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Barnet Park

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Barnet Park reviews

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A Wooded Course with Variety

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 14, 2022 Played the course:once


-An 18-hole course winding around the perimeter of a park that's primarily ballfields. A variety of woods light, medium, and heavy. The course plays up and down a few gently sloped hills, and a creek with ditches draining into it come into play. There are gaps to hit, and roller greens to consider.

-If you haven't played the course in a while, it looks like alternative baskets have been added on about half dozen holes, a few may have been added in 2021 and others prior years? The alternative Baskets are a bright orange and add distance. I wasn't expecting them when I arrived to play.

-The majority of the holes have two concrete tees, and a few shared tees. I played long tees, and alternative baskets when present. Tee signs have hole number, par, distance from both tees and baskets, and map graphics include best line from tee to basket. There are C1 whiskers around short baskets.

-A variety of distances and generous pars. The course offers a variety of woods golf. The F9 is memorable, and stronger portion of the course.

-#6 a short Par 3 offers a unique challenge from tee to basket, a poke and hope.

-Navigation is clockwise and easy to spot next tee from basket played. I didn't need UDisc navigation.

-From the bag on the tee I used a variety of putters, mid's, fairways, and drivers.

-Beginners and Recreational will find the short tees very doable to navigate tight fairways. Intermediate and Advanced if you love woods golf, you'll love the variety coming out of your bag.


-The B9 not very memorable, looking back on the round prior to starting the review only able to remember 10-12, and 16 with 10 a transitional hole and the dullest hole on the course a straight down the fairway, mostly open, and only the alternative basket giving the hole a boost. Had no memory of 17-18 closing holes, and that never helps with rating a review. I like playing memorable and strong closing holes.

-The majority of the holes are solid with challenging gaps, fairway play, and basket placements. But only a handful featured as unique, some holes I've "seen them before" reminding me of holes on other courses.

-If you're playing alternative basket on the first hole, to reach second tee, you're going to be walking right back up the first fairway towards tee on a dogleg. The basket you're walking from is hidden from the tee, keep your eyes toward the tee.

-Even from the long tees the pars are too generous. All five of my birdies came from short par 4's. For my round I reduced par by 5 strokes as I evaluated each hole.

-Lost disc potential is going to be high, especially in the foliage months. There is heavy brush off most fairways, ditches that may have water, and blind shots. A tree deflection can send your disc flying out of sight.

-A bit of a walk from 18th basket to parking by 1st and 10th tees. About 3 minutes on a direct line thru ballfields, if a game being played add a little more time. Parking is next to 10th tee, about 2 minutes to 1st tee. I started my round on 10 when I saw a threesome teeing on 1, nobody else on the course on a weekday morning.

Other Thoughts:

Barnet Park was one of those few courses that leaped up and grabbed me Un expectingly and wasn't expecting to favorite the course. I wasn't expecting the six alternative baskets at the time I played and gave the round a big boost, and the F9 was stellar to play, and have no cons for the front. Played a memorable recovery shot on #7. Without the alternative baskets the course would of sit on a 3.0 to a 3.5, with the baskets an extra point, and the fun factor for the entire layout brought the course to a 4.0. My personnel con is the finishing holes 17-18 kind of sort of an "ok" moment.

My overall rating is anchored on the alternative baskets, fun woods golf, and the F9 at a 5.0. The time to play was 65 minutes, and I managed to catch that threesome as they tee #10, and I was coming off #9 my 18th hole.

Notable Tee:

-#9 long tee has a scary gap just 30 feet off tee, no more than 6 foot opening mid-level flight. On the left a few pines all the way to the short tee at 80 feet, an on the right two trees crossing each other like an X in front of you and a few skinnies behind them, and then the fairway opens up. You're on a down slope, and just line up to the short tee and all is well. Very gently glided a Star Leopard 3 and had a longer approach.

Notable Holes:

-No. 4 Par 4 at 423 feet long to alt basket, short basket is 330 feet shared tee. From the tee an upslope hole heavy trees and brush both sides narrow fairway at 15 feet. At about halfway up the fairway doglegs right at 90 degrees. To the alternative basket meanders left uphill crossing a creek with heavy brush around basket within C1, very scenic. To short basket pick two lines with trees in the middle. I played alternative, but thought the short basket seemed more difficult to reach.

-No. 6 Par 3 at 162 feet is a straight away hole with heavy trees all the way there. 15 feet in front of the trees is a gap to pass that's 28 inches wide, past it no line I can find. The basket sits on top of a mound open within C1. I had posted photos of the hole on the thread "post a cool disc golf photo" and one of our members suggested throwing a thumber. What's funny is the threesome ahead of me I could hear three tree hits and laughter. I was wondering "what hole is so funny". I made it thru the gap and deflected to the right.

-No. 7 Par 3 at 295 feet long to alternative basket is a straight away tee to basket fairway with two lines offered. There are heavy trees down the middle with lines left and right of them meeting back at short basket, heavy trees outside of lines. The alternative basket sits elevated on the other side of creek, trees around creek, and a set of stairs to cross creek to reach basket, stairs are within C1. Very scenic hole. I deflected to the right about a hundred feet down into the trees and had a very narrow gap high up in the trees to reach C1. Threw a Star Leopard3 and watched it sail past the trees and wedged into the steps, just one of those shots I may never forget.

Signature Hole:

-No. 1 Par 4 at 408 feet long tee to alternative basket is a meandering to the right fairway past the short basket at 294 feet with a gentle down slope. From the tee about a 100 feet fairway a straight fairway gap of about 15 feet with short basket a target or RHBH and LHFH can go around right with plenty of open space. There's a splattering of trees as you proceed past the gap. At C2 past the short basket is a creek to get over to alternative basket, past the creek heavier trees with canopy. Very scenic hole, the alternative basket is not seen from long tee, I was actually gunning down the middle gap for the short basket not noticing the alternative basket, when I looked up to measure my birdie putt is when I noticed the alternative basket "oh, I still have a way to go". The hole represents the course well open tee, slope, trees, creek, and an alternative basket.

Trouble Hole:

No.12 Par 3 at 288 feet long tee and one basket. Maybe the most elevated down slope hole on the course or could be #16. From the longs a dog leg right at the shorts at 111 feet. The tee has open space, the fairway dips past the tee, and dips again past a very narrow gap about 60 feet past short tee, the gap is about 25 feet wide trees and brush. The fairway drops all the way to an open basket a roller green, within C1 a steeper drop to the creek with heavy brush and trees on the way there. It's blind from the long tee, so if you go for it over the trees, you're risking your disc. I got a good look as I passed by the short tees and decided a putter and putter would do. My approach ran the green and putted for par from the brush.

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Good, solid woods course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 3, 2020 Played the course:once


Good, multi-use park course that is laid out in areas away from other park users.
Baskets are in good shape, not the newest, but they catch well.
Concrete tee pads on all holes, most had two. On about half of these, the long tee pads provided a completely different look. There are also a few additional, permanent baskets.
Good tee signs on all holes.
Several holes were near creeks, nothing too wide or deep, so pretty easy to retrieve a disc from.
Good variety of holes, both up and downhill and turning both directions and straight.


The holes play around the perimeter of the park, but 18 does not quite get back near #1 tee. I imagine the locals park in between the two and use the ballfield to warm up drives on the way to the practice basket.
Did not see any restrooms or water near #1, there probably were some at the ballfields.
Several of the back nine holes were very short, and the long tees bring deep rough into play, big difference in the layout on these.
#13 fairway was pretty soaked the day I was there, even though it was a hot, summer day, the rain they had a few days before, was still around. Since it is near a creek, and mostly shaded by trees, I imagine this is normal for this hole.

Other Thoughts:

Barnet reminds me a lot of Cedar Hills in Raleigh, without the rock covered fairways, thank goodness. This actually has a better variety of hole layout with a few scattered tree fairways, more of a mix of left and right holes and a true Plinko hole (#6, not my favorite).
The front nine had several of the scattered tree fairways, #2, 3, and 7. These are interesting holes to play, usually not much of a set, cleared fairway, but enough space between the trees to shape your shot.
#6 has to be the plinkoest of all plinko holes that I have played. Only 160', slightly downhill and if gaps of only 4-5' is not tough enough (including one right in front of the tee), the basket is raised and on a small mound. My approach here was to just try and hit one of the micro-gaps, fail, then get an upshot close enough to make the par putt.
#5 was probably the best hole on this side, open enough for a solid drive, then some large trees to avoid, to the basket just past the downslope in the fairway.
#10 is the only open hole on the course, bordering a ballfield parking lot, its your one chance to let one rip. This is one of the holes with a permanent second basket, the primary is just around the corner of the treeline down the left, then the second basket is beyond that, further into the trees.
The rest of the back nine was primarily up and down a small hill where the next ballfield is located. The other end of that hill is another creek beyond the downhill shots, it looks like this area stays pretty wet most of the time.
They did use the elevation as well as they could with fun downhill drives and baskets tucked halfway up or on top of the hills.
#16 was probably the best of these, kind of tight tee shot, from a tee of the edge of the hill, down to an ample fairway with scattered trees.
#18 is a good finishing hole, a tunnel off the tee out to a generous fairway, that turns left. A couple of large trees on the right protecting the green and thick rough on the left, if you cut your drive off short, like I did.
This is a good everyday course to play, good variety of shots needed, multiple tees and secondary baskets for that extra challenge. It appears the local club is very active, great tee signs and pics on this site and events held frequently.
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Solid Eastern NC Scramble Track 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 31, 2020 Played the course:once


Barnet Park is a solid, wooded, technical, Eastern NC "scramble" disc golf course. Most of the course is heavily wooded and requires accuracy, finesse, and power.

+ Well designed course with lots of variety. I used lots of different discs and lots of different types of shots.

+ I love courses with risk/reward elements. Barnet delivers with fast greens, baskets near creeks, and an elevated basket.

+ As the game evolves, more and more courses are going to be par 60+ with multiple par 4's and 5's. Barnet was ahead of the times, built in 1999, but with several multi-shot holes.

+ Three sets of tees to cater to all skill levels: red/rec, white/intermediate, and blue/advanced.

+ The equipment and upkeep are fine: nice tees and baskets. And there's a restroom by the baseball fields.

+ For an Eastern NC course, I was surprised by the handful of uphill holes and downhill holes.

+ While almost all of the holes are heavily wooded, there are a couple of holes that break out into the open and allow for unleashed drives.

+ Maybe a little RHFH or LHBH friendly, but I didn't feel the course was unfair at all, in that regard. I threw a few RHBH hyzers. But more than anything, you just have to throw it straight and hit tight lines.

+ Fun course and challenging, what more could you ask for?


Barnet is a solid course, but I have it a notch below my favorite courses.

- You either have to park near the hole 1 tee and have a long walk to your car after 18, or park near the 18th basket and have a long walk at the beginning of the round.

- As has been mentioned in previous reviews, there is one very plinko, poke-and-hope hole. I was lucky enough to get through on that one for birdie, so I quite enjoyed it, but it was more luck than skill.

- Lots of ants. It's tough to put your bag down without getting ants all over it.

- Tons of thick, Eastern NC underbrush and briers with ample opportunity to lose discs.

Other Thoughts:

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Tons of reviews over the years, so you should know what you're getting in to. I have Barnet a notch below other Eastern NC jewels like Castle Hayne and Glenburnie, but still very good.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 30, 2016 Played the course:once


-Great signage
-Great technical layout for shorts/longs
-Varied shots required
-Some fun ace runs


-A few of the holes are chuck and pray shots unless you are a local and know about some hidden line

Other Thoughts:

Ants weren't bad due to the cold weather, so no complaints there.
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GripLock Jake
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Tough but Fair 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 22, 2015 Played the course:once


-great signage on every hole and easy to navigate
-good variety of holes using most every shot in your bag
-more elevation than you would expect and plenty of trees to miss throughout
-great course design that rewards you for hitting the right line and punishes when you dont


-there was signage on every hole however only on the short tees, could definitely use some more signs there however there was a course map at the beginning that I could have taken a picture of

Other Thoughts:

Barnett Park is a great course and I cannot wait to go play a few tournaments there in the next year. I've just got back into the sport and have been playing again for about 6 months and found this course a definite challenge. from the long tees I believe it could be a challenge for anyone. cant wait to play there again.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 29, 2015 Played the course:once


Course plays through open and wooded areas of a city park. The white tees play perfectly at an intermediate level and the blue tees add considerable amount of difficulty, though only the whites are signed. I was surprised at the amount of elevation given the region and the wooded holes featured a lot of gradual climbs. There is also plenty of distance, especially from the blues. Many of these holes are close to par 4s even from the whites but I never felt frustrated. Often a fairway is wide enough so that even a bad shot doesn't leave the field of play but it drastically decreases your chance at a successful approach. Barnet is a course that should be enjoyable by almost any skill level, as long as the correct tees are played.
I'm not sure if there is a hole worth singling out. Barnet doesn't really have incredible highs. Neither does it have very many low points either though. It's a consistent design that makes good use of a variety of hole shapes and distances across both park and forest settings.


I doubt I will be the first to mention how weird 6 is. It doesn't so much have a narrow fairway. It has a really wide fairway, just with lots of trees in the middle. It might be the most plinko hole that I have seen. Fun raised basket at the end though. Seven is not as bad but it is exceedingly tight for how much the fairway turns.
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Barnet Bliss 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 2, 2015 Played the course:once


Barnet Park is a one heck of a good course. It has terrific variety in the layout with wooded fairways and some moderate elevation changes. The dual tees are concrete, the baskets are nice and the signs tell you everything you need to know. I played the blue tees, which are always more interesting. Hole 1 eases you in. Then you make a sharp left turn, and 2 socks you in the face. A long, heavily wooded fairway that steadily turns left all the way. Now you're in the battle. Hole 4 is another good one, a much sharper dogleg right. 5 is another long hole with plenty of trees. 6 just made me laugh when I stepped on the box. Only 162' tee to pin, and about 162 trees directly in between. I threw an old school knee-cap sidearm flick (righty) with my most beat putter, and amazingly, it found the crease and landed softly on the small raised terrace where the basket sits. One of my two birdies on the day. On hole 10 I joined up with Anthony, and he guided me through the back 9. Cool guy I enjoyed hanging with for sure. The back was tough on me, and I liked it anyway. The fairways were maybe slightly less wooded, but thicker brush is just as tough to get out of once you go astray. I liked 13, uphill with a straight fairway. 16 had a tee behind several large trees, one being a mando on the right. It was downhill and it was another really good hole. I finally managed another good drive up the fairway on 17, and bagged my second birdie. I finished with a pitiful 66, but I would have loved to try repeatedly to improve on that.


Not a lot of downside, but there is a whole lot of ants. Luckily they were carpenter ants, not fire ants. Still, my doggie was dancing, and I didn't want to stand in one place for to long. Course was dry when I visited, but I have seen in earlier reviews rain brings some muddy fairways.

Other Thoughts:

Barnet Park is a truly great course, despite the ants you can literally hear. If you are nearby get out there for sure. Anthony also turned me onto King's BBQ, and the Pig in a Puppy is just as good a sandwich as Barnet is a disc golf course. So now you have two really good reasons to go.
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ecudg 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 7, 2014 Played the course:once


Has a great mix of everything. The course is mostly wooded but its open enough to be a high tier course. Par 3, 4 & 5's white and blue tee boxes that are concrete. This is a course that is well thought out and is worth the drive from Greenville.


Holes 1,7,8,12-18 becomes a swamp after it rains. Hole four is a dumb setup... 100 feet straight shot and then a right angled finish.

Other Thoughts:

Sunday @ 2:30 is open to random group play.
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A must play... 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 2, 2013 Played the course:once


- Sweet layout! Set in a large park in well-established woodlands, this is a pretty technical course. It offers both tight lines and open lanes with enough kick to give your accuracy and your power a run for their money.

- Alternate tees! They give both beginners and advanced players an opportunity to enjoy this course without either being overwhelmed or giving enough of a challenge.

- Easy navigation. Tees signs were plentiful and gave enough of an idea of where you were throwing to keep you on track. Even from blind teeshots.

- Elevation changes. Not your run-of-the-mill eastern NC course. Barnet Park offers some nice hills to exercise both your uphill shots and downhill rollers.

- Beautiful! A very scenic park that is not only clean, but picturesque. Seriously, Ansel Adams missed out when he didn't paint this front 9.

- Amenities galore. Plenty of parking, concession stands, bathrooms, and water fountains are available on site.

- No gridlock! ZERO traffic on the course (that day). No waiting, and the one group we did see were extremely helpful to us newbies who were playing the course for the first time. Great atmosphere all around.


- Park map. Had a hard time finding the first hole after parking. Wandering around for long enough got us to #1 through trial and error. Incidentally, #1 is located between the two softball fields towards the woods.

- Pro (blue) tees lack signage. I only know this because my buddy decided that we'd play #1 from the blues and we had to walk down to the whites to get the distance. Usually this doesn't even make my radar because I'm playing from the whites (reds & greens too, if they have 'em), but I noticed and this might be an issue for some.

- No topless Hooters girls frolicking along the #8 fairway.

Other Thoughts:

Barnet Park is definitely a must-play if you're traveling through eastern North Carolina. It almost feels like Castle Hayne with hemorrhoids: Same-same, but lumpier. If you find yourself in Kinston, do yourself a favor and check it out. Definitely worth the stop.
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Diamond in the Kinston rough. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 4, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


Barnet is a well designed technical course set in an old growth forest.

The layout features a variety of hole lengths with a solid mixture of shots around the course. Mixes in lines that turn sharp or more gradual.

The course has a lot of tight gaps and the fairways are shaped to make you work the disc throughout the flight. Really makes you think about disc selection and possible lines; multiple paths on some fairways add to that.

The par 4s make you play accurate placement shots to turns to set up your approach.

Most holes have two tees which sometimes give you a completely different path and line. 2 alternate pins on 7 & 8. Some blue tees are really tight off the pad; they're suited more towards experienced players.

Short tees are a mix between mildly challenging and easy.

Good elevation out there, no major up or downs but there are rises/drops throughout the fairway giving holes a multilevel effect.

Elevated pads and some elevated greens with some drop offs; nice and risky but nothing extreme. Very well placed baskets and green design overall.

A creek runs through parts of the course giving some OB trouble.

A couple more open shots are thrown in to give balance. 9 brings you back to the parking lot.

Equipment - Nice large and level concrete pads that are clearly marked with paint. Informative signs at the short tee with hole map. Directional signs show you where to go. Aging disc catchers but still catch well.

Benches, bag holders and cans all there.

Atmosphere - Nice old growth forest type course. Not much heavy rough right off fairways. Well taken care of place.

Course keeps you away from the rest of the park in most places. You get a secluded feeling in parts.

Some cool natural features; I mentioned the creek & elevation. 15 has a cool canopy topped tee.


Layout - Biggest complaint here is that about half of the course is more suited for RHFH or LHBH.

Some lines may ask to much for the length combined with the angles and gap width.

6 is gimmicky, only place on the course but it's there. Super tight RHFH line to a rollaway green.

A few holes on the back 9 aren't spectacular especially from the reds; some dinkers. 17 & 18 are forgettable finishing holes.

Awkward flow in a couple spots, 18 ends kinda far from 1.

Equipment - I wish the long tees had the signs, makes you walk up. Some chains were showing rust.

Atmosphere - Ants all over the back 9. Course gets some traffic because it's the only one in the area.

Other Thoughts:

A fun and challenging course with some memorable shots, it feels good to Birdie here. Definitely a must hit and one of the better NC courses.

When I walked off the front 9 I would of given it a 4.5; though the back doesn't keep it going. Wish it ended better but overall I'm a fan.
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1st Run 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 18, 2013 Played the course:once


- Very well marked tee pads, with signs to nex-t.
- Bathrooms and drinking fountains
- Very good mixture of holes from flat and open, to hilly and wooded
- Good mixture holes to challenge both the right handed and left handed player.
- Very well maintained course
- Back 9 has a lot of ACE run holes, we were tempted to stay and play the back 9 again.


- Don't remember this course having any of these.

Other Thoughts:

Very well thought out course. I have read over some of the other reviews prior to playing and was a little concerned of the branches and limbs, but we must have hit it on a good day because it was very well trimmed up.
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Multi-use park 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 18, 2012 Played the course:once


Kiosk with map. Concrete tees with benches.
Nice signs on short tees as well as many "Next Tee" signs for easy navigation.
Bathroom, water fountains, and a concession stand.
Holes 7 and 8 had 2 baskets, hole 8 had 2 tees making 4 options of how you can play it.
12, 13, and 14 gave 3 fun ace runs from the red tees.
15 blue had an interesting tee location in a cave of trees. 16 blue also had a cool elevated tee pad looking down at a narrow opening and the basket. I found an anchor 100 feet to the right of basket 15 which looks like it may be used as a tourney location.
hole 9 ends at hole 1 incase you need to return to hole 1, but there is better bathroom/water fountain access at hole 15.
Course plays along the outskirts of a busy park. The course is deep enough into the wooded areas where you can feel secluded and enjoy the wooded fairways without only the occasional dog walker distraction.
Course is wooded with decent fairways, good shot variety and some elevation change.


Nearly none of the blue tees had signs.
Flow is a bit funky at the start. Hole one ends at four, you have to walk the opposite direction to play 2 and 3, then return to 4. (not a major issue, just funky).
Not a fan of the 90 degree turn with mando and a tree 20 feet infront of the tee which was the set up for number 4.
6 was a neat set up with the basket on a mound that was on another mound, but you had to throw through a plinko forest with no fairway to get to it.
5 pads were shared both the red and blue.

Other Thoughts:

Hole 18 has a sign that says "Hole 18 mandatory" on a hole with no mandos, isn't it always manditory to play hole 18?..I guess I don't get the joke.
large multi use park, so it can be very crowded. I was there very early in the morning and only had to compete with several dog walkers.
If you do not give this course a 4 or higher when you review it, the locals will give you thumbs down.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 20, 2012 Played the course:once


-In the woods the whole time
-Challenging at times
-need skilled/technical shots
-Good place to practice the "right shot and disc for the lie"


One of the holes, I think 8/9 needs some serious tree chopping done. no clean lines to drive through. Got pretty busy because of softball tournament.

Other Thoughts:

Sunk my first "turbo putt"
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gvdg jake
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great course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 9, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


great course. short par 3s to long par 5s. has a little elevation through out the course. hole 6 aka the skinny is a challenge for all players.


FIRE ANTS!!! the back 9 is covered in them. watch where you set your bag and where you step.

Other Thoughts:

overall a great course, kinston has done alot of work over the past year ive played here. this is also the course i picked up my first ace at. so it will always be a great course for me:)
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Summer Vacation 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 2, 2012 Played the course:once


The course was in great condition and very well marked. They have running water and clean established bathrooms. There is also ample parking with in the great course layout. All of the tees had signs with a small map and lengths on them. Most signs had pars marked also. All tee pads had benchs and/or bag posts. This course seems to have a little bit for everyone from beginners to more advanced. I really wish I had a local course like this.


Lots of ants when we played. They were everywhere and they bit my wife alot. She almost didn't play the back nine because of them. A local bartender said that it was due to the heavy rains so I would play when it has been nice lately or spray yourself and your bag heavily.
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great course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 1, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


This is one of the best courses my wife and i have played. Great sign's and tricky enough to keep us comming back. They have all the storm damage cleaned up now so play is open for all holes.


there was some vandelism on &,8 and 9 with the signs being torn down. we found the sign for 7 and put it back but could not find the rest.
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Jim West
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 9, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


A Quiet course secluded, no foot traffic, with some challenges a lot of trees, and no water hazzards.This course is well laid out. The front 9 are in the wood with some blind baskets and dog legs. The back 9 are in more open fairways with tunnel vision shots. All tee pads are concrete with signs to show holes distance and pars, Trash cans, benches and drinking fountains are plentiful. The Association & parks and rec take great care of this course. A pleasure to play! Hole #6 is my personal favorite its a short par with tree obstructions and the basket is on a raised mound.


No cons that I can think of or saw

Other Thoughts:

Mix doubles during summer on Tuesday Nights at 6. Well worth the stop. Great time for 3 dollars.
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5.00 star(s)

Great Course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 10, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


Great, well maintained course. Locals are always friendly here. 2 sets of concrete tee boxes well marked with painted front edges. Every tee pad has a bench. Great signs with par distance and map of holes. Well laid out mix of open and wooded shots. Hole 6 reminds me of plinko from price is right. Variety of long 500' to short 150' shots. Hole 9 ends close to 1's tee box so its easy to play 9 at a time if you want. Back 9 is a little more open and than front. Wraps around a soccer/baseball complex with bathroom facilities and water fountains, but keeps you separated enough you don't have to worry about a stray disc landing in the middle of a soccer game. 7 and 8 have alternate tee's to change it up if you feel like it.


Parking lot is huge but still tends to get crowded when there's ball games going on. All i could think of for cons.

Other Thoughts:

Great course for beginners and pros alike. Pro box makes it an entirely different challenge for the course.
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Kinston is a good challenge 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 8, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


Multiple tees and the map illustrates the whole well. The front 9 is not too long, except for a few holes, but it's wooded most of the time, so it can make or break your round. The back 9 is shorter and more open, although it goes in and out on some holes. It tests your accuracy pretty well, since most of the holes are tight, in the woods, with tight lines. From ams, the holes aren't too long at all, just tight. Haven't played pros, but the view I had from pads were way farther and tougher. Expect a high score from pros, unless you're pro yourself, but that's my view. Barnet is well put together, and I'd play every opportunity I would get.


Barnet is extremely lefty backhand favored. So unless you have accurate flicks and excellent anhyzer for right handers, you might have trouble. Woods are EXTREMELY thick so avoid that at all costs. Not many cons to say.

Other Thoughts:

My first time playing this course was in the 2011 Kinston Ice Bowl. 2 rounds and I shot 56 & 59 from ams. Barnet will definitely test you. One of the best courses I've played. Enjoyed every second of it. If you hit tress in the beginning, don't get flustered, because there's more trees to come!
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Frank Delicious
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One of the best in eastern NC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 31, 2010 Played the course:once


One of the better front nines in North Carolina from the blue tees. The holes on the front nine vary in both distance and lines and none of them really feel like filler holes. I particularly enjoyed holes 2 which is a long uphill anhyzer shot and holes 5 which is a long 500 foot hole that requires a long but accurate tee shot that must be placed well to allow for an easier second shot to the basket. The back nine was not as all around solid but had some great shots with holes 11 and 16 standing out. Hole 16 was a great elevated teeshot that requires an accurate shot from between two large old trees.

The course also is clean with trash cans well placed around the course. There are benches on almost every hole and bag holders on almost every hole (some have been vandalized). Concrete teepads are on every hole and there are a couple of holes with alternate longer pins (hole 7 being the best one) with orange bands.

Plenty of signage makes navigation very easy and the locals are nice enough to help you out if you lose your way somehow.


A few of the teeshots from the blue tees seemed a bit neglected or not as well thought out. Hole 9 from the long was way too tight off the tee and hole 15's teepad had a ton of branches hanging down in front of it, to be able to tee off from 15 blue, I would have had to crouch down to throw. Some of the back nine holes felt uninspired, hole 10 was just an open field shot, holes 17 and 18 were a pretty big let down as finishing holes after the great hole 16.

The fairways needed some serious trimming as many limbs and smaller trees had taken over more of the fairway than they should have.

Some of the red tees on the back nine are almost too easy or short, hole 14 really stood out as the best example of this followed closely by 12.

Other Thoughts:

Hole 6, the skinny, was quite skinny but the distance really negates the skinniness of the fairway.

Overall this course is one of the better courses in eastern NC. The course has a good mix of open and wooded holes. The back nine is what kept this course from getting a better rating from me, it just didn't play as well as the front nine (although it was still pretty good).
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