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Liberty, MO

Bad Rock Creek DGC

4.345(based on 19 reviews)
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Bad Rock Creek DGC reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 18.9 years 261 played 249 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Weather Chooses Your Adventure

Reviewed: Played on:May 24, 2024 Played the course:once


- wind is a crazy factor here
- excellent full color tee signs with maps
- multiple concrete tees per hole
- blue Prodigy baskets in good shape
- gold layout adds pro-level challenge
- several pin placements
- huge variety of hole length options for various skill levels
- some wooded/more technical challenge
- some decent elevation change incorporated
- mix of hole types but course leans toward longer layout
- great incorporation of a few pond hazards
- area mostly devoted to disc golf in multi-use park
- well maintained park


- wind is a crazy factor here
- course is pretty open for some people's liking
- could use more tight, technical challenge
- some repetitive feeling holes
- uniqueness seems below average

Other Thoughts:

Bad Rock Creek is an interesting course in the Kansas City metro. While this is objectively a very good course, I struggled to rate it even as high as a 4 because I honestly did not enjoy it that much. I have to acknowledge this is at least in part due to conditions the day I played - it was 40 degrees and insanely windy the morning I played here. This course is very open and the wind is absolutely brutal when it is going - this really determines what kind of day you're going to have. With that said, I've played in rain and adverse conditions at world-class courses and still loved it. Bad Rock just didn't have the x-factor for me and I think I was looking for a bit more technical variety.

The pond hazards are cool features here, and there is a mix of open and wooded holes, but the course leans much more open. There are rolling hills and the setting is pretty nice overall. Most holes have 2 concrete tees (red and blue) and the gold baskets make for many different ways to play the course for various skill levels. This aspect of the course is incredibly well executed. When I played, several baskets were missing which was unfortunate, but assuming that gets remedied, the variety in hole style here is great for attracting all talents.

After awhile, this course just felt repetitive to me. There were some wooded areas adjacent to some of the final holes I wish could be incorporated for some more technical golf with tighter fairways. Note that while you can play shorter holes from the red tees, the hole is long regardless of which part you play - so prepare to walk a lot at this course.

The course has ample parking and garbage cans at the start, but is light on amenities throughout the course. There may be bathrooms in this park but I did not notice any. It is a multi-use park but disc golf is mostly in its own space. I didn't note major safety hazards, but some mountain biking trails are in the wooded areas. The walk back from hole 18 to the parking lot is a bit longer than desirable.

If I were coming back to Kansas City, I'd try some of the other excellent courses I didn't get to long before coming back to this course. I'd recommend Rosedale Park - Down Under on the Kansas side if you want a really unique, technical course that is different from everything else around - though admittedly this is a MUCH shorter course. If you want longer holes and more wide open bombs, or just a mix of a bit of everything, Bad Rock Creek will be more your style. I think Water Works is also more fun, but Bad Rock Creek may be objectively a better course.

I don't think I'll come back to this one but I recognize it is very well regarded. If you are in the KC metro and have a couple of days, this is still a very solid course. If you're short on time I'd hit some of the other top destinations first.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 9.9 years 170 played 170 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Choose: Difficulty Level

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 1, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


Now featuring numerous layouts, Bad Rock/Liberty Gold has challenge for any skill level from red to MPO. Concrete tees, updated (again) tee signs, and multiple basket options (DisCatchers) on most holes round out any difficulty level you want to play. For this review I will refer to the "Blue" and "Gold" courses unless specifically talking about the Red tees (which play to Blue's baskets)

The practice area has a large swath to throw some practice drives, and white sprigs of "grass" for different putting distances.

Water is a large difficulty separator. Hole 1 Blue just has the basket near the water, and that's only in the long position, while 1 Gold is a 570ft downhill yoke over the water if you don't feel like laying up (you should probably lay up). On 2 the red plays around this same water while the blue plays over it from a shorter tee than 1G. 5 Gold has water on its right side, while the blue course skips this hole completely.

OB is used tastefully and clearly shown by the different mowing levels. 4 and 18 are prime examples with throws over taller grass. Along with this, the course rarely interferes with the other park features. 7 Gold, 12, and 14 are the only things that come close to walking/bike paths.

Large, two-shot, enjoyable doglegs on 4, 5, 14, and 17 Gold. Excepting 17G, the rest are open enough to go for broke with a distance driver, but not extremely punishing if you're not very good with said distance driver.

Tight woods make for some interesting power vs. control decision making. 5 Gold has a few gaps to choose from, but all need adequate distance to hit the 9 is a test of the toughest throw in disc golf: a dead-straight shot. 12 is a slim tunnel on the right, or a wider route left which is blocked off about 250ft down, so you'll want to skip back into the right-side tunnel before hitting that. 17 Gold has the choice of getting to the dogleg then playing up the hill left, or testing the ceiling and trying to get up the hill in one.

Some quirky greens: 1 and 14 have pins with water directly behind. 2 Gold/3 Blue is a 35ft radius of raised ground with OB marked by stones (gold only) and the pin on the top of a small rise in the middle. 5 Gold's long pin is on a very steep slope. 8 is under a tree with branches and brush guarding the left, right, and top; a very direct line is required. 11 is also set on a mound. 16 and 18 both have shorter pins pocketed into the treeline which can be very tough to gauge accurately off the tee.


A few bland holes. 5 and 14 in their shortest setups are nothing but air, 13 Gold is an unfortunate byproduct of 12's new gold pin, and 17 blue is an open downhill shot only made interesting by its triple-mando 50ft in front of the pin.

The rough can get quite wild if let go for long. Fortunately, with the Pro Tour coming to town regularly maintenance is always improving.

Routing is tough in some places, especially on the Blue course: 5 played to the longest pin leaves you with a walk back up half the fairway and to 6's tee (you can cheat this by walking up 5 Gold), 9 to 10 is a long walk to the tee across the park's entry road, and 11 to 12 is an adventure even with a map.

All the layouts on top of each other can get confusing. The gold course bypasses some blue holes entirely (13 and 17), combines some blues (1-2B are 1G, and 7-8B are 8G), and also has its own routing troubles (6-7-8 is a fun one to figure out).

Other Thoughts:

If you can keep them straight, the number of options on this course is superb. Several sub-200ft holes from the reds to a few over 900 from the golds. The Blue layout was already an excellent layout for casual and competitive play, and here they go adding a Pro-Tour worthy Gold layout on top of it; with more updates coming for 2024! Bad Rock Creek is a premier KC stop and worth a trip and maybe multiple rounds all on its own. Just be ready for a lot of walking.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.2 years 190 played 120 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Really great variety for everyone

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 5, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


BRC is a great course in a large multi-use park, with plenty of room for Disc Golf to be separated from everyone else. It has bathrooms and a spigot on site, ample parking, mowed fairways, and a practice basket and field.

A theme of this course is accessibility for everyone. There are three distinct layouts available, meaning up to three tees on every hole, and multiple baskets on most. The gold layout uses some extra holes, and does a good job avoiding long walks between holes for some layouts by putting the gold basket near the gold tee of the next hole, and things like that.

Many holes require long throws, but still have all kinds of danger to get into, such as tall grass or woods. It makes booming shots possible while punishing bad shots. A lot of baskets are reachable from the tee or the middle of the fairway, but still have all kinds of danger to get into, by baiting you into throwing a longer shot than you might be capable of.

The variety on this course is amazing. Some holes turn left, others right, and there are enough tight lines in the woods to keep the long throwers honest. If you call the tall grass out of bounds, it creates great challenges on many holes, encouraging some to lay up instead of going for the basket. The many par 4's have so much going on that you'll have a different experience on them every time you come. Several of those are more placement shots off the tee, with tunnel shots or OB trouble to get into on your second or third shots, and a having a good line is more important than just distance.

The water shots are pretty cool. Only hole 2 (1G) plays properly over water, but hole 15 can, and 5G, 14, and 16 play near water. All of those have safe plays if you want to avoid the water, or the short tee mitigates it.

There are four holes that only the gold layout uses (and it combines a few holes of the shorter layouts) and those holes are amazing. G5 and 17 are two more dogleg par 4's, there are a few par 4's with another technical tee shot but more open second shot, and the long pin on 9 makes that hole go from boring to super interesting. Hole 12 is amazing ordinarily, but playing it to a super long pin is absolutely incredible


If you're not playing to the gold baskets, some of the holes end up being rather boring. There's a large discrepancy between short and long baskets, and many holes could use something in-between. Short tee, gold pin could be the right option sometimes on holes like 16.

Tee signs are good, but navigation in general is just okay. Bring a map to help finding the next tee, especially with the extra holes that you won't be playing. Some gold baskets are hard to find, so I suggest playing the shorter baskets your first time here. It'll also help avoid lost disc potential, which is a factor for anyone playing the gold baskets with little experience on this course, since they bring in more woods and tall grass.

Minor con, but the short tee signs and short baskets can get in the way if you're playing from the long pads or to the long baskets. In practice, it probably doesn't come into play much, but it can certainly get in your head.

Other Thoughts:

Bringing the Kansas City Wide Open in recent years has brought so many improvements to this course, namely to the gold layout. Lots of new infrastructure has been added, and the gold layout basically has no holes. But the shorter tees and pins are still used for the FPO layout, which is great.

When I first wrote this review, I said this course was only a few improvements away from making it a world championship caliber course. Those improvements have now come. This course deserves a 5.0 now.

The only changes I recommend now are making G2 a true island, instead of hazard, and having FPO skip hole 15 and split 16 into two holes.
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Experience: 6 played 2 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Average Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 24, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


Good mixture of holes in the open and holes in wooded areas.Tee pads are easy to find from the previous basket


Nothing about this course "pops" out at you. Fairly mundane

Other Thoughts:

Decent enough course to practice on. Not too difficult and not too easy.
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Experience: 22.2 years 94 played 13 reviews
4.50 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 26, 2018 Played the course:once


- Course is nestled in picturesque rollings hills and utilizes the terrain very well for a variety of shots.
- Nearly every hole has two tee pads: a red and a blue. About half of the holes have a gold basket as well, making for a variety of configurations to play.
- The above point makes the course accessible and interesting to players of all skill levels, beginners to advanced players.
- Nice use of trees. Some holes are mostly open with a few scattered trees that guard the basket, some that play along thick woods or make you hit a narrow tunnel to get to the fairway.
- A few holes play by water (for example on hole #2 you throw across a pond). As an intermediate player, it gives you something to think about but as long as you don't shank it you can avoid the water and possibly losing a disc.
- Requires mix of accuracy and distance to do well. You will especially need to be able to stretch it out to do well on the gold layout.
- Set it multi-use park that includes a dog park, playground, and horseshoe pits. However, these are all away from the course enough that you need not worry about them - however there are some trails that go through the course (see below).


- No benches or trash cans along the course.
- Mountain bike trails weave around the course. I didn't see any cyclists during my round, but there were a few people running through the course. In any case, you will need to be aware of other park users.

Other Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by this course. In fact, I would put it up with Water Works as the best in the KC area. It's challenging but fair. It's on a great piece of property for a DG course and it makes the most of it. I only wish it was closer to the KC metro area so I didn't have to drive so far to get to it. If you have the chance, be sure to play this one.
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Nova P
Experience: 10.9 months 116 played 5 reviews
4.50 star(s)

The best course in KC that's not actually in KC. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 3, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Clearly the city of Liberty takes great pride in this multi-use park, including the disc golf course. City workers are out there on many weekdays, roaming the grounds on heavy mowers. There's two modern bathrooms with electric hand dryers, fresh water in spigots, picnic pavilions, ample parking, a dog park, and more.

The course itself is magnificent, ranging over open, semi-wooded, and wooded rolling terrain, with ponds coming into play on two holes (2 and 15), sometimes more based on basket positions (1 long blue is at the water's edge, 14 gold is near the other pond). Nearly every hole has multiple tees, multiple blue basket positions, and a third of them have super-challenging gold positions. There's many, many ways to play this course.

A few holes feature tight tunnel shots off the tee to exit into a wide-open fairway, but once in the open, the basket is on an elevated dimple of earth, so just because you got off the tee cleanly, your work is not yet finished. There's a variety of distances in play, from one hole which is a putter ace run to several arm-busters which require multiple maximum-distance -and- accurate drives to complete successfully. In between there's doglegged-tree-lined tunnels, pond crossings, and enough travel up and down hills to make you regret skipping leg day.

The course coordinator for the local club is a hard-working and amazing fellow, who puts much love and hard work into the upkeep of the course, and moving the baskets around frequently.

The fixtures -- tee pads, signs, information board, trash cans, baskets, lost disc bin, and all of the non-disc-golf related park fixtures are maintained to a very, very high standard of repair and cleanliness.


Like most parks in the region, the lowest places can become muddy and swampy after prolonged springtime rains, and a small number of disc-destroying (and skin-rash-causing) thorny locust trees can be found, particularly on the tunnel shot on hole #9. (RIP, Fuzion Evidence.)

However, these trees are found at almost every course in the region, and mud happens on almost every course in the region in the rainy season, so if you have experienced this, you know what it's about. It's not a big deal.

Other Thoughts:

This is the single best disc golf course in the greater Kansas City Metro Area that is not actually located within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri or Kansas City, Kansas. If you visit KC, it should be one of your destination courses to hit. While you're here, give a shout out on the Kansas City Flying Disc Club Facebook group, and surely someone will come play with you.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 21.1 years 551 played 429 reviews
4.50 star(s)

BRC DGC is PDG! (Pretty Darn Good) 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 15, 2016 Played the course:once


Bad Rock Creek DGC offers a lot of big open areas, with water in play, areas of dense woods, tall grassy patches, a few big elevation changes, and versatility of multiple tee/pin locations and 9 gold buckets that really stretch the course. All of the pads are concrete and the baskets are Discatchers. Good signs for the most part. Disc return in the parking lot. Right from the jump, you are busting a big drive downhill to the edge of a pond. Lots of open air, only the wind to alter your line. 2 tees across the water from the long tee, with a few trees as gate keepers to the basket on the opposite bank. 3 and 4 are shorter, but involve more trees, and narrowing your windows to the basket. If you are playing the gold baskets, 5 is the first test. Open drive to the dogleg right, in a wide grassy lane lined with thick rough to both sides, rolling up and down large hills. 6 is back into the woods, and also has a longer gold pin that is very tough, with less elevation change. 7 is a shorter hole coming out of the trees into the open. 8 is another wide open bomber with trees grouped around the blue basket, and a gold basket atop the hill behind patches of tall grass. 9 is another shorty with some birdie possibilities if you make a nice throw out of the box and clear the few trees in front of the green. Cross the road to find the 10th tee, which is long but mostly open, with mowed landing zones for the normal and gold baskets that are surrounded by tall grass. 11 is out of woods to a basket in open grass, slightly uphill. 12 is a tree lined fairway with low ceiling, made twice as long by using the gold pins. 13 is short, but takes a good throw to make it onto the putting area. 14 is a big bending dogleg right, with dense woods along the right side. It also has a gold pin that doubles the fun. 15 is downhill with some more trees and another pond at the bottom. 16 brings you back to the top of the hill, and on to the next hill if you play golds. There is woods to the right, tall grass to the left. 17 is also pretty open, until you reach the basket tucked into a small pocket in the woods. 18 has some woods and tall rough if you get out of line, but a long wide fairway that permits you to really go for distance on this last long hole. Gold basket is near the playground.


Stay out of the tall grass. I spent a half hour stomping around that stuff. Found two discs that weren't mine (in the disc return) before locating mine way past where I thought it was. The multiple baskets were unfamiliar to me, and added a little confusion. Print the map, it is good and could be very helpful. I almost went from hole 9 to 12 before realizing my mistake and having to backtrack. DGCR app scored me at +12, but didn't have the par or distances for the gold pins. Mountain bike trails wind near some fairways, look out for other park users.

Other Thoughts:

I really like this course, it is tough, and has some fun throws. Need to have a variety of shots to negotiate all the twists and turns. Several great holes and nice amenities. Good for new players and seasoned vets. Surely worth a visit if you are able to get there. I wouldn't mind a second chance at it.
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Experience: 14.9 years 38 played 23 reviews
4.00 star(s)

One of the great courses in the KC metro 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 20, 2016 Played the course:once


- Concrete tee pads and some have benches and trash cans
- Good signage for the holes themselves
- Takes advantage of the terrain
- Well maintained with quality baskets
- Many holes have multiple tee pads and basket placements
- Map of course at parking area
- Lost disc return
- Nice park overall


- Plays through areas of the park that are utilized for other things
- Navigation can get a little confusing if you don't have a map or it's your first time playing
- Depending on which hole, losing a disc can be an easy proposition.

Other Thoughts:

While I enjoyed my time playing the course and well worth playing, I didn't think it was anything greater or lesser than what many consider to be the "top tier" courses in the KC metro. I found the course to be a mixed bag and had a little bit of everything requiring one to use all their repertoire of shots and tricks.
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Experience: 9 years 9 played 6 reviews
4.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 1, 2016 Played the course:once


Well maintained, diverse terrain, several combinations of tees and baskets making it fun for all skill levels. Most holes require accuracy at some point, either at the start, the middle or the approach. There are some very long holes, which requires learning how to get the most out of throws. I keep wanting to come back because I always think I can do better in some area.


A popular place with occasional tournaments.

Other Thoughts:

I just moved to Liberty last year and saw this course so I gave it try using my backyard frisbee. Little did I know what disc golf really was and how many courses there are and how good this course is. I play about 6 different courses now and this is as challenging as any and well maintained. Thanks to those responsible. Still working on grip, angle, approach, drives, and figuring out all the different discs in my bag.
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Experience: 11.1 years 31 played 9 reviews
4.50 star(s)


Reviewed: Played on:Mar 25, 2016 Played the course:once


1. Two concrete pads per hole.
2. Many of the holes had more than one basket position so all skills levels can play.
3. A great mix of long drives, short technical shots, water hazards, tree obstacles and more make this a very interesting course you could play 2 or three rounds and stay interested.
4. A great public park with things for kids to do, a dog park.
5. Restrooms.
6. All baskets have numbers printed on them so you can be certain you are not throwing at the wrong basket.
7. Very little trash.


A bit hard to find the next tee.

Other Thoughts:

Great job designing and maintaining this course.
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Experience: 9.1 years 8 played 1 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Great Time 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 6, 2016 Played the course:once


This course has a little bit of everything. It is very well maintained and has a lot of options for every skill level of player.


Can't think of any

Other Thoughts:

I travel a bit and I try to play a different course every time I go to a different city. This, by far, was the best course I have played on. Although I haven't played many since I have only been playing less than a year, I found this course to be very well designed and maintained. Two different tees for most holes. Two different baskets on almost every hole. I am probably mediocre at best, but the red pads with blue baskets are for those just beginning the sport. I started there and then went to the longer pad and by hole ten, I decided to play the gold baskets. This made it much more challenging. Great experience.
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Experience: 4 played 1 reviews
4.50 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 19, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


This course has everything you could ever want. Water shots, tunnels, WIde open ace shots. Baskets all over.


Lack of navigation, benches.

Other Thoughts:

Amazing course that is less traveled. Very well kept, and designed.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 24.1 years 103 played 73 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Variety gets Bad Rock a 4.5 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2015 Played the course:once


- Boy, has this course been designed with every 'typical' hole type. Absolutely the best and most impressive thing about the whole course. ALL OF THESE types are on this course: Pins guarded by water (x2), water carries (x2), tight wooded holes, constricted boxes opening up into wide open fields, huge doglegs, a 'U' shaped hole, S-shaped hole requiring precise landing zones, tunnel shots, island (OB) greens, and a massive valley carry.
- Obviously a newer course, the DISCatchers are all in great shape. Two 'blue' pin locations for each hole, plus a lengthy 'gold' pin on nine additional holes. Quite obviously installed with the top 5-10% of disc golfers in mind. (Let the record show: not me.)
- Nice large concrete tee pads, 2 per hole. Red beginner/rec tees have a stripe painted at the base - a nice aesthetic touch. Don't feel like a pansy for wanting to play the red tees first time through (or any other time)! There is plenty of fun to be had and skill required from the short boxes. Some are just shorter, and a few offer a shot with less hazards (water & trees). This is a great part of the course design.
- Great signage, both at the kiosk and on each pad.
- Course essentially loops front and back 9s. Not perfect, but certainly sufficient.
- #2 - A really cool water-carry, that also requires you to clear a small berm (the dam). Not super long, but long enough with enough trees on the far side to make you pause. The red tee provides challenging, but non-water option.
- #11 - Phew. Hard, scenic, and awesome. Multiple gaps in a row of trees 50 ft out to choose from. Basket is elevated on a large mound, with higher prairie grass surrounding it as OB.
- #15 - Another water hazard hole with a couple options from the white tee. I'm not sure how anyone could confidently throw across the water from the white pad, as there is a narrow, 150 ft lane to navigate before the water carry starts. Certainly provides a challenging lay-up opportunity though to try and card a 3.
- #16 - Holy cow. Green tunnel right along the side of the pond, opening up after 100 feet or so. Again, great tee pad placement for both white and red.
- #18 - Everything you could want and more from a finishing hole. Huge valley shot where you are rewarded for distance. 3 separate blue pin placements, from 325 to like, 600 ft. Gold pin at 900+ feet in its longest position would be insanely long, daunting, and awesome to watch someone with loads of skill play.


- I felt a little underwhelmed by the stretch of 6-9, and it may be one of the main reasons this courses didn't quite feel like a 4.5 for me.
- #6 - From the white tee to Blue2 or Gold, this is a formidable hole. Even with a perfectly placed layup drive, I'm not sure that there is a viable route to the long blue pin. And if you're looking to squeeze back into the gold pin, it gets tighter and more punishing. Maybe this is the point, as it's meant for high caliber players, but I feel like it needs a select tree or two to be removed to be fair.
- #7 - I just don't get this hole, unfortunately. There are two obvious routes to the singular pin, but neither really gives you any chance at a deuce without a great skip or roll to get within 40 ft. Again, the gaps to hit 100 feet out seem just too tight.
- #8 - This is more or less a filler hole, across a valley. Right in the 300-350 ft range, it's perfect to just let loose a strong-armed drive at the hole. Problem is, the pins are guarded by a stand of trees and bushes, and it would seem that luck dictates your chance at an open putt more than skill. Unless you meant to land in that 12' x 12' square out at 325 feet. A hole obviously designed for upper echelon players.
- #9 - MAN is this hole charming. Probably the best looking hole in the course. I was just waiting for Little Red Riding Hood, or a Hobbit, or a Leprechaun to jump out from behind a tree in this tunnel shot. However, it's reallllly tight. I imagine even for the top players, getting straight through this for a clear putt shorter than 30' is very difficult.
- There are a few other holes that seem very tight as well. Obviously some of them will break in, but if the course is meant for the upper crust of talent, then it will definitely test and separate them.
- Missing a few things in general that I normally don't really value, but noticed. Pin markers, benches, & trash cans.
- If you're into mountain biking, it looks like there's a great set of trails and obstacles in this whole park. Unfortunately, it winds all over 12, 14, 17, & 18. Not sure how much of an issue this is. Paths look very worn and compacted, as if they get a decent amount of riders.

Other Thoughts:

- #14 is an odd U-shaped hole, which I normally don't like. I'm listing it here though, because it adds variety, and it's open enough to not be frustrating. I don't believe there's a mando to keep you from cutting the corner though - I'd love to see some pros go at the gold pin, which is backed right up against a little pond.
- I don't know if it's the case or not, but this feels like a course specifically installed to attract high level (A or NT) tournaments to the KC area. It has the length and variety, and it has a number of gold pins installed as standard.
- While in the Kansas City area, I had the time for only two courses. I picked this one because it was newer, and short on reviews. Boy am I glad I made that choice.
- I understand this is a long review, but I feel like the course deserves it, because you should go play it. As for a rating, I'm really torn between 4.0 and 4.5. Well placed 'short' tees, standard gold pin placements, and the variety of hole types make me want to push it to 4.5. Plus if I have this ridiculous amount of things to say about it, it obviously made an impression. Really tight and seemingly unfair holes make me feel like detracting from the rating (but is that just because I'm not a good enough player?). So, to the calibration process I go: my review list. Result - I don't think I have too much of a problem putting it up there with my other 4.5's. Is it lacking a few minor things, yeah. Does it have the feel of some of those courses, not quite. But I have no doubt it will get there. Variety pushes it over the top.
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Experience: 19 played 5 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Great Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 5, 2015 Played the course:once


Excellent design and use of land. Beautiful scenic park. Great change in elevation throughout course. Many different types of shots and distances; Doglegs, narrow technical wooded shots, open field bombs and water play. Variety of basket/throwing pad locations on each hole to change up course play. Quality concrete throwing pads and tee signage. Trash cans at various tees. Large map at beginning. High quality baskets. Some trees wrapped for protection against disc hits.


Navigation to the next tee can be confusing for the first time players. No benches or bag holders (will change with time). The course intercepts through mountain biking trail (potential for bikers to get hit with discs).

Other Thoughts:

Greatly designed course that accommodates beginners to advance players. Everything about this course is quality. Will quickly be a favorite in KC.
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Experience: 17.1 years 66 played 7 reviews
5.00 star(s)

What a great course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 27, 2014 Played the course:once


- Beautiful grounds. Rolling hills, mini-ponds, gulleys, cool looking mountain bike trails weave in and out of the area

- Incredibly thought out designs. All holes have at least 2 tee boxes, and most have at least 2 baskets you can throw at. Some have three up! Choose your style of course. Blue baskets are short (er but still pretty long in some places) and yellow baskets are the pro-shot. The tees really give you a choice to avoid long holes or pond shots, or to take that risk!

- Great tee signs!


- It is a little confusing from time to time on where the next tee box is, and since it is such a LARGE course that means a bit of extra hiking up and down hills. Really though, this is only a first play through problem. You won't mess it up again! This could be solved like Young's Park with arrowed bricks placed at the base of the next tee.

Other Thoughts:

- An epic course.

- Wonderfully designed.

- Play it your way! Kind of like 5 courses in one!

- Be prepared to exercise! This is not a course for those who want to walk 30 seconds to the next tee box.
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A "tun" of fun! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 4, 2014 Played the course:once


First off, this course has a little bit of everything that's sure to please every player. Water hazards, tunnel shots, challenging and clearly marked OB, different looks -- it's all here and makes for a super fun round. GREAT job!

I think this course truly shines in providing a challenge for all skill levels without being unduly frustrating for anyone, maybe more than any other course I've played in KC thus far. There are multiple tee boxes on almost all holes, and while there are quite a few tight shots, there's generally as many ways to avoid them off the tee if you really want to and still have a decently challenging shot for a beginner. Nicely done.

While there are not benches yet, there were trash cans at multiple holes and you cross the parking lot on your way to 10, so you can always grab something out of the car if you need to.

The gold baskets are amazing and a great touch to this course. IIRC there is one at 800+ feet on the front 9, and one at 900+ on hole 18. This provides long bomb opportunities for anyone who is interested, however, the regular baskets are still a good challenge for shorter arms who don't want to toss that far on every hole.

The alternate pin positions for the blue baskets, when present, really change how you would play each hole and frequently change the par of the hole. I love seeing this because it really does mix up the feel of the course a lot.

With the sets of tee pads and gold baskets mixed in, you can play this course basically 4 ways - am or regular pads to blue or gold baskets. I really like the replay value here and can see the potential.

Nice, grippy concrete tee pads with beautiful and informative signage installed at each pad, even the shorter pads which are clearly marked in red. Makes finding the am pads much easier and makes them feel like a more important part of the course, with their own info and maps posted at them and whatnot.

This land feels like it was built for disc golf. There's a nice mix of elevation, open shots, rolling hills, wooded areas, and the like and it's masterfully used.

The park itself is very pretty and fairly secluded as well. I heard almost no road, airplane, or train noise here and I think that makes for a much more enjoyable round.

The tunnel/tight shots here are more often fun than frustrating. While there are more than I normally like here (to be honest I really generally don't care for them), in many cases there are obvious lines you can hit to shoot around them, with only one or two that I remember being just your typical "straight and low" shot.

In addition, this also forces you to make decisions about how to approach the shots. 12 is a great example of this - do you try for the opening on the right, or shoot a long left-to-right shot around the trees? Or on 15, you can try to shoot over the pond, or take the treed route on the right, it's up to you. Also, if you're not comfortable, the red tee pads are there for you to use and they're usually more forgiving without being gimmes.

Nice, big, informative map to aid with navigation. The flow here is generally good, with a couple exceptions but nothing awful.

I noticed every hole had a sponsor and there was a long list by the "welcome" map as well. It looks like the designer did a great job getting the community involved with the course and I think that's always a good thing.


Some of the navigation can get a bit dodgy, especially between 9-12. 12 is way the heck on the right side in the woods, but you're liable to miss it. Heads up, if you're at the gold basket by the parking lot, you've gone too far!

The back 9 is still good, but it does tighten up a lot in the feel in my opinion. Like I stated, I see where you need to shoot, but woods are a difficult hazard because if you boink a disc off a tree wrong, it can end up waaaay off in the brush and cost you multiple throws vs. just being outside a fairway on a more open shot. That's part of the game, but I did start to get antsy waiting for the course to open back up by the time I was done with 16.

Other Thoughts:

This course is absolutely amazing. There is something here for everyone - open holes, tight lines, long holes, short holes, multiple teepads, good signage, beautiful park, safe neighborhood, and tons of replay value.

I can see myself coming here again and again and again to try my hand at the different approaches and baskets. While it does get tight in places (when I saw the ominous green netting around the trees make its first appearance, I got worried!), it's not overwhelming and the sheer enjoyment factor is still here even on shots that aren't as much to my liking.

All in all, the course itself is a very solid 4.0 at the least. However, I think the extra positions, signage, landscape, and design are all top-notch and merit the 4.5 rating here. There simply is not much "wrong" with this course and it is a great addition to our wonderful family of courses here in KC. Happy discing!
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Tremendous potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 15, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Multiple combinations of pads/pins for each hole
Aesthetically pleasing
Multiple water shots
High quality baskets and tee pads


Small amount of trash cans (which I am sure will increase as time goes by)
The course has potential to interfere with bike riders, as there is a trail that collides with the DGC a few times.
Brush needs managed on a few holes.

Other Thoughts:

This course is so young and already has so many thing going for it. The cons I listed are surely going to disappear in the years to come. I believe every hole is sponsored. leading me to believe that the community plans to be fairly involved with this course, just as they have with Stocksdale Park over the years. Overall a great course to play, whether you're a local or traveling through. Liberty offers plenty of places to eat after a round and is generally a nice place to be.
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Great potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 18, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


-Pretty location
-Good mix of long and short, even on the same hole with many multiple tees/baskets
-Not too flat, Good mix of open and wooded holes


-As of now, (10/18/14) there are NO signs, markers or indication for next tee
-If you go in the woods, it's pretty thick in some places, quite a few thorns, burrs, stickers and some poison ivy
-Can get very windy up there in Liberty, even if it seems calmer closer to the city

Other Thoughts:

I think this will be a favorite course once all the signage is up. The water on #2 , #15 and 16 keep it interesting.
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Stocksdale DGC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 16, 2014 Played the course:once


Very good mix of woods, wide open, and technical shots. Baskets are brand new and nice.
Normally have 2 catchers (Blue -Easy, Yellow- Hard), and the holes that dont, have alternate tee pads.
Overall a very nice variety course appropriate for all skill levels.


Absolutely no navigation. No signs, no Map, No indicator on the bottom of the catcher. Finish your hole and look around. A few of the holes had chalk on the tee pad with what number it was.
Kinda Short. Even from the longest pad/catcher. Most of them are easy par 3's
Unnecessary walking at times (holes dont finish near tee pads in several cases. 1 was hard to find.

Other Thoughts:

Overall just a big fan of the variety of landscape and shots required. Can't wait to see what it's like when it's finished.
Hole 1 is located between the dog park and baseball diamond.
I like this course, i will be back. Hopefully after they have made further development.
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