
OP....just curious what you were throwing before you started throwing the Tbird.......and what distances......I myself have been thinking about discing down some, and a good friend of mine has had alot of sucsess with the Tbirds and TL's.........
it only applies to the old ones, 11x mainly. that's when they switched the font for the back, and the molds changed.

if you want to be more confused...discs made at the Ontario factory have the lNNOVA, reguardless of age.
rule of thumb from stable to flippy
Glow Champ teebird....will have CAL on the back
11x Champ teebird with CAL on the back
11x Champ aka "Fairway" with CA on back same as 12x cuz same mold with CA
Star teebird
Pro Teebird....really really nice but hard to find CAL but beats slowly and glidey
Dx teebird....really the best disc if you can't find pro teebird.

take your busted up champ and get one that is just like it....or close to it.
I have two 11X TeeBirds. The one that says Fairway Driver is a CAL mold. It has more glide and is easier to turnover which makes it a freaking bomber of a disc. I can consistently get it to go as far as Destroyers and such but if there's a headwind, it looses it's consistency. It loves to be thrown on a big anhyzer line. The one that says Distance Driver is a CA mold. It has a very low profile, flat top. It drops like a rock and cannot be turned over and has a very slight, but very consistent fade as it slows down, even into a headwind. It is not as annyable but since it resists high speed turn so much it is a great straight flick disc.
I can't offer much help, but my Champ Ed Tee Bird makes me happy in my pants. Other than that I like the DX.
Well this thread certainly is timely... The mail man just dropped off a 12x Champ TeeBird that I had forgot I bought! lol

So now I wanna know whats the difference in a TeeBird and a TeeBird+?
167 Ch. 12x Flies like a dream for me, but its out of the bag until I beat my star in a bit more.

Im only a 310-330 ft Teebird thrower, and I can keep them on a 10 foot high line for that distance. I struggle throwing higher and keeping the nose down though.
so lets say there is a 11x Champ Teebird that is well seasoned sitting at my local Play It Again Sports for 15$ Would anyone pay me to pick it up for them? Honestly I mean just the cost of the disc and shipping. Maybe a couple of bucks for my time. I like doing stuff like this and if anyone wants it I'll go snag it sundayish.

I've noticed with 11x's.

The CAL are almost always Distance Drivers and are more clear
The CA are almost always Fairway Drivers and are more opaque
The KC Pro are always CA's but share the same characteristics as a CAL and can be either clear or opaque

Wrap your brain around that and tell me if you think that sounds right.