[Recommend] X2 discraft undertaker plastic suggestions

Jawbreaker undertaker!

I have a few Jawbreaker undertaker's that I wanted to season like philo did or does with teebirds and rocs! This run of Jawbreaker is a little softer then I'd like personally. Out of the box it fly's a lot like the z undertaker's... Gets a little flip and just a slight turn, then fades a little... They beat in too quick. I was surprised because my Jawbreaker roaches have lasted a while but I'm definitely not throwing them as hard! I now carry just one Jawbreaker undertaker and it's actually a great carving tool and now roller disc... If they make Jawbreaker undertakers again I'd like to see it in the og Jawbreaker blend! I have Buzz's and zones in the og Jawbreaker plastic and they are fantastic! Hope it helps! Keep chuckin!
I have a CryZtal Undertaker I believe that is from the 2018 Ledgestone. Love the disc, but is a lot flippier than I thought it would be. I don't have a big arm either, Max being 350-360 or so with DDX/Crank. Something about that CryZtal Undertaker though is amazing for straight forehands with little little fade.

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