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Nashville, TN

Cedar Hill Park

4.185(based on 84 reviews)
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Cedar Hill Park reviews

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Experience: 5 years 163 played 124 reviews
4.00 star(s)

The Gentleman's Wooded Course

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 24, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


WHAT TO EXPECT: Nashville's "brand name" wooded course, rivals Seven Oaks as the most loved and consistently played in the area. All the disc golf course play bells and whistles of an older design style course for wooded disc golf purists out there. Beautiful setting, fair gaps, punishing rough, shot placement holes, up to 5 pin locations that rotate creating endless new experiences and combinations regardless of skill level.

AMENITIES: Large parking lot area, practice basket right next to the parking lot, very short walk to Hole #1 tee. Benches on almost hole that I remember with a couple holes having multiple benches. Trash cans on about half the holes. Couple pavilions like most public parks. Port-o-Johns in several places throughout but no permanent facilities that I saw.

TEES/SIGNAGE/BASKETS: Tee signs are well loved and in older condition but extremely accurate with locations and distances for all of the alternate pin locations, though they lack pars as par changes on some holes based on pin position. Each had an indicator for which position the basket was in that day as well and was accurate on every hole but Hole #2 which had both the B and D baskets out. Well loved older Innova Discatchers with red bands. They still catch great but you can certainly see they have thousands of rounds on them. Next tee signs throughout the course to help with navigation. Older concrete tee pads on the smaller side compared to a lot of newer courses being installed, but still plenty large enough for the shots required. Some are slick when wet as they have been worn down over the years.

DESIGN: Course offers multiple combinations from massive Pro Tour style layouts to very recreational friendly ones depending on where the pins are located. Rolling hills throughout in a mostly wooded track that emphasizes low pushing shots through fair but heavily wooded lines to fairways that reward those who can hit specific landing zones. A course that definitely benefits from having played before and knowing where to land for optimal approaches. I've played here several times now and never played the same exact layout twice in a row, so while the holes feel familiar, there is still always a surprise or two awaiting, which helps with the overall experience. Course emphasizes being able to throw the disc straight whether that is tight gap low ceiling 300ish foot holes or two shot dog leg 600 plus feet par 4's. The addition of a couple fair elevated baskets adds to the course without being too gimmicky.

EXTRAS: Regardless of your skill level Cedar Hill tests you to be on top of your game despite where the pins are located. I love courses where I can play with friends who vary widely in skill level and all of have a blast and find the course challenging in our own ways. Huge shoutout to the local clubs keeping this course clear of debris and as immaculate as a course this old with this much foot traffic can be.


EROSION: As with most well loved, heavily played, older install courses, Cedar Hill suffers from erosion issues in several places. Wood chips, some well placed logs, and a few rail road ties here and there help considerably but there are some spots where erosion is definitely noticeable.

FLOODING: Course tends to hold water and with a thick canopy throughout most of the course, it doesn't dry out very well after large rains. This can often leave this course soft and muddy and less fun to play following a storm.

TENNESSEE HAZARDS: If you play here in the warmer months, expect to encounter natures anger in some form. Extreme heat, humidity, bugs, bees, snakes, posion ivy, oak, and summac, chiggers, locust trees with massive thorns. For people from this climate, this is pretty much every course we play and we are used to it, but those coming from far away, wear pants, invest in DEET, and stay hydrated.

CROWDED: As this course is extremely well loved, and because it is a public park, expect to be surrounded by people when you play here. Whether it be regular park goers, or tons of other cards out playing the course. I played over Christmas and there were probably 20 others out on the course. In the summer time you can expect that number to be a lot higher. So if crowded courses isn't your thing, this might be one to schedule your round around high traffic course use times.

Other Thoughts:

Old well loved, well cared for courses like this are the backbone of strong disc golf communities. Nashville is no exception. With the massive explosion of courses all over the area, it really says something about this course standing the test of time and the amount of work the local community still pours into this course. This course is certainly excellent in its play, as others have stated, this course can also be only pretty good based on which pin locations are in use, all the way to take your lunch money and punish you every second of it when the pins are in the absolute longest configuration. Not quite deserving of a 4.5 because of the swing in experience a player can have depending on which day they show up. But certainly deserves a 4.0 with the ability to be higher based on which pins you happened to luck upon that day.
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Experience: 12.5 years 219 played 216 reviews
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The Nashville Classic Course

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 19, 2023 Played the course:once


I played this course at the suggestion of a friend of mine who said that it was like the Oregon Park(Marietta GA course that is the most played in GA) and though I can see where he is coming from I think it actually might be a bit better.

Certainly a well work and well used track that had at least 20 people playing even after it had been raining all day. The large parking area at the start of the course also has a practice basket by the entrance and then a very short walk to hole 1.

Judging by the tee signs that are certainly not new but very accurate and have all of the positions I saw marked, there were also benches on every hole and couple of had multiple which is nice on a busy course.

The course is mostly wooded playing up and down rolling hills with some really fun shot shapes that can vary widely depending on which pin position the course is set up for.

Baskets are older Innova baskets with red bands and all seemed to be in great shape and you can tell how many people play the course with thousands of putter scuffs on every band. It's cheesy but I love to see a well loved course and clearly people are playing it a lot.

The shots are often funky straight to fade shots that have some trees mid fairway or a big elevation change, and there are a few fun elevated pins that are no so elevated as to be excessive or impossible for shorter players to get to.

I shot fairly well at -4 on my first go around but I bet you have to shred to win a league or tournament here as it is very scoreable for the most part.

Navigation is also pretty easy with several next tee signs in places that might otherwise be tricky to find the next pad.


It has some of the issues that older courses often have as they get really worn in. Some erosion issues, and it holds a lot of water around a few of the greens and low spots in the fairways.

Some of the pads are a little over worn and very slick after some rain. A few of them seem to been partially resurfaced with extra grip on the second half which did help some.

Other Thoughts:

I'm glad I got to play this one, every area has a course that is the one people play and this is seems like that course in this area. It's a lot of fun and worth the trip.
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The Cornerstone of Nashville DG 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 8, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


A. Challenge - This courses pushes amateurs and pros to be on top of their game at all times. Ceilings are low. Fairways are a premium. A bad kick can turn a par 3 into a 5 real quick, but I think that only adds a fun tension. The challenge is balanced. Whereas some other courses like Cane Ridge or Seven Oaks have some REALLY tough holes and then some inexplicably easy ones, Cedar Hill is a solid level of hard the whole time. Of course this varies with pin positions, but I believe this holds true most of the year
B. Shot shaping/variability - You're going to throw hyzers, hyzer flips, anhyzer flexes, spikes, flicks, backhands...everything. No two holes are the same. We got elevation going uphill and downhill, doglegs left and right, low ceilings, bombers, holes ranging from 200 (when in short positions) to 770+ (Hole 18 where you at). Mostly par 3s, with a few par 4s (occasionally a casual par 5 when not in tournament par system).
C. Beat in - Like your favorite disc, this course is wonderfully beat in. The Cedar Hill 7 and MCDG have done more work to this course than can be counted. Fairways are beautifully crafted, clear, receiving consistent touch ups. Foot paths are defined and the course has an intuitive flow that starts and ends in the same place so you could run it back if you wanted. A solo round could be played in as little as 50 minutes but if you take your time, expect 90 minutes.
D. Multiple pin positions/tee pads - Every hole has 3-6 pin positions that are indicated on older, but very accurate signs at each tee pad. Each tee pad is poured, textured concrete, great for all weather; bonus each hole has a bench too! I personally like the idea that course could be a little different each time you go. As if the course itself is alive. All holes have Innova DISCatchers with a red band featuring the hole number to avoid confusion.
E. Parking - Plenty of parking at holes 1, 10, 17 and at multiple other locations in the park. Parking lots at 1 and 17 have practice baskets.


A. Muddy after rain - It's an unfortunate reality of disc golf. When you cut down trees, there's going to be loose earth and erosion. Cedar is no exception. Holes 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and the greens of 18 are liable to have some muddy footing.
B. Pavilion parties - Hole 17 is liable to have a gathering of non disc golfers for a birthday party, but this is a public park and one of the only places you could potentially need to ask some folks who may be oblivious to flying plastic to keep an eye out.
C. Protect your skin - In the summer time especially, Cedar Hill has a high concentration of chiggers, Lone Star ticks, and poison oak. While I may look like a dummy, I wear pants and long sleeves in 95 degree heat and use my DEET spray religiously to avoid itching after rounds. Others seem to have no problem in shorts and shirtless, but that's just my personal experience.
D. Facilities - There are no permanent facilities to relieve yourself on the course. There are Porto-johns aka Porto-potties aka Honey Buckets in the park entering from Old Hickory Blvd and on some holes on the course (the walk between the longer hole 9 positions to the long tee for hole 10 for example has one). No running water either so bring your own full bottles/jugs.
E. Trash cans - Not in the best condition and present at about 35-40% of tee pads, there's not a whole lot else to say.
F. Crowded on weekends - Yup, it's popular, not the foot traffic of Seven Oaks, but Saturday or Sunday at 1 PM, you're going be running into groups and likely going to be waiting at a tee pad or two.

Other Thoughts:

This course is a gem. I am a Nashville native, played ultimate at the high school, college, club, and pro level for 20 years and transitioned to disc golf in summer of 2019. Since that time I've made the 15 minute drive from West End to Cedar 2-3 times per month. To me hole 7 is iconic. 10 and 17 are pretty epic as well.

If I could I'd rate this course 4.35. I admit I am a big Cedar Hill booster over other courses like Seven Oaks, which many people enjoy, but this is my cup of tea.
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Experience: 8.9 years 20 played 9 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Fantastic layout 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 2, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


A lot of variance within the course. Dogleg lefts and rights galore with some good distance on some. No spray and prays.

Park was extremely clean. A few random pieces of trash but in all, a very well maintained course with some gorgeous fairways.
Definitely a few scenic holes.

Teepads are extremely comfortable with very good grip and ample space. Teepad maps are very accurate and up to date on pin location.
Trashcans at most of the tees (Not #17).
Not a confusing layout. Only hole that was slightly hard to find was #16. (Cross the street to find the teepad.)

The last two holes are extremely fun drives. Downhill with wide open space.

Hole 18's basket and Hole 1's teepad are very close, making it an easy course to immediately replay.

Gravel walking paths line the fairways of a few of the holes, giving the player the choice to walk on flatter ground.


Not many cons to this course.
Like stated above, teepad #16 was slightly hard to find.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, a very fun and challenging course. A few freebies and a few that you have to work for, with a lot in between.

Definitely going to regularly play this course when I have time.
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Experience: 5.7 years 321 played 314 reviews
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Infinite Possibilities 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 8, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


A beautiful track of woods with a staggering number of possible layouts.

-Amenities: Detailed signage with necessary pin position indicators, DISCatchers, concrete tees, paths between holes, practice baskets at two different parking lots.

-Terrain: Ample hills, ample foliage, ample open space. There are parts that feel more like a city park, but most of the course is more of a secluded forest.

-Multi-Pins: A staggering variety of different pin options. Almost every hole has at least three locations, with some going up towards 6 or possibly more. These can drastically alter the course, changing holes from easy 200' shots to monster winding 600' holes.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: Up to par with the different pin options. Some of the long pins are fantastic championship par-4s, but the shorter locations still offer a challenge as you deal with the trees and the slopes. I would note holes (2), (7), (10), (15), and (18) as the holes with excellent par-4 options, while others such as (6) and (16) offer quirky birdie opportunities with shorter length. Multiple tee shots going downhill add to the fun. A lot of holes have some sort of funnel shape that both requires you to hit a precise gap but gives you freedom in what shape you throw to do that. The variety is also well-dispersed throughout the course, without too many similar holes coming in a row.

-Bonus Loop: After hole (2) you have the option to add three more wooded holes to the layout.


Too much variability.

-Layout Unpredictability: Cedar Hill was drastically different my two visits. The first time, in January 2019, I would have rated it at the top of 4.0 and pushing 4.5. The second time, almost two years later, the layout consisted of mostly 'A' pin positions and left a lot of potential on the table, more like a low 3.5. While I like being able to offer a different course to locals, it makes it frustrating to not know which Cedar Hill you'll get when you go.

-Navigation: Not terrible, but I struggled my first time. Longish transitions from (3) to (4) and (15) to (16), with some guesswork involved from (7) to (8) and (13) to (14). This is another downside of multiple pin positions, as the next tee path isn't always right next to the basket that is in play.

Other Thoughts:

Cedar Hill is the kind of course that can anchor a city, with good variety, freshness, skill-level accessibility, and beauty. With the wrong pin configuration, though, it can be a bit of a disappointment and merely good. Overall, I think it deserves an Excellent, but is not quite in the upper echelon of courses.

-No Pars: Neither pro nor con, but note that the tee signs don't have any pars marked.
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4.50 star(s)

Must play if near Nashville 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 4, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


I have lived in Nashville for 3 years now. I am from Kansas and have played for around 3 1/2 years and have to this point played around 75 courses in 6 states and Cedar Hill is my favorite course that i've ever played, especially as one that I want to play over and over.
-Teepads are great with a texture to them that permit great grip all year round.
-Tee signs are always updated with what pin position the pins are in.
-Baskets are new Discatchers
-Course design I think is unmatched in the area. The course has a strong 18 hole layout with 3 inner holes that test your short wooded game. My favorite aspect of Cedar Hill is that I feel that no matter how good I play there is always somewhere that the course gets the last laugh. The course will challenge every shot in your bag both backhand and forehand.
-Great mix of shots with lefty and righty friendly holes with elevation and blind shots intertwined.
-The pin positions get rotated regularly and the course is constantly evolving which enables you to never be bored when playing the course.


-Not to beginner friendly
-needs a practice basket set back up and does not have the best area to warm up

Other Thoughts:

Cedar Hill is an absolute must play course if you are in or around Nashville. Bring your whole bag because you will need it but you will most certainly enjoy your time. Understand that Cedar is an advanced course. IF you are a newer player challenge yourself and give the course a try but be prepared to have to throw some difficult shots. Just take it all in and have fun.
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4.50 star(s)

Best so far! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 21, 2019 Played the course:once


-Multiple basket placements
-Great elevation
-Beautiful mountain scenery
-Challenging but fair holes
-Unique system of hole layout on each tee-sign
-Just off I-40 for easy travel


-Elevation can tire an old guy out
-Might need a guide the first time out

Other Thoughts:

Played this course exhausted on the way back from BG Ams. Very good decision as this has been my #1 course ever since. Use of washers to show course layout on each tee-sign very unique. Elevation changes made me want empty my bag on several holes.
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Love this Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 2, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Awesome course that is easily accessible from I-65. 15 min from downtown. Well maintained. Good pads and chains. Great variety of holes. #10 and #18 are the highlights. Second best course in Nashville behind 7 Oaks. Never crowded


*Can be a bit confusing to find the parking lot/first hole.

*Multiple elevated baskets. Never been a fan
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4.00 star(s)

One of the best I’ve played 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 30, 2018 Played the course:once


Grippy concrete tee pads
Helpful tee signs
Great shot variety
Great use of elevation
Fair fairway widths
Challenging tree placement, especially around the greens


A lot of the baskets seem like they would be prone to spit outs, especially hole 16's basket, though I didn't get any spit outs when I played.
I wish there were "next tee" signs below every basket, because some of the walks (9 to 10 for example) weren't super obvious and I totally missed the inner 3 holes when I played.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, this is an excellent course. The only disappointment I had was that I missed out on the inner 3 holes. This is my second favorite course that I have ever played.
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3.00 star(s)

Enjoyably Frustrating 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 6, 2018 Played the course:once


This course is absolutely beautiful, and is the type of course why one wants to spend time outside chasing a disc. The diversity in types of holes was enjoyable, as well as some of the throws necessary. It took a skilled player to play this course well and have a respectable score. All types of shots were used and it was both even for left-handed and right-handed throwers. You wouldn't know you were twenty minutes away from a big city.


It was confusing to find the next hole many times, even with the map at the previous hole kind of guiding you. There were random arrows pointing to the next hole, but even some of those were far away from the baskets.

Pin placement was very confusing on some, especially hole 6 I believe, and wasn't too aligned with the maps.

I was shocked at how few trash bags or cans were out there.

This was my biggest issue: the tee pads. Many had a good 6-8 inch drop after the pad, and really kind of deterred you from getting into and ripping your disc. It may not seem like a big deal, but it was subconsciously there in your mind as you threw.

Other Thoughts:

There is no such thing as a bad day on a disc golf course in my opinion. I will admit that I am a bit spoiled, I live in Charlotte and play all over the city, so I am inundated with the riches of courses to choose from and play.

I liked this course, I truly did, but there could be a few smaller aspects improved that would go a long way. This is the type of course that would get better as you play it and become more acquainted with it. Also, it was a bit muddy and messy, but that comes with the territory of any course, you're outside and not inside, or playing traditional golf, for a reason. If I'm back in Nashville I'll visit it again, too nice and diverse not to play, and full of potential.
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Nashville's Northern Gem 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 20, 2018 Played the course:once


(3.901 Rating) An aging gem that's stood the test of time
- NATURAL BEAUTY - I loved the natural allure of this course. The cedar trees reminded me of my disc golf early days in Austin Texas. Lots of fully wooded carved fairways and lots of elevation changes. Several holes are holes are worthy of pulling out the camera and snapping a photo. My personal favorites were (7), (17) and (18), but just about them all were aesthetically above average.
- CHALLENGING - A little difficult to rate as it could vary significantly depending on the wildly varying locations for all the basket placements. On my play I got a mix of front, middle and back placements and found the difficultly most closely aligned to the intermediate level. This stated, I believe there are placement combinations here that would have some advanced players struggling to stay pace with course par.
- CHARACTER - A well established course with all the bell and whistles. Walking up from the parking there's a practice basket and community board (No course map on my visit.) The tees are concrete and above average in size being 5 feet by 12 feet. All the tees have benches and the hole signage shows an adequate description of the fairway with obstacles and has pin placement indicators. The hole signage also indicates all the hole placements and some of the holes have as many as five sleeves. By far the biggest omission on this course is multiple tees. The feature is only present on two holes (9) and (10).
- UNIQUENESS - Mostly wooded but with fairways of varying widths. A couple holes even feel relatively open. As stated above, lots of elevation changes. Holes range from sub 200 feet to well over 700 feet depending on the basket placement. Several deep pocket shots in both directions and placement dogleg par 4s. Really the only missing items are the gut checking water plays and a par 5.
- NAVIGATION - I didn't have any issues, although not seeing a course map posted at the community board was a surprising omission. Just enough directional cues along the layout to keep an attentive player on track. Hole signage has next tee direction, but oddly no par info.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - This course manages to find the perfect middle ground between too easy and too hard. I could see recreational thru advanced level players loving this course. Probably not the best course for beginners, however on my play I saw families with kids throwing the course. Also not championship difficult for the pros, but then again how many course are?
- MAINTENANCE - Cedar Hill was in really good shape on my visit. Mowed fairways throughout and downed limbs were few and far between. There was some trash deep in the woods, but most city courses with the large wooded park set-up have the same issue.
- BONUS HOLES - There are three short bonus holes nestled between (2), (3), (16) and (17). I unfortunately didn't have time to play them, but I saw others playing them. It appear s that after finishing hole (2) is the appropriate time to play this three hole loop. The last bonus hole leads into tee (3).


An excellent course with only ticky tack issues.
- TERRAIN - Not the most physically demanding course out there, but it's still up there. This course will wear those out that aren't in the greatest of shape. Those with knee pain issues should probably say clear. I'd say bringing a cart out here is doable but not the easiest.
- FORGIVENESS - The cedar trees play quite different than the average pine tree. They are comprised of thick and scraggly foliage. Those that enjoy the well defined wider pine fairways probably won't enjoy this course as much as others but it will make them a better player.
- SIGNAGE - Probably better than half the of the courses out there, but they are showing their age. I think for a course of this stature, it deserves a fresh look.
- TIME PLAY - Probably not the best choice for players on a time crunch. I played my solo round in just over an hour and I skipped the short three hole bonus loop. Figure a group of four on a busy day could be here 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Other Thoughts:

I knew Cedar Hill was going to be a great course going in and it didn't disappoint. As of this review, the highest rating I've given to a course in Tennessee (20 courses) and also better than 93% percent of the courses I've played all together. It has just about everything that I enjoy in a disc golf course. Pleasing lines, big downhill plays, variety, aesthetics and amenities. This stated, I think its dominance in the Nashville area is going to be challenged by new comer Cane Ridge Advanced as that course continues to develop. Cedar Hill could do itself a big favor by adding multiple tees at more holes (some longer and some shorter) to bring even more to the skill friendliness factor.
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Play It, Play It Again, and Play It Some More 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 14, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Shot Variety: Cedar Hill forces you to use every shot and disc in your bag. There are tight fairways that open up into a field. There are open holes that end just inside the woods. There are tunnel shots. There are slightly larger fairways where you need to follow the curve of the land. There are uphill shots, downhill shots, and tunnel shots. If you play here consistently and focus on your shots, this course will both reward you and make you a better player.

Pin Placements: One reason this course offers so many looks is the pin placement. Each hole has at least two pin placements, with most having three. Some have up to five. There are scenarios where a different pin placement can change the distance of a hole up to 300'. For example, #2 in the A position is a ~230' ace run with a couple small trees to avoid. However, in the furthest position (I think it's D), it becomes a 400+ foot hole where the last 100' enter the woods, with many more trees to dodge on the way in. This pin variety not only keeps the course interesting for regular players, but it also adds unique elements to the course depending on what positions the holes are in.

Teepad and Pin Areas: The teepad areas throughout this course are fantastic. The teepads are large and in great shape. There are benches and trash cans throughout. The hole signs are accurate for all pin placements, and the pin in play is clearly marked. The signs also mark where the next tee is, aiding in navigation. For the most parts, the pin supports are located in small wooden boxes filled with rounded gravel; this not only prevents the area from eroding away, but it also points out clearly where the unused pins are.

Navigation: For the most part (see cons), navigation on this course is a breeze. Even without the "next tee" markers, it is pretty intuitive where to go. The paths between holes are well-traveled, well-marked, and usually don't have any erosion issues. The course designers did a really good job laying out the course throughout the park, incorporating different looks while still giving it an easy flow.

Dramatic Shot Views: I'm not really sure how to title this, but anyone who has played this course knows what I am talking about. There are a lot of "wow" holes on this course, due to the excellent use of land and maintenance of the fairways. The drive for #17 is one of my favorite shots of all time, a true downhill bomber where the thrower can just let it rip. #18 also has a good driver view, and an even better finishing view when the pin is in the wooded tunnel (Pin E). The drive for #7 is probably the most risk-reward throw of the entire course, with a tight downhill fairway of around 400' opening up into a field where the pin locations are. #2, #5, and #10 are more examples. This course uses the elevation and flora of the park extremely well, and it is apparent while playing what exactly the course designers were thinking with each hole.


***it should be noted that none of these cons are drastic, nor do they really detract much from the overall experience.

Navigation from #7 through #10: This is the only confusing section of the course (especially if you don't make note of the "next tee" signs at the teepad). Once you crush that downhill drive at #7, you see an elevated basket right in the middle of the field you are playing to. However, this is not always the basket. #7 and #10 share basket placements, and while this elevated basket is always in the same location, the other basket moves and it is not always clear which basket belongs to which hole. #8 is beyond #7, and not hard to find. #9 has both a regular teepad and an alternate teepad, and the alternate teepad is the one that is easiest to find from #8; however, only the regular teepad has the sign that says what hole is in play. #10 also has an alternate teepad, roughly 150' closer to the pin than the actual teepad. Again, only the actual teepad has a hole sign. These are the only two holes with alternate teepads, and personally I think it disrupts the flow a bit. However, if you've played it before and can manage the navigation, this is no longer an issue.

Baskets: (UPDATE 8/27/21) Within the last year or two, all of the baskets were replaced with newer baskets having a solid red band at the top. They catch well and they are fairly visible. No longer a con.

Mud: When the ground is wet, this course becomes a bit harder to play. Because a lot of the fairways are either grass or dirt, mud is prevalent and slipping (both on throws and on walks) can be an issue. #7 is almost always wet at the bottom of the hill, even in hotter weather.

Lack of Par: Personally, this is not a con, but it should be noted... There is no listed pars on the holes of this course. Using a Par 3 works well for most of the pin locations, but for some holes (#7, #15 in the longer positions) it is not realistic. I think the pars were left off because the pin placements can drastically change how difficult a hole is, but as long as you agree on a par with your playing mates, it is not an issue.

Other Thoughts:

Personally, I think Cedar Hill is Nashville's most well-rounded course. It attacks you with both distance and technicality, and it has all the amenities you would expect a top-notch public course to have. An added bonus is that this course is rarely crowded, unlike its oft-compared cousin on the south side of the city (Seven Oaks). If you are visiting, you should try everything you can to play this course; if you are local, you need to have this course in your rotation. It is unquestionably in the upper-echelon of Middle Tennessee courses.
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A Nashville Must 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 20, 2017 Played the course:once


Every tee had a nice tee pad with seating around and a trash can. Course was clean with a few cans laying around here and there (yes we picked those up).

Signage made navigating the course very easy. Easy tee had multiple tee placements, but a red ring is place below the sign next to the current placement allowed throws to be taken without running up and down fairways. Along with the pin locations each sign showed where the next tee box was located.

Not many open holes to have a huge open bombs other than 17. The majority of the holes will require some kind of tunnel shot or straight accurate shot with a late turn one way or the other.

A couple of my favorite holes were #3, #16, #18
- 3: Threw two different shots because of the two different lines. The first was a LHBH with a nice late hyzer and the second was a LHFH (the more open shot) that ended with a nice skip towards the basket.
- 16: Huge shot with a late turn right down into a grove of trees. Main reason I probably enjoyed the hole was because of the birdie, but really neat tunnel shot down.
- 18: Just a great way to end the course. A nice shot out of the trees to an open field back into the trees.

The staple hole was #10
- 10: "Ben's Basket" is an elevated basket requiring an upwards putt. I wish there would have been a little more information about Ben. #7 and #10 explained the placement of the basket because both can potentially play to it.


We played the course after some rain and the course doesn't hold water very well in a few spots, but this won't be an issue every day.

Other Thoughts:

Very fun course that requires every shot in the book. I really enjoyed getting out to this public park and playing this course. No real major cons and its an absolute must if you are in the area.
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Worth playing. Again 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 20, 2017 Played the course:once


- Fantastic variety of shots. You will use every shot you have
- Great use of elevation. I had to re-throw a couple of holes to really do them justice.
- There are several downhill ceiling shots that are pretty unique and challenging!


- The course could use some love, it's a little worn down
- Navigating some holes was a little difficult, I did get lost once or twice (make sure you study the tee sign for the next hole)

Other Thoughts:

Technically this course was amazing. Maybe I caught it on a bad day, but the course came off a little bleak. I hope to give it another shot soon!
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Probably Gets Better The More You Play It 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 26, 2016 Played the course:once


Very well kept course. Signage at each tee is very detailed & better than most at other courses. Concrete tee pads at every hole with benches and trash cans at most. The course offers a variety of holes. Both downhill & uphill, hyzer & anhyzer, wooded & open. The property this course is located on is very nice. Lots of walking trails & pavilions - but none of them really interfere with the course.


If this is your first time at this course - finding hole #1 is going to be a problem. As you enter the park, there is a sign that reads "Disc Golf Course" that points to the left. We turned left & could see a bunch of cages, but couldn't find the first hole. We circled the entire park twice and actually stopped to ask a park patron where the course was before we got to the right place. The pins are not in the greatest shape and don't even match! Some are the yellow Innova Disc Catchers and some are the standard metal ones. This makes it pretty difficult when you don't even know what to look for when trying to locate the pin from the tee pad. Almost all of the holes have multiple locations, which many would consider a Pro, but I wouldn't say so here unless the par for the hole was changed based on where the pin is. Pin A, for example, could be a Par3 - but Pin 5 might be an additional 200 feet further and still the same par. I also feel that moving pin locations makes it more difficult to compare your play to a previous time.

Other Thoughts:

Overall - I enjoyed playing this course & might play it again if I'm in the area. But there are so many other courses in the Nashville area - I'd like to see what other parks have to offer.
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Hill Yeah! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 16, 2016 Played the course:once


Cedar Hill Park is a wonderful disc golf course. The layout is fairly easy to follow, concrete tees, signs and baskets are adequate. There are numerous basket placements on each hole. The fairways are clearly discernible, with plenty of trees and a good elevation change. If you like a challenge you will find it here. Plenty of chances to mark a 2 on the scorecard, and several where a 4 or 5 may be much more likely. Holes 7 and 10 were my favorites, similar holes that are long and downhill with tree lines lanes running to the bottom. 12 and 18 were also some monsters with the pins in the longer layouts. I banged out birdies on holes 4, 11, and 16. Also had four 5's on the card, and hole 16 got me with a 6. Would love to come back and try for better.


Par 3 on every hole is not realistic with the pin locations I played. Six of the holes were 450' and longer. It is tough sometimes to guess where you are throwing if you're unfamiliar with the course. Saw a bit of litter, but the course was fairly well kept overall.

Other Thoughts:

I played 45 holes in Illinois and Kentucky before rolling into Nashville, and wasn't playing my best. Wound up with a 66 (+12), and still felt pretty good about it. I am sure I could shave a few strokes off of that with a few reps. Great mix of difficulty and fun. Give it a shot if you can, definitely a good time.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 19, 2016 Played the course:once


Most readers of this review probably won't have the same course overlap, but the most similar course I've played to Nashville's Cedar Hill is Austin's Circle C. They're both long, extremely challenging, forcing you to make all kinds of different throws. The short, scrubby trees reminded me of Circle C too. The other similarly on the con side is that both are older, beat in courses that have seen better days in terms of upkeep. They both are fighting a battle with erosion. There are logs and gravel paths to try to stem fairway erosion, and it seems to be working, to some extent.

1. Very challenging. Distance required, but also finesse and accuracy. Several death puts, including an elevated basket and some on hills and ridges with bad roll-aways. There are tunnels, steep uphills, downhills, long par 3's and 4's. This course has it all, including multiple pin placements (2 to 6 per hole). I imagine the locals never get tired of this course. It's a monster -- and super fun to play.

2. Awesome shot variety.

3. Big elevation element.

4. Multiple pin placements.

5. Good tee pads.

6. Navigation is easy.

7. Benches at many holes, good signage at all holes.


1. Upkeep isn't great. There's trash in several areas. It's also not the most picturesque course.

2. The multiple pins are nice, but it's a little overwhelming. Six pin locations on s hole seems a little much.

3. I wish the baskets were newer and more visible from the tee. There's no yellow/orange/pink band on the basket and they blend in to the trees and terrain. I had to walk up several fairways to see what I was throwing to.

Other Thoughts:

Awesome course. If you get a chance to play this one in Nashville and Circle C in Austin, see if my comparison is accurate. Both are great courses that I highly recommend.
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Relentless yet rewarding 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 15, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


-Type of course: This course really is a good balance forcing you to hit general lines as well as navigating the woods. Holes (2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11) I would consider to be wooded. Holes (1, 7, 12) I would say have tight fairways and you get punished for not hitting your gaps. There aren't really any "long bomb" holes on this course but there are some holes that reward having 400+ feet of power. Hole 17 is downhill and gives you some room to put something behind your shot.

-Pin Placements: I feel that I should start with this. Most holes have multiple pin positions and the change in pin could make a hole an easy two or a brutal 4. The perfect example is hole 2. I love courses with multiple pin positions because it allows a local course to mix it up and keep it fun for regulars. It also allows them to really change the feel and the difficulty of the course. Hole 2 is the perfect example. I love multiple pin positions and with how great the terrain is at Cedar Hill I'm glad they are making use of it

-Shot variety: Regardless of the pin positions, I think this course is so well balanced. Some of the more challenging holes give you options for a FH or a BH as well as forcing you to throw uphill, downhill, straight, and dogleg right/left. I think this course does a great job of forces you to have multiple varieties of shots in your arsenal. I love the change of pace. From the last time I was there it played (1, 3*, 6, 7*, 15*, 18*)- finished right, (4, 8, 12*, 13)- finished left and the other 8 had crooked fairways or opened up and gave you choices. * denotes elevation coming into play.

-Elevation: I love the elevation on this course. Hole 7 is one of my favorite holes that I've ever seen, in the longs its a 400' tunnel shot downhill then another 200' to the basket. It's beautiful, and the elevation on this course can be so challenging. Hole 15, 16, 17, and 18 have significant elevation. I think they use the elevation for really stretching your shot selection. The elevation is also a ton of fun on this course. It never feels gimmicky, even 17 which is the "downhill open" hole has a pretty tight fairway.

-Scenery: This course looks beautiful. It really does feel like a true Nashville course because of the looks. Very wooded, yet there are some open holes. Truly a beautiful course to play. Hole 7 has one of my favorite views off the tee that I've seen to date.

-Multifaceted difficulty: This course challenges a lot of aspects of your game. I've played wooded courses, long courses, water courses, you name it. This course felt like it was just difficult because it was designed well. All of the fairways feel like true fairways, there aren't any where you just huck your disc and hope it gets through. This course is grueling and you will probably feel pretty exhausted by the end. When the pins are all in the longs/hards it is such an adventure. No matter how exhausting I feel so satisfied with a birdie, or even a par at Cedar Hill.

-Uniqueness: Something about this course just sticks out. The holes feel so unique. I can't necessarily attribute it to one thing. Hole 2 at the longs is a 500' hole shaped like a backwards ? mark. The woods are tight enough that you need to pay attention, but loose enough that a well placed shot can net you a 3. The elevation on this course combined with the difficulty stops Cedar Hill from ever feeling like it has a filler hole or a gimmick. This course is awesome.


-Mud. This course does not drain well, it gets really muddy and that combined with the elevation makes it a little dicey when it's wet out.

-Course flow. Some of the holes are a little confusing, 7,9,10 in particular can be really tricky as well as 11/15, and 5/13. There are some shared baskets, where the pin for 7a could also be the pin for 10b (not at the same time). I can imagine as someone traveling those holes could be confusing. After hole 15 you have to cross the street without any real indication as to where to go.

-No open hole. This is more preference than anything, but I really like for a course to have at least one hole that is mostly open that rewards people with a little more distance. Even the open holes here have mandos/trees.

Other Thoughts:

-This is a difficult course. I would not bring a beginner here.

-Great course. I have to give it a 4. I think Cedar Hill has a layout that I would rate a 4.5 but I also know they have a layout that I would give a 3.5. So I have to leave it at a 4. Best course in Nashville in my opinion.
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Favorite course in Nashville 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 28, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


I love the variety. Upshots, downshots, and turns requires your whole bag.
Well maintained.
Rarely crowded.
Move baskets often


Limited benches. Maybe 2 trash cans (which I honestly don't care about)
The bottom of #7 gets muddy
Don't back in!!

Other Thoughts:

This is the best course in Nashville. Plain and simple. Challenging shouldn't be a con. Its my favorite part. It humbles me, but when I score well, it feels way better then on a wide open flat course.
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Gets Better Every Time 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 15, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


This is a city owned park but all the maintenance and labor is done by a remarkable course crew. There are constant improvements in areas such as: walking paths, erosion control, fairway maintenance, benches and signs etc. CH has all the amenities one looks for in a good disc golf course -- concrete tee pads, trash cans, benches, practice basket, good tee signs. You can tell right away that this is a lot more than just baskets and concrete dropped in and neglected since course installation. Cedar Hill is constantly evolving and slightly better every time you play it.

Where a prestigious ball golf course stands out due to excellent scenery, landscaping and greens, an outstanding disc golf course needs to rely much more on trees and elevation to craft fairways that reward good shots and provide excitement -- and it helps to have some scenic views (hole 17) and beautiful putting greens (hole 2). Cedar Hill nails this. Fairways are well defined and challenging but not unfair. Holes range from densely wooded to moderately wooded, however several holes are 'open' enough to reach for max D -- but you will need to exercise some control.

The greatest attribute of Cedar Hill is the varying pin placements. This will obviously be lost on you if you only play the course once a year or less, but it is what makes this course elite. Pin placements at Cedar Hill can change the entire experience. I personally have not played a more versatile course. Most holes have three pin placements, several have a 4th and 5th as well. Various layouts could theoretically alter average scores by upwards of ten strokes. Adding difficulty is not necessarily what makes them exciting though, instead it is the ability to make a hole left to right, right to left, or dead straight, etc.


I think casual players and newcomers may struggle with Cedar Hill's more challenging holes. I don't see this as a con, but judging by some unfavorable reviews it would seem that perhaps not all skill levels will get the same enjoyment out of this course.

If your distance is in the 300-350 range and you don't have a several shots in your repertoire (i.e. turnovers, flicks, tomahawks, etc) you may get frustrated with some of the longer more challenging holes. For instance holes 1, 2, and 7 require excellent placements shots just to be in position to think about getting a 3. Many can and do argue these are par 4's or 5's but that is a different topic.

Other Thoughts:

The mix of holes means you can pretty much be as creative as you want from the tee pad. Play the fairways, go over the top, or throw rollers, you will have options. A varied mix of elevation throughout the entire course, an elevated basket that can play on 7 or 10, amazing downhill bomb on hole 17, the most serene putting green you may ever come across on hole 2; these are just a few of the qualities that make Cedar Hill worth your time.

If you are coming to play in Nashville this is a must stop. If you live in Nashville and want to get better at disc golf, then make sure you play Cedar regularly and don't shy away from its challenges. I can assure you, there is nothing more rewarding then mastering this course -- or so I've been told I still can't get under par.
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