TopGolf for Disc Golf, would it work?

There is a zero percent chance this would work.....and I'm talking regardless of location anywhere in the world.
I disagree. Put this in Ann Arbor, NC, or one of the major disc golf areas in Texas and it should do fairly well. I have no doubt that you may be right about it's prospects of success in Sh!tsburg though. Yinz have never struck me as the most openminded of people. :p;)
You can go in there and hit their balls with whatever club you like.

There are way too many molds and way to many opinions to make this work well.

"I would have beat you if they had roc's instead of buzzz for the mids"

I would try it once. I wouldn't car what molds (even if its innova starter sets) but I may be in the minority on this board which in a whole is a minority in the sport.
Logistics make this difficult to combine with a top golf place.

How are the discs sorted and returned to stations? How are the discs gathered from the field? How do you track shrinkage (and GPS devices in the discs does not = tracking shrinkage as they can still be easily stolen and are more high value than golf balls)

Golf balls are easy because they are round, easy to gather with a machine, and easy to automate the return process.

If it was implemented it would be at a higher cost then ball golf is my guess. People would be much more frustrated with it than ball golf as well due to the learning curve. I don't play golf but can hit a ball 150 yards pretty easily (between air and ground time). New people to dg throw what? 100 ft?

As much as I'd enjoy throwing off the top floor of one of the two TopGolf locations here in DFW I just don't see it happening.