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Reedsville, WI

Rollin Ridge

4.775(based on 124 reviews)
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Rollin Ridge reviews

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Experience: 33.7 years 71 played 3 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Variety and Fun

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 3, 2023 Played the course:once


The course itself was in perfect condition. I love the variety of holes and the shots which could be thrown. Additionally, with the separate tees and baskets it allows for folks of differing abilities to enjoy a round together. Enjoyed the elevation changes - not crazy, but still added a fun element to the course. Finally, the pro shop and practice area was a significant plus.


There were absolutely no negatives to mention. Closest I can come to a negative is that for a few of the first holes (3-7) that were out in the open, were impacted by the Canadian wildfires. Air quality was pretty poor the day I played. However, once you get back into the woods, the trees seemed to filter out almost all of the smoke. (For someone with respiratory issues - this was a big plus.)

Other Thoughts:

Will be making the trip back up to Wisconsin this summer and it definitely includes Rollin Ridge.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 1 years 136 played 83 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Gotta Love Rollin' Ridge! drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 16, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


- Pro shop with discs, food, drinks, and friendly people & dogs!
- 3 sets of tee pads and baskets per hole.
- Well designed overall!
- Lots of challenging shots for all skill levels.
- Honestly is not too busy unless you show up on a league day.
- All three sets of baskets and tee pads are great.
- Cool landscaping and use of the land!
- The course sprays for mosquitos!
- Practice area with baskets and a throwing net.


- Can be super muddy/flooded during the early spring (alternate layouts for then)
- Can get buggy, but in recent years the course owners have sprayed the course.
- Limited parking space if it is a busy day. (Mostly tournaments or leagues).

Other Thoughts:

Rollin' Ridge is always a great time! It is pay to play and it is 100% worth it! Great amenities, variety of layouts, and a great time overall!
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Good job drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 5, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


-Nice variety of shapes and shots to make
-practice areas
-good shop area
-amazing views
-really cute dog
-workers are nice
-not a lot of bugs


-a lot of muddy areas in certain times of year

Other Thoughts:

Pretty good course. It provides a good challenge to intermediate and new players. The pads are kept in good condition. It's also not overly pact together.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 18.9 years 256 played 247 reviews
5.00 star(s)

#1 in Wisconsin

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 16, 2022 Played the course:once


- practice baskets
- practice driving area (like a batting cage!)
- ample parking
- modern bathrooms
- pro shop/bar area, etc.
- numerous water hazards
- great incorporation of elevation change
- most holes have 3 well marked (colored) concrete tees and 3 baskets, allowing up to 9 possible ways to play per hole
- rakes for pond disc retrieval
- built in bridges over water as needed
- barricades built to protect tee areas when near other holes
- color coded Mach X baskets with hole numbers
- full color tee signs for all tees
- lots of varied hole types - mostly wooded, but some open, longer shots
- built in steps where needed
- navigation is straightforward
- benches at every hole, garbage cans on most
- hole 9 ends near parking lot so you can break halfway if desired
- rough is generally quite forgiving
- black (long) tees give a championship caliber feel with added elevation and length on many holes
- $5 pay to play seems extremely reasonable for a course of this caliber
- maintenance is fantastic


- definitely muddy in some areas
- may be too challenging for beginners/high risk of losing discs in water
- a few holes with multiple baskets in site where your target isn't 100% clear
- a few backtracks between holes present some safety issues

Other Thoughts:

I have been excited to play Rollin Ridge for years. I arrived around 7:30 AM and the course was deserted and as such, I missed out on the pro shop and other amenities being open. While I really enjoyed this course, I was originally ready to rate it a 4.5, but the more I thought about it, this course really does everything right. My only other 5 currently is Blue Ribbon Pines, which I decided deserved it even with virtually no elevation change. Rollin Ridge blows BRP out of the water in that regard, and is on the same caliber in most other ways - it has earned its rating. I think it being so deserted made it easy to feel like it was just another course at first, vs. playing BRP when it was hopping.

All that said, Rollin Ridge is the best course in Wisconsin I have played. I think I personally like Sandy Point a bit better, but when you review the course with all factors considered, objectively, Rollin Ridge has it all. The bar area and pro shop are very popular and well regarded, the course has real bathrooms, and virtually every other amenity you could ask for - a practice driving cage? You never see things like this.

We haven't even really gotten in to the disc golf yet. I played mid tees to mid baskets (red). This was an excellent challenge, but I was able to perform extremely well. The variety of options really lends itself to players of many skill levels, though absolute beginners could get discouraged as this is a fairly challenging course. I don't think that's the main clientele, however. The black tees/baskets really take it to the next level if you want a brutally tough course. Early on, some of the holes are more open and play through the water hazard area, with some longer drives as well.

Later on, most of the course is what I would consider moderately hilly/moderately wooded. The elevation change on the ridge is incorporated extremely well, but it's not the most insane elevation change I've seen. That said, the course designers used it exceptionally well. The elevation differences do lead to some lower areas that have trouble draining. Most courses with this many water hazards have some tough areas. While I found some of the holes muddy, it wasn't as bad as some other reviewers have said - I may have gotten lucky, but I think the issues here seemed 'tolerable.' That's about the worst thing you can say is a 'con' for Rollin Ridge.

I love how after hole 9 you're back where you started so you can take a break, use the bathroom, etc. I played this course in under 2 hours solo, but when it is busier and you have a large group, 9 holes could take awhile, so the rest area is nice. Navigation here was very straightforward as long as you pay attention to the tee signs and hole numbers on baskets. While some of the holes are a little tightly packed, any place with a true hazard has barricades built in to protect tee areas. So much maintenance effort has been put into this course.

The $5 to play seems very reasonable for a course of this caliber, and the rough is managed really well. I didn't have much issue finding discs, as long as you stay out of the ponds. Rakes are provided if needed, which is always nice.

One play note - on hole 18 there is a low lying pond between the orange and red baskets. You're kind of blind to this early on in the hole so you can throw in without even realizing it's there. Keep your eyes open for this.

Course length is pretty typical here. This isn't an insanely long course, but can be getting there if you play blacks. For other tees, it isn't short but hole lengths are pretty typical. There's almost nothing under 200 feet so don't plan on a bunch of easy ace runs here. This course will demand a variety of shots and challenge you technically, while still being fair and having attainable lines. It's a great balance in this way. Most holes are par 3s but there's a smattering of 4s, with many more on the black tees.

Overall, there's a reason this is a destination course. While there is only one course onsite here, there's plenty of other ones relatively close by, so it makes sense to trek out to this area to play the Ridge. I think you will be glad you did. Every detail has been attended to so well here, this is truly some of the best disc golf in the Midwest. I think Idlewild might still have better disc golf, in my opinion, but it's really hard to beat all the other amenities of this course.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.9 years 757 played 414 reviews
3.50 star(s)

quo magis diminuit

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 27, 2022 Played the course:once



The Rolling Ridge

Signage, navigation, practice area, building



The Bog

Other Thoughts:

2/3rds of the course plays up/down/cross a rolling ridge, providing a nice variety of shot shapes, elevation changes, and distances, under/around mostly tall hardwoods. 1/3rd of the course is set in what is just a step above a bog, with, at times, trees so thick that throws are of the poke-n-pray variety.

I am a fan of multi-tee/-basket courses - provide the players with options for level of difficulty! At times, however, there can be too much crammed into too little space, resulting in tee/basket positions sometimes not offering much of a difference between them.

I am also a fan of 18+ hole courses, but sometimes, the space available reaches its peak at a lesser number, and cramming too much in lessens the overall package.

The building, parking, and practice areas are top-notch, as are the teesigns and navigational aids. When holes were too close together, barricades were built to protect tee areas from throws from other holes. When holes were in lower-lying, sometimes planks were provided to offer walking paths from basket-to-tee.

The holes on the ridge were very good, while those in the bog, less so, and while some holes had very good spacing between them, others were quite close together.

This course does many things very well, but attempts too much in too little prime space.
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Fun and enjoyable course drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 10, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


Great hole length, challenging but fun, huge selection at the course shop, and beautiful scenery as well! Definitely an annual visit for my friends and I.


Bugs can be a bit much but to no fault of the course, and the ground can be wet but there are boards/grates that you can walk on.

Other Thoughts:

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 6 years 245 played 240 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Solid disc golf, spectacular infrastructure! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 23, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Rollin Ridge is a disc golf paradise located on private property roughly halfway between Appleton and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It's easy to get to, right on US-10.

I was so impressed with the infrastructure on this course from start to finish. This course has every disc golf amenity that you can think of, and maybe some that you aren't. Pull into the parking lot and you will see the on-site pro shop. In front of the pro shop there are two practice baskets (one of which is elevated) and a single-player driving range. I think this is the first disc golf driving range I have seen. There is a flush toilet restroom next to the pro shop, and some porta potties out by the parking lot. I think the restroom had a shower in it too. A kiosk and large course map are also nearby. Scorecards, bug spray, and plenty of seating are available.

I haven't even gotten to the course itself yet. Each hole has three baskets, and most have three tee pads. There is a medium length orange layout, a long red layout, and a longer black layout. The baskets are color coded Mach X models, all in great shape. A couple of the baskets are elevated for extra challenge. All the tee pads are long, tapered slabs of concrete with color coded painted dots and foul lines. A couple of the tee pads are actually built into boardwalks, or possibly more accurately the boardwalks were built around the tee pads. The tee signs are large, circular, and beautiful. They appear at every tee pad and show a color map of the hole including all tee pads and baskets, and the distance and par playing from the current tee pad to all three baskets. This makes it possible to play 3x3 = 9 different layouts of the course. If you were to play this course 9 times in one go, you'd be insane. But also you would play a couple of the same holes, because the red and black layouts share a couple of the teepads. Where this is the case, that is clearly marked on both tee sign and teepad as well. On my visit today I kept it simple and played the red-to-red layout, then the orange-to-orange layout.

I'm sorry, just a little bit more about the tee signs. They also give a nickname for each hole. I thought this was really fun and it added to my enjoyment of the round. They ranged from the predictable (hole 1 "The Edge" plays along the edge of a pond) to the hilarious (hole 12 "D-Fence" has a large fence blocking the right side of the fairway) to the taunting (hole 16 "Birdie" is one of the shortest holes on the course but is pretty tightly wooded...I did not manage to birdie it on either round I played).

I promise I will get to the actual golf eventually. There are trash cans and benches at every tee, even the orange layout ones. Some of the benches are marked with the hole number too, just for good measure. There are nice-looking Next Tee signs that direct you the shortest route no matter which tees you are playing. There are clearly marked mandos. All of the water hazards had long poles sitting next to them with a little prong fashioned on the end for retrieving discs (if you throw too far in for these to work, you can report your lost disc to the pro shop and they may be able to help. Respect the owner's wishes and do not go into the ponds). A couple of the tees are pretty close to other baskets, but this is addressed where needed with beautiful-looking fences - some of which even have crafted archways to walk through.

What about the actual disc golf? Rollin Ridge plays as a mostly technical wooded round, with a few open holes mixed in. The baskets and tees are arranged to test every shot in your bag, no matter what layout you choose to play (and the different layouts dramatically change the shots required on each hole). The open holes provide a few opportunities for bigger arms to air it out, especially the monster hole 3 (1000' from black tee to black basket). There is good variety in hole distances. The rough is thick in spots but mostly consists of older trees, so it will punish you without swallowing your discs.

Water hazards come into play on a few holes. A couple of baskets are located right next to the water hazards, creating risk/reward opportunity. The most significant water hazard is on hole 2, where you have to clear a large pond sitting off the tee and to your right throughout the hole. The elevation is, well, rollin. There are not extreme elevation changes here, but it is enough to have an effect on many drives. A few baskets are on slopes, and many are not visible from the tee.

Playing red tees to red baskets gives a challenging round for intermediate disc golfers. Orange-to-orange provides a round that beginners could enjoy, but it's still not a cakewalk by any means. The distances are shorter, but there are tight lines including narrow windows off of some orange tees. I didn't try the black-to-black layout but I am confident that it would challenge even very experienced disc golfers. And of course, if those three aren't enough options for you there are six other signed layouts you can choose from.

The front nine and the back nine each loop back to the parking lot. Just in case you wanted even more options.


A couple of really nitpicky things here, as by definition a 5.0 course can't have any real Cons...

There is significant road noise from US-10, especially in the front of the course. This detracts from the aesthetic for me, but not enough to bump the rating down a full half disc. If I could give a 4.75 I probably would. Obviously there is nothing the designers can do about this.

The beautiful tee sign graphics appear to be basically large stickers that adhere to the sign surface. Some of these were starting to peel when I played. It wasn't a major issue for me, but if for some reason they were allowed to peel off more it would become an issue.

Large sections of the course play through a wooded lowland area that was kind of muddy when I played, and is probably more muddy for a good chunk of the year. I would recommend wearing waterproof shoes/boots to play this course. Plan on the course being very buggy in the summer months as well.

Other Thoughts:

The sign for the course on the road is pretty inconspicuous. The directions on here are correct, and I was following them, but coming in from the east I still drove by. It is a small sign mounted on top of a mailbox. A larger sign might help pull in a few more locals who don't know that this is one of the top rated courses in the world on DGCR. There were only a couple of other groups playing the course when I was there. I was surprised the course was not busier on a Thursday late afternoon/early evening.

This course costs $5/day to play. You pay in the pro shop if it is open, or in a slot near the kiosk if the shop is not open. The pro shop hours vary - if that is important to you then you may want to check the course website or call ahead before visiting.

The course is listed as being open from 6 AM-midnight daily. I'm not sure if that means they support night golf or not.

On a personal note, this was my first course played in Wisconsin. I rode the SS Badger car ferry across Lake Michigan this morning, and the weather conditions made it a rough ride (would still recommend, but Dramamine may not be enough. Try the patches or wristbands for motion sickness, or all three). Rollin Ridge provided the perfect venue to get outside on solid ground and reset for my next few days here in the state, then a few more in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Overall, this course is a bucket list disc golf destination. While nothing in the course layout or scenery really stood out as a "wow" for me, I WAS blown away by the incredible infrastructure, beautiful man-made obstacles, and attention to detail throughout. Combine this with solid disc golf and absurd replayability (9 layouts!?), and I've arrived at my first ever 5.0 review.
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5.00 star(s)

My new favorite course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 6, 2021 Played the course:once


-3 Tees
-3 Baskets
=9 courses in 1!
-Benches at every tee!
-Well designed signage on each tee
-Majority wooded, but several good open holes as well!
-Pro Shop!
-Warm up area!
-Practice baskets!
-So much more!


-1 or possibly 2 holes I felt could have a slightly more defined fairway in the woods. Not bad holes but if I could think of anything that could be improved, that would be it.

Other Thoughts:

Obviously a ton of time and effort has gone into this place. It shows above and beyond! I have only played it once now but it is definitely in the upper echelon of courses in this country! Please do yourself a favor and come play this gem!
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 30.1 years 56 played 25 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Little Slice of Paradise 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 6, 2020 Played the course:once


Being the #6 course in the world per DGCR, and a course I've wanted to play for years, my expectations for Rollin Ridge were very high, and I am happy to say that this little bit of property in rural eastern Wisconsin lived up to the hype.

1) Orange, Red, Black - each hole had three permanent pins with great Mach X baskets, and aside from two holes where the "red" and "black" shared a pad, each hole also had three large concrete tees. As will be mentioned early and often, this led to endless possibilities

2) Amenities - I can't imagine a course with more extras going on. Two practice baskets, one of them in a raised position. A netted enclosure you can use as a "driving range". A fully stocked pro shop with clean bathrooms, a pool table, and a bar. Camping available on site. Buckets available to use as trash cans at every tee. Benches on every hole. If it's an extra that you'd like to have at a course; you name it, RR has got it.

3) Quality/diversity of golf: Best I've ever played. Most of the course is in the woods, but I felt that all of the fairways were pretty fair, and that there was not a ton of "poke and pray", aside from a couple of pads where you had to split a really narrow gap early, but if you can't handle that, step up your game! Nothing like Dretzka's N9 - the gaps you needed to hit were all reasonable. L-R and R-L balance was very good, the phenomenal elevation on the site was used masterfully, water was an occasional threat, and you got your wide open bomber hole (3) for those who love that.

4) Challenge - players of nearly every skill level will be challenged here. RR may be a bit much for very new beginners, but the orange to orange layout is solidly challenging to rec/intermediate ams, the black to black is a bruising Championship-caliber course, and you can mix/match anything in between on tee or pin, and get something to challenge your skill level.

5) Inventiveness - The lengths the designers at RR went to combat what could have been some pretty serious issues was something to behold. The land area in use is actually not terribly big, and it could have led to space-cramping hell, but at literally every point at which an adjacent tee could potentially be buzzed by an errant shot from another hole, a wooden structure was built to protect players teeing off. It solved what could have been a major safety issue, and in addition, added a rustic character to this course. The 3-level retaining wall on hole 14 was super fun, and several raised basket structures (the pyramid on #4 comes to mind) were a treat.

6) Navigation - never have I seen navigational cues so omnipresent. Just about every hole had some kind of a "next tee this way" indicator, and they pointed out short/medium/long tees, to boot. If you were ever in doubt as to which way to go, you'd soon run into a sign showing you the way. The biggest potential mixup point (the path from 6->7 kind of intersecting with the path from 14->15) was very clearly marked. Printed maps are also available at the clubhouse.

7) Course maintenance - top notch. I played in late fall, where the "rough" had died down a bit, but I can tell even this time of year when the rough is allowed to grow wild during the summer or when it's kept in check, and RR gave me indicators that the rough is regularly well-tended to.


A handful of issues, mostly out of the control of the designers, or inevitable for a course of this caliber:

1) Lost disc potential - definitely a good bit higher than average. Probably inevitable here, considering the water hazards (the owners are NOT OK with players wading into the water - they've placed disc retrievers out by every water hazard), the fall leaf cover, and just being in the woods in general, but be careful with blind shots - a few tee shots go over hills that are hard to keep track of where you land. The clubhouse's lost disc return (100+ discs!) was a testament to this.

2) Swampy lowlands - we've gotten little rain in WI over the past couple months, and even now, some of the holes had soft, muddy ground. I could see this being a far bigger issue in the spring/summer when there's more rain, or snow-melt. I almost wonder if digging some sort of a canal into the natural ponds on site would be helpful - the designers held nothing back when building tee-protection walls, after all.

Other Thoughts:

During my day off, I managed to get four rounds in before I had to head back to town: one from the red to red, one from the orange to orange, one from the orange to red, then again (kind of losing track of time, and realizing I needed to hit the road in short order) from orange to orange. Combine that with being a sunny, 70 degree day in November, and what a completely perfect set of conditions. The $5 pay to play fee felt like a woeful underpay. Support these guys by using their pro shop if you can too (at this time, only open Fri-Sun)!

All in all, Rollin Ridge was everything I was wanting, and a pleasure of a course to take a day off and travel to from nearby Milwaukee. I would call this course worthy of travel to no matter how far away you are. RR has camping on site for players who are looking for an affordable place to stay (probably more for after we get the COVID menace under control, but still), and with nearby Silver Creek (Manitowoc), you've got multiple high-end courses in the same area.

All in all, the wet ground/swampinesson parts of the course made me feel like this was a 4.75, but I opted to give Rollin Ridge the benefit of the doubt, given how much work clearly had went into this course, and masterfully solving other potentially killer issues.

Come here. Seriously. This course should be on every serious disc golfer's wish list.
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5.00 star(s)

Fantastic Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2019 Played the course:once


- 3 tees and 3 baskets for each hole, all finished
- Great use of the land. Uphills, downhills, good mix of left/right/tight/open/left/right/straight holes.
- Very interesting structures, all well built. Someone put a lot of effort and expense into this course.
- Epic clubhouse with pro shop, bar, fireplace, pool table, outdoor deck/patio, practice baskets (one of them elevated 6 ft), netted tunnel (similar to a batting cage) with radar for speed clocking
- Onsite camping

edit: I almost forgot, night play! Baskets have solar lights on the tops for glow rounds.


- One or two super tight "spray and pray" holes
- A couple of holes are in an area prone to getting muddy
- Pay to play (but totally worth it)

Other Thoughts:

I went on a road trip across the northern U.S. and stopped at at least 25 courses rated 4+ on this site. Many of the high ratings were undeserved, this was not one of them. Rollin' Ridge was the third (or so) course I stopped at and for the rest of the trip no course was definitively better though a few were comparable. Spoke with the owners at the clubhouse and heard some of the ideas for additions yet to come (I seriously hope they build the fire tower idea I pitched to them) Anyway this is an S-tier course and I can't wait for an excuse to go back.
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1.00 star(s)

Not a great course. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


There are very few pros for this course.

The tee pads are large and concrete.

The course seems like it's maintained often.


This course is not good. The layout is confusing and the fairways are way too close to each other.

I love wooded courses (NC disc golf is awesome!) -- but this course could have a few removed. There are way too many poke-and-hope holes.

There are some areas of the course where it looks like the mud has been around for a long long time. If it weren't for the mud, I'd suggest that the course is cart friendly.

I'm sure the locals love it because there aren't many great options in the area... but I'll never willingly return to this course.

Other Thoughts:

Update: Lol. Someone "Reported" my review.

Man, seriously... people are allowed to have different opinions. I literally hated this course. It wasn't fun for me and I'll never return.
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4.50 star(s)

beautiful, challenging, must play course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 9, 2019 Played the course:once


Easy to navigate. Excellent signage. Nice baskets. Variety of terrain. Elevation changes. Optional water holes. Awesome pro shop. Driving range. 2-3 tees per hole. 3 baskets per hole and they are all in every time (not just moved around like most courses.) Rakes to get your disc out of water areas and deeper mud spots. Nice protective wooden fences in danger holes. Cement tee boxes. Garbages on a lot of holes. Benches to rest on many holes.


Muddy on some holes. $5. Do not get disc out on water holes. Not many cons. Great course.

Other Thoughts:

Perhaps the best course I have played. What a great job they did. They did not take any shortcuts at all on this course.
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Experience: 14.8 years 18 played 10 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Simply amazing 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


Multiple tees, multiple pins.
Gorgeously maintained.
Pro shop is fantastic.


Water hazard on the last hole eats discs

Other Thoughts:

Manitowoc (and surrounding area) is a yearly trip for myself and my discing buddies. This course and Silver Creek are hands down two of the best courses in Wisconsin.
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3.00 star(s)

Could be awesome 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 28, 2019 Played the course:once


The tees are the best I've ever played. It's pretty scenic in places and the man made structures are impressive. There is an appropriate level of challenge for players of all levels. The pro shop and bar are very nice.


This course is wet. Granted it rained the night before we played but the foot-deep prints from before we got there and the boards placed to help cross some of the worst areas tell the tale. A couple of the water hazards were so disgusting you'd think twice before reaching in to retrieve a disc, and the bugs were awful. I made a nice throw to right at the base of the terraced pin placement at 14, and ended up almost knee deep in water and mud when I reached my disc.

Other Thoughts:

I don't know if it would even be possible to fix the water/mud issues but I'd love to spend a weekend here in th middle of a long drought.
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5 Star Amenities; 4 Star Golf

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 12, 2018 Played the course:once


Rollin Ridge is a true disc golf destination. The 18 hole course, with 3 baskets on each hole and three tees on all but a handful of holes, is able to cater to all skill levels simultaneously. Camping is available on site and there is a fully stocked pro-shop and bar.

Baskets and tees are color coded based on difficulty/distance: Black (long), Red (medium), and Orange (short). Red baskets have solar lights for night play. The color coding and extra signage makes navigating an 18 hole course with 54 baskets and 50ish tees way easier than it should be. The equipment on this course is nicer than any I've encountered. Signs are informative, easy to ready and visually appealing. Tees are amply sized, trapezoidal, level, concrete with a foul line. Baskets are all powder coated in the appropriate color. Many tees have been elevated a few feet and have decorative rock around the tee area and used as steps. Black baskets are DGA Mach X and I believe both Red and Orange are DGA Mach 3s. All are in excellent condition.

The many tees allow for a wide variety of tee shots and there are many different putting looks. Since the course is mostly in the woods, there are many different lines required to score well. Water is in play on a few holes to provide natural OB and the risk of disc loss. You are not allowed to go into the water hazards, but there are poles provided to retrieve slightly errant shots. The ponds are cleared periodically, and owners of marked discs are contacted. There is some good rolling terrain (both in the woods and in the open) that is used to improve the fun, variety and challenge of the course. While the shortest layouts are all par 3, the longer tee and basket combinations feature many par 4 and par 5 holes. The wooden structures are amazing. Nice benches are at every tee; tees are protected by decorative barriers; wetlands are traversed via boardwalk; baskets are elevated; greens are defined. Other than the wide variety of options, the wooden structures are probably the defining feature of Rollin Ridge.


In my opinion, Rollin Ridge lacks the dramatic, wow factor that I associate with the highest echelon of courses. While the property offers the primarily wooded (with some open area) mix of terrain that I believe to be ideal for disc golf, there aren't many holes that really stand out to me as memorable from a disc play perspective. Don't get me wrong, there are some fun tee shots here (and quite a few tiiight gaps), but not that many where I stood on the tee in awe of what was in front of me. Normally this isn't the kind of thing that finds its way into the cons section, but this is a top 5 course. I most definitely experienced the wow factor often at the two courses that I currently have rated 5 discs (and at most of the ones that I've rated a 4.5).

While having three baskets and three tees on each hole exponentially increases variety, it also lends to a busy, congested landscape. The many decorative walls around tees are necessitated by the close proximity of some of the holes. With three tees and three baskets, the potential shank area for each hole is immense. Many tees would be in the danger zone without the wooden barriers.

Some of the lines felt a little forced. Some holes definitely supported multiple tee and basket positions, but others felt unnecessary. Adding another tee or placement didn't always make the hole better (even considering various skill level targets)..

Other Thoughts:

This review is based on playing the orange to orange and black to black layouts. I scoped the route to the other baskets from each tee, and I'm much better at visualization than execution, so I feel that I got a sense of some of the other options on these holes. With that said, I'll be back at some point and will hit the red tees and play some of the other combinations to see if my opinion changes significantly.
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Gorgeous property 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 21, 2018 Played the course:once


Absolutely amazing course with surprises around every corner! How challenging you want to make it is your choice! 3 pads and 3 pins on every hole opens up so many ways to play every round. The pro shop has tons of gear plastic and very friendly people!


There is nothing wrong with this course!
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Maybe the Course Of Your Lifetime 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 25, 2018 Played the course:once


I had driven up to Wisconsin from Cincinnati to play a good many courses in a long weekend , but this was the course that I had heard so much about . After playing a little earlier , I pulled into the gravel lot and parked . There were already several cars in the lot , most of which had at least 2 people in the car with their backpack and large sidearm bags . Many who play here are your most serious players . But the guy and his girlfriend who parked next to me and were carrying 3 discs apiece in their hands also personified that this course is for everyone . I immediately knew this course was going to be special when I saw 2 putting baskets , of which one you could adjust to elevate the basket , and a driving cage to warm up your heavy first throws . I walked into the clubhouse and was met by a young man at the counter and paid my $5 . He asked if I needed a pencil and scorecard or map , and I told him I already had printed those off . I thanked him and walked to the first tee . This course has it all . 3 long and grippy tee pads per hole , 3 Mach X baskets per hole , everything manicured . The fairways are actually fairways , the rough is rough , has water , elevation , length ( I threw at a 1000+ foot hole on #3 off of an elevated wooden deck with a concrete pad ! ( Thanks for my score of 5 on that one ) . The first hole I played the pro tee which is about a 400 foot dogleg fade left . The next hole is a water carry ( better be able to throw a straight 300' drive ) that the basket is on an incline . Then comes the longest hole on the course . The course is easy to follow , has everything you would want or need . Benches , excellent signage . Trash receptacles , great bridges . The course designer Steve Pisaro , had a lot of land and elevation to work with , and he used it all . Creativity just flows during your round and from hole to hole . There are elevated tees you have to throw from , elevated baskets to throw to , a wooden wall that has several elevations in which to corral your drive or approach into ( if you can get though the trees leading to it ) I had quit playing the pro tees/baskets after #3 and took to the intermediates . 10 different players could give you 10 different signature holes on this course . Personally , mine was 18 , ( although I liked the hole with the wooden wall in front of the hill the basket set on a lot , too ) , which can be about 500' with some open lanes , that leads to a basket that sits behind a small nasty pond and is entombed by small trees around it . I had an absolute blast playing this course . You can mix and match tees and baskets to essentially play to your skill set any time . The guy and his girlfriend were playing the easiest ( orange ) baskets and seemed to be having a lot of fun , too . If you are a disc golf enthusiast , or just experience one of the best disc golf courses in the world , then get a round or 2 in at this Mecca Of The Midwest .


There are no cons . All disc golf course designers need to come here for a day in order to know what an innovative and professional disc golf course would look like at it's best , then take those ideas back to where they came from and use those ideas to make a course .

Other Thoughts:

$5 to play this course all day ? And a pro shop/grill/bar right in the middle of it ? I would have gladly paid double for just 1 round . My only regret was that I had to move on . A destination course to beat all destination courses . I have played for 25 years , and played courses like Morley Field ( San Diego ) , De La Veaga (California ) , Idlewild , and have played 500+ courses in my lifetime , just started reviewing courses because I felt I owed the game something , and have only kept score of the # of courses I played since 2014, and can safely say that this is the best , most rounded disc golf course I have ever seen . I may never give a 5 rating to a course again , but this course deserves it . Thanks
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Variety is the spice of life 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 20, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


• 3 tees and 3 baskets on every hole
• The different tee and basket combinations can really change the type of throw. Short pin might be a hyzer left, longer pin might be a hard right.
• All tee pads are nice and built up, well signed
• Clubhouse/Proshop selling drinks, food and discs
• Warmup area with baskets and driving cage
• Camping available on site (Very Rustic though)


• Can get a little wet and soggy

Other Thoughts:

This is how you make a disc golf course. Yes it's one course but with 3 tees and 3 baskets there's 9 different courses if you play from same tee to the same basket.

if you start mixing and matching short to long, medium to medium, short to medium there are millions of combos.

All the holes have unique feel to them, there's hardly ever a "filler" hole.
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My First 5 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 8, 2017 Played the course:once


(4.885 Rating) A World Class Experience. Rollin Ridge blows away everything I've played as of this review (183 courses).
- 5 STAR CHARACTER - It's hard for me to envision a course with more amenities and comfort items. It has everything. It starts off when arriving. The first thing I noticed was the two practice baskets with one of them in a raised position, a first for me. The second thing that stood out was a netted enclosure, and upon further inspection I realized it was a driving range, also a first. Third, the clubhouse and spacious deck. The deck has numerous picnic tables that over look the ninth hole's black basket location. Along the west side of the deck and along the outside clubhouse wall, is a giant course map with all the tee and basket distance combinations. There are scorecards with map, pencils, bug spray and community board postings. A door to a restroom with a sink is along this wall as well. And then there's the inside of the clubhouse itself. A bar with numerous stools, a pool table, a lost disc rack with hundreds of returns, over a thousand new discs available for purchase, a guest book sign in, a map to pin where a player has visited from, etc. etc. It's simply amazing.
- TEE EXPERIENCE - Three large and beautiful concrete tees at just about every hole, Orange, Red and Black. They may not be the widest I've played but they are still five to six feet wide at front and tapper wider in the back, the optimal shape. The stone work and flower beds around many of tees looks amazing. Hands down the most visually stunning tees I've every stepped foot on. The tees are well shaded and provide wind blocking at about 80 to 90 percent of the tees. There is seating for what seems like 8 people on every hole. The hole signage is sensational. Beautiful and color coordinated showing all the obstacles, all the tees, all the basket locations and the direction to the next tee in most instances.
- 54 BASKETS - While standing on the first tee I noticed the omission of basket location indicators at the tee. So I ran down fairway to check the location, thinking how can a top course omit such an item. Just as I finished my thought I looked up and saw a MachX at each of the three positions, Orange, Red and Black baskets. There are 54 MachXs to shoot at out here, 3 at each hole.
- MULTIPLY FORMATS - With the 3 tee and 3 basket set up, there are nine playable options at 16 of the 18 holes, and 6 options at (7) and (16). This combination gives the player the option to never play the same layout twice. Want a quick round? play Orange to Orange. Want a long difficult round? Play Black to Black. The combinations are endless.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - In my top 3 for most beautiful courses I've ever played. As mentioned above stunning tees. Perhaps it was the time I played but there were lots of wild flowers blooming along the open holes. Lots of older pines and mixed deciduous trees to throw through. Several fairways designs are worthy of pausing to take out a phone and snap a picture. Lots of well done woodworking along the course, from benches, to errant disc protection, to bridges, to hole (14) with its wood-crafted backdrop and to hole (8) with its 100 foot long teeing deck .
- CHALLENGING - The Black tee to Black basket combo looks championship level difficult. A par 69, 8,851 foot layout with lots of shop shaping and needle lines to thread through. My guess is that only players with a rating of about 970 or above will break par on a routine basis.
- NAVIGATION - Not flawless but really good for a course with this type of set up. The only confusing area was (6) to (7) and (14) to (15), in which these holes all kind of converge a bit. The course map on the scorecard helped and there are numerous directional signs along the layout.
- UNIQUENESS - Among the top 5 most diverse layouts I've ever played. Sweeping par 3s, Several par 4s, a couple long dogleg left par 4s and a couple par 5s. Open holes through heavily wooded holes. Lots of tunnel fairways, tee shot gaps, pockets left and right and basket windows to hit. Shot shaping will be a major requirement. I personally would not call any of these fairways as poke and hope shots. I've seen many much worse offenders in Florida and also on a couple John Houck courses (no disrespect to John Houck, I love his course designs). There are also few water elements in play on holes (1) (2) and (18), and some moderate elevation changes. Most notable elevation is on (10) which is about a 40 foot down shot from the Black tee.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - Other than players with less than 50 rounds in the bag, Rollin Ridge will appeal to all the remaining skill levels, even pro players.
- MAINTENANCE - The course grounds were in immaculate shape. Seriously how many people do they have here keeping up the grounds? Several holes had well thinned out fairways and edges. Only bad ricochets or throws well off line will end up in some thicket.
- PAY TO PLAY - Only five dollars to play? Are you kidding me? Please take my money.


There is nothing of substance wrong with Rollin Ridge. All the listed cons below are nit picking items that come with making a course of this caliber, or they are site issues.
- FORGIVENESS - As stated above, I thought all the lines were fair, but just because they're fair, doesn't mean they are easy. Several lines were less than 10 feet wide. Ricochets in the wrong direction or grip locks could be very punishing. There is a swamp along much of hole (2) and a menacing small pond on (18) between the Orange and Red basket. By looking at the disc return collection, you can tell people lose plastic out here quite often.
- BOGGY - As mentioned in many other reviews, there are a few holes here that appear to not drain well. (4) (5) (13) and (14) seemed all slightly boggy during my round. I kept my feet dry the whole time, but I could see some issues after heavy rains.
- POISON IVY - I spotted poison ivy a few times along the layout but it was always a small plant. I wonder if they come through on occasion and take it out.
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - I wouldn't advise bringing newer players here. Way too many trees here for players not adjusted to throwing discs on a fairly precise line. The short Orange to Orange layout looks best served for rec level players with over a year of experience. I brought my mom with me to play this one, and although she loved the sheer beauty, she got a bit frustrated hitting trees, hole after hole.
- PARKING - One of the better gravel parking lots I've seen, but still gravel.
- TIME PLAY - Rollin Ridge is going to take a chunk out of a player's day. My group of two spent almost 2 hours on the course. Plus we spent another 30 minutes mulling around the clubhouse after the round. I just didn't want to leave and time will just fly by here.

Other Thoughts:

I played Red tees to Orange baskets and it was perhaps the most enjoyable round I've ever played. I drove into Reedsville a bit skeptical of its 4.84 rating but was left blown away by the totality of the experience. At round conclusion I considered Rollin Ridge to be best course I had ever played and my scoring method backed my initial thoughts up. Rollin Ridge is the first course I've rated as a 5.0 on DGCR, something that I thought wasn't possible for a long while. I definitely hope to be back in the next couple of years as I do get back to Wisconsin once or twice a year. I want to try the Red To Red configuration or perhaps even see what kind of licking the Black to Black configuration can dish out. I can't recommend this course enough, you need to plan a trip here.
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Second best paid course in wisconsin 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 5, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


First off let me start by saying yes, I did say second best, highbridge is hard to beat. That being said this is a spectacular course in every aspect, the practice baskets are exceptional. They prepare you for every putt you might encounter on the course. The pro shop is next level, not just the disc selection but the food, the pool table, the fireplace and much more. The teepads (3 per hole) are sizable and always clean, even in the winter. The baskets are easily visible. The black baskets are hard to see sometimes but if you look a little bit you will find them. The basket locations are always challenging and cool ( watch out for roll aways). The swamp hole and the combination of open and wooded holes adds a level of difficulty that most courses lack. The lost and found is something that me and my friends have enjoyed very much, though you don't always get your disc back. Overall a disc golfers dream. The campsites allow you to stay for a whole weekend if you choose.


There aren't many
-The rocks around the teepads are kind of irritating and get in the way during winter rounds when you can't see them. really the only substantial problem
- the red baskets spit out alot if you putt with some pace so keep an eye out for that
-carts are useful but easy to capsize if you aren't careful

Other Thoughts:

The dogs here are friendly so don't be alarmed. The driveway is a bit slick in the winter
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