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Geneva, IL

The Links at Wheeler Park

3.155(based on 36 reviews)
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The Links at Wheeler Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 9 years 326 played 248 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Decent Park Style Course

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 26, 2022 Played the course:once


-Nice Paver Teepads, Decent size
-Baskets OK
-Signage OK
-Decent enough flow, not on top of other players
-Lots of other park activities


-Walking path in play on #9
-Map needed for first round
-Can get busy

Other Thoughts:

The Links at Wheeler Park is located along the Fox River in the eastern part of Geneva, IL. A decent, park style course, with mostly open holes around large trees. Holes #9, #10 and #11 do get into the more wooded area along the west side of the park. #11 has the most elevation with a pitch down from on top (Note: There is a way to get to the teepad by following the walking path around to the back.). A little bit of elevation also comes into play, mostly in the center section (Holes #7, #12, #13 and #15). It appears from earlier reviews that the paver teepads are a relatively new addition. These were nice, large, flat and even. With the current layout, you will need a map for your first try here. There are several times we looked at the map to find where to go next. A decent place for the beginner or rec player as the longest hole is 352'. The play has the walking path just far enough out as to take only a really errant shot to cause issues (Except on #9, teeing from the middle of a tree way intersection). We played in late October, so not many other activities going on, but I can see this being a busy place on a summer afternoon. While this course is near the river, it's on the other side of the highway and behind a row of houses, so you won't see it, let alone have it come into play. An enjoyable round to be had, take the map your first time out. I would play again, if in the area.
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Experience: 21.1 years 71 played 12 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Almost great 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 30, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


- Very family friendly park with plenty of parking.
- Really nice paver pads on all 18 holes (Hole 11 installed 8/9/20 by local BSA Troop 13 of St Charles. Thank you!)
- A solid variety of holes over the full 18. Can use a variety of different shots
- Only risk of disc loss is getting stuck in a tree
- All baskets are in good shape
- Plenty of benches and garbage cans
- Course is always mowed and mostly litter free
- Usually a small collection of discs for sale at mini golf hut but not this year due to Covid


- Tee signs are almost non existent (ive heard new signs are coming)
- Layout can be confusing. Walk from 6->7, 12->13 is not easy to find. Ive had to direct more than one group of first timers.
- No real bomber holes or true par 4s.
- Course pars are exaggerated. I don't really care as I play it as a par 54 but it is worth noting.

Other Thoughts:

Hole 1- 312 feet. In my opinion the 2nd hardest hole on the course. About 150 feet is a wall of trees that also run the right side. Roller or monster anhyzer are the only real options for getting through. (See below, I usually do not start here)

Hole 2- 333 feet. 2nd longest hole. Straight shot with basket on a hill about 15 feet above tee. Large oak trees about 75 feet for the basket guard the approach so getting close is not easy.

Hole 3- 316 feet. Slight downhill drive. Basket is tucked in a small thinned out grove of trees that starts about 30 feet from the basket. Can either try to go through or use a forehand to get around the left side for a putt.

Hole 4- 277 feet. Basket is slightly right of the pad guarded by some trees about 60 feet from the basket. A flick forehand or a straight backhand will get you close. Hyzer line is guarded by trees.

Hole 5- 273 feet. Straight open field shot. Walking path to the left side so have to watch for pedestrians (note if you take my advice below, this is hole 18 and also can be used as a practice basket before the round)

Hole 6- 250 feet. Basket is hidden, tucked into trees in front of the pad (note this is a change from old layout where the basket was behind the opening). Hyzer line is the best play but there is an anhyzer line of you prefer forehand flick. (Note if you follow my advice below this would be hole 1)

EDIT 12/4/20 - Recently the park staff took out almost all the trees/brush around this hole. Now is a very boring shot with 2 trees, easy birdie.

Hole 7- 264 feet downhill tunnel shot. Basket is on the right (hole 13 is on left and is frequently mistaken). Tough drive have to keep it low or use a roller.

Hole 8- 206 feet. A couple trees in fairway that will catch an errant shot but pretty open shot. Starts a 3 hole stretch of very birdieable holes.

Hole 9- 145 feet. Ace run. This shot is a straight run with a giant gap. There is a backstop so you can go for it here.

Edit 12/4/20 - Parks cleared more trees making this an even easier shot.

Hole 10- 178 feet. One of the "woods" holes. This used to be a lot tougher but a lot of trees have been taken out. Still a tight little tunnel shot with a few trees in the picture

Edit 12/4/20 - Recent clearing have made this easier, the tunnel is much easier and even if missed its a lot easier to pitch up for par from almost anywhere.

Hole 11- 328 feet. The signature hole at Wheeler. The teebox is on a pretty steep hill that plays downhill into a tunnel shot. Danger here getting your disc stuck in the trees if you go left or right. This is one of the funnest shots in the area.

Hole 12- 253 feet. The fairway goes 175' and then sharply curves right. There is a hyzer line if you can hit the gap past the initial trees but most use a forehand and hug the fairway line. Basket is tucked behind some bushes and trees.

Edit 12/4/20 - Recent clearing took a lot of the trees and small bushes out on the anhyzer line. Took a lot of punishment out of bad shots, easy pitch from 90% of bad drives.

Hole 13- 355 foot downhill tunnel shot. I believe this is the toughest hole on the course. Drive is downhill with a ceiling and a few trees waiting down fairway. A lot of beautiful drives will clip a branch or barely hit a hanging limb.

Hole 14- 307 feet. Right side is lined by woods. Basket is tucked into a little wooded circle with a tree right in front about 250 feet down fariway. Protected by a few bushes on the left side. Walking path on the left so watch for path users.

Hole 15- 307 foot shot slightly uphill. There is a giant tree in center of the fairway so need to shape a shot around it. Basket sits on the edge of a drainage ditch so if you run and miss could roll 20 feet away and 10 feet below the basket.

Hole 16- 234 feet. A short slightly downhill shot. Basket is to the right behind a big tree about halfway to the basket. Two options either anhyzer or hyzer. Birdie opportunity

Hole 17- 279 feet. Theres a ceiling that requires a solid line to get under. About 200 feet is a hill that is slightly higher than the tee. Once past that is a giant oak tree with some low branches.

Hole 18- 290 feet straight down the path of trees. When the trees grow this hole will be a lot harder. Pretty much any shot is available here for now.

This is my home course so I may be biased at 4. Its really a 3.75 in my book but I bumped it up. Outside of the tee pads, the course does nothing great but a lot very good. Its a great place to teach new players yet there is still enough variety to practice different shots as an experienced player. Its not a destination course but is definitely worth playing if in the area.

I would suggest parking on the north end of the park and starting on hole 6. I find the course flow is more enjoyable as holes 1,2, and 3 are some of the longest and most difficult on the course. There is also a nice pavilion with bathrooms and picnic tables there.

EDIT 12/4/20 - Recent tree clearing by the parks department has made a few holes (6, 9, 10, 12) easier and I am dropping my rating down to 3.5
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Experience: 11.2 years 12 played 7 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Best park style golf in the area 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 31, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


The teepads are some of the best you will see. They are perfect size. (Width, Length)

Great mix of shots

Amazingly manicured


No long bomber shots

Busy during peak hours in season

Other Thoughts:

This is one of the best courses in the area especially for beginners. There are virtually no places to lose discs because it's flat, manicured, park golf. All the holes are sub 350 making it the perfect par 54 course. I would take anyone here from new to veteran players. Every hole offers a unique approach and most give you the option for a choice of different lines. Forehand, backhand, and rollers can be utilized here. Even when I'm playing poorly I have fun at Wheeler park!

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 18.9 years 256 played 247 reviews
3.00 star(s)

18 Quality Holes, but Chicago has Better 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 26, 2018 Played the course:once


- practice basket
- mostly nice brick paver tees
- some baskets have nice artificial turf where grass typically gets trampled to mud
- set in a beautiful park and largely avoids walking trails and other conflicts
- designers tried to make use of limited elevation and woods opportunities
- baskets all were in good shape
- quiet, peaceful park wasn't very busy
- well-maintained with nothing overgrown


- pars on this course are too high - just about every hole should be a par 3, but most are par 4
- location of practice basket isn't right by hole 1/entrance, so I didn't see it until I finished playing
- tons of holes missing tee signs (4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 17, 18)
- slippery rubber tee on 11
- signs that are still in place leave a bit to be desired and are very basic
- some tree hazards, but most holes are fairly wide open and play in the woods is limited to about 2 holes
- navigation left a bit to be desired, especially with missing tee signs
- a lot of back and forth, largely identical holes
- due to open nature of course, some opposing fairways run parallel and very close to each other

Other Thoughts:

This is a nice course in a nice park. Chicago has better courses, but this is one of the nicer 18 hole courses I've played in the area. It's good, not great. The park is beautiful and well-maintained, but the course is mostly flat and doesn't really have any wow factor that would bring me back out of my way. It is definitely worth a play if you're in the area, and I did enjoy it.

My biggest complaints were navigation and missing tee signs which really go hand in hand. I can't believe how many tee signs were missing - almost half of them. Not only does this make navigation challenging, it sometimes is unclear which way the hole plays. Despite the open nature of this course I was pulling out my phone to check the map almost every hole. Navigation was not always intuitive.

I also think par is far too high on this course - don't get me wrong, it feels good to score -9, but I'm not that caliber of player. There are a ton of par 4s here that are mostly open and sub-350 feet and even a few sub-300 feet. I think just about every hole here could have been par 3.

The brick paver tees were very nice and the baskets were in great shape. The one tee that bothered me was Hole 11, which plays off of a tall hill. The tee is rubber and since the course was wet when I played, this tee was muddy, slippery, and honestly downright dangerous. I don't know if someone didn't want to haul bricks up the hill or what, but it's a shame there's just one tee that doesn't match.

I appreciated the attempt to incorporate the woods on holes 9-11, though only 10 really plays through them. 9 is a nice opportunity for an ace if you can get into the wooded opening. 11 is kind of fun to whip off of the tall hill. This was about the extent of the woods and elevation change, however.

I also enjoyed hole 3, which is largely guarded by trees around the basket despite being mostly open. It was fun to manage sneaking through the trees straight to the basket.

I appreciated the artificial turf around a few of the baskets since so many courses just end up with mud in that area. While I generally prefer to keep things natural, this is a nice touch in areas where grass is unlikely to ever survive like this.

All in all, I did have fun on this course. My feet ended up soaked but that's really just a result of the Chicago weather at 7 AM. The park looked amazing when I started due to the dense fog and really made me appreciate disc golf - the peace and solitude is a big reason I love it.

This is a 20+ minute drive for me so I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I probably will be. If you are nearby it's definitely worth a play.
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Tim Hultgren
Experience: 16 years 135 played 5 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A great park course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 1, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


A surprisingly fun course with good tee pads and baskets. Some creative use of woods and a sledding hill make it more interesting. Large mature trees and some well planted new trees add challenges.
I have used this course to challenge new golfers to work on skills and have fun. On site food service offers to rent or sell may brands of discs. No bugs, flooding or long grass. You should not lose a disc here.


Signage is poor, but looks to be in progress. This is a well enjoyed course that is showing some wear and tear (tees, signs, directions, etc)
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 24 years 103 played 73 reviews
3.00 star(s)

The Links - 3.2 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 25, 2017 Played the course:once


- Nice multi-use park setting with all sorts of amenities.
- Gentle, rolling landscape that is used well in the hole design.
- There are a lot of cool looking shots on this course. While they may not be so long and so big that you might call them "grand" hole designs, I still found myself stepping up to the tee pad here and there and thinking, "Well that's cool." Certainly some intentional designs. (3, 7, 10, 11, 16, 17)
- Nice, new paver pads on the first 5 or 6 holes. If the whole course eventually gets this treatment, that would be awesome.
- #7 - A quaint, mature tree-lined fairway that drops 5 or 6 feet in elevation from the get-go. Moderate green ceiling makes you think about how you might get all the way to the basket.
- #9 - I liked this cute little ace run right in the middle of the course. Essentially wide open, but the basket location is just tucked up into the woods.
- #10 - Really the only wooded hole on the course. Really short, but a nice design nonetheless.
- #11 - This hole is as epic at they get on this course. Severe downhill shot to the basket tucked along the tree line to the left. Listed at 330, but plays like 270, which doesn't help the course length.
- #17 - Fun hole that drives over some undulating ground, with a few trees right and left that ask for a specific line.


- To me, the biggest hindrance on this course is the length. It's a perfectly fine recreation-level course (which, hey, is me!), but certainly will leave a bit to be desired for 950+ rated players.
- Navigation is not great on this course. If you don't have a picture of the map on your phone with you, it would likely be a frustrating round.
- Rubber tee pads on most of the course are ok, not great. They've certainly seen a lot of traffic, and are a little bumpy.
- Lots of fairways that are in close proximity to each other. Occasional drives may end up in other fairways. Also, without a map it could be easy to aim at the wrong basket.
- Signage is just adequate, when it's present. About half of the sign posts are missing.
- #1 - a perfectly fine hole, but not a good starter hole. Especially for the recreational course that Wheeler is. With so many smaller trees with low branches, newer players probably use luck to get at the basket, while experienced players will probably use a roller or a huge spike hyzer.
- #13 - long, but just open. There's short, squat, thick-trunked tree guarding the basket, but nothing to shape a drive off the tee. Holes like this would be better off with a guarded tee pad instead of a guarded basket, in my opinion.

Other Thoughts:

- For me, the best part of this course is that it made for a relatively easy, fun round. I would love to have this course in my neighborhood. And this is absolutely the type of course that is perfect to introduce new players to game, but still keep seasoned players interested.
- Playing this course, it really felt like a solid 3.5 for me, but looking at my review list...it really probably falls more in line with my 3.0 rated 18 hole courses. But that doesn't mean it's not a fun course, or not worth a play! Navigation aids, signs, and all paver tee pads probably would bump it up for me. An occasional secondary tee pad or basket location wouldn't hurt either.
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Experience: 8.2 years 11 played 11 reviews
3.50 star(s)

My "home" course up north, tips to enjoy your day. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 16, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


There are currently 30 reviews of Wheeler Park, including details of all holes. Fair warning: if you only want to read a review of holes, stop reading now and check out the many other great reviews. I'll try to add new user-friendly info that might help you plan your frolf trip to a course that's a fascinating blend of flat and wide fairways, narrow wooded holes, tree protected baskets, a "mean" downhill approach, and opportunity for "rollers" (esp. on the opening drive hole #1 to get underneath the trees). Also, it has some par 4 holes that surely should be par 3s, such as #13 and #18, that you can feel good about your game when you birdie them. It's a feel good course.

The little shack by the putt-putt course (near hole #1) serves ice cream, sodas, small snacks, and has discs for sale.

Restrooms are available. If one wants, they can play putt-putt "real" golf, tennis, have a picnic, and catch butterflies, all in the same park.


The paved walking path winds through the course and, if one is prone to errant throws or is unwilling to wait for pedestrians and bicyclists to pass, dangerously close encounters of the bloody kind may ensue. I have been jogging through the park on the pavement myself and have had driver discs hyzer uncomfortably close to my squash. Be careful!

Somewhat busy on summer weekends, with some wait time or allowing other players to "play through".

If there has been rain, the woodier holes are muddy; in particular, the walk through the woods to climb for holes #10, #11, are sloppy affairs. It can, at times, be impossible to climb the steep hill to get to the driving mat for hole #11 when muddy...wish list: for some Eagle Scout project to add railroad ties as steps here.

A couple of the tees in the front nine are 20 feet off very busy Route 31, and it's sort of nerve-rattling (particularly if some doof finds humor in honking their horn just as you start your x-step approach).

Other Thoughts:

I greatly enjoy this pretty, little 18-holer course. I believe that the Geneva Park District takes DG seriously by keeping the course well mowed and open from tree branches. I do think that the designers of this course have used the terrain to the very best efficiency; for such a small park, it is exceedingly well laid out and planned (unlike, say, Forrest Park in Bloomington, IL, which is a small park and not ideally laid out, IMHO).

That said, for the first timer, the hole layout can be confusing at times; strongly suggest taking a cell phone photo of the course map at the first hole before starting play. Most of the course is on grass, so watch for wear patterns to suggest the next tee pad.

An added advantage to Wheeler Park is its walking proximity to eating and dining establishments in Geneva, including Penrose Brewery, Old Town Pub, Aurelio's Pizza, and all the delectable treats on Third Street (which is less than one mile away). There is a Starbucks at the corner of Route 38 and Third St in downtown Geneva if one wants a coffee fix before playing (0.6 mile from Wheeler Park). Great wood-fire pizza and beer, and the only self-serve (i.e inexpensive) eatery on Third Street, is Doughocracy. For those that want to sneak in a filling breakfast before your match, Egg Harbor on the far end of Third Street (parking in the free garage on weekends and nights), the Geneva Diner (just off Route 38 by the Geneva LIbrary), or Buttermilk (N River Lane/Route 38). The absolute nearest dedicated, non-pub eatery for cheap eats near Wheeler Park (0.6 miles) is Jalapeno Grille, St. Charles, (just walk or drive on Route 31 toward St Charles for a bit, it's the first place on the right side of the road after the skatepark) which opens early and serves order-at-the-counter Mexican fare for breakfast, lunch, and supper...it's casual, yummy stuff. If you want a pub for drinks with your pals before or after a match, The Dam Bar & Grill, The Little Owl, and Flagstone's are the closest to the park (0.5 miles). There's a free Geneva public parking lot right in front of The Dam Bar & Grill. Google any of these venues for more info.

If a person wants to bike to the course, simply take the paved Fox River Trail from any location along its 40-mile course and get off the paved trail at the Geneva dam, just north of Island Park. Then, on the west side of the river, bike north on North River Lane, go up Peyton Street (100 yards), and travel two blocks on the sidewalk on Route 31 to Wheeler Park. :) There's a bike rack by the little red shack at hole 1.

A golfer could take the Metra train to the Geneva station on Third Street, then walk down Third Street across Rt 38 all the way to Wheeler Park, never leaving Third Street...it's about 1.55 miles. Uber is also an option.

Hard to lose a disc at this course, yet I managed to do it (a new Discraft Crank Z) in the prairie grass on Hole #6. Go figure.

The store Aces & Chains (mentioned in at least one prior review) is no longer in business in Geneva, IL. :-( Besides the red snack shack at Wheeler Park renting (yes, they rent!) and selling discs, the next closest place to replace the putter that you forgot at home in your practice basket is, believe it or not, the always open 7-Eleven convenience store (yes, the national chain store; you can get a Slurpee while you're at it) on Route 38, which is in downtown Geneva (about 0.9 mile from Wheeler Park), next to Ace Hardware. Right inside the door, there's a display with about forty discs total, seemingly mostly Innova brand. The only other places for discs that I'm aware of are the Dick's Sports, on the second floor, at Geneva Commons on Randall Road (4 miles from Wheeler Park), and last I was there, mid-summer, the pickings were slim with only about ten discs total, and Play It Again Sports in St Charles on Randall Road and Route 64 (2.75 miles) which has a ton of discs, mostly Innova, but also some Lat64 and Discmania; this summer, they had about 100 used and 100 new discs to select from at Play It Again Sports.

There are about 50 spaces of parking in a paved lot by the Wheeler Park putt-putt course/hole #1, and the parking lot is accessed just off the little side street immediately past (when traveling northbound on Route 31) the new, fancy row of townhouses. Odds are you will drive past it and have to come back; no biggie, there's a second Wheeler Park parking lot 0.15 miles for about 30 more cars further down (north on) Route 31 in which you can turn around, or you could park there and walk back to hole #1, approx 1/4 mile, on the paved pathway, giving you a chance to scout the course. A possible advantage of the second parking lot is that basket #5, tee box #6 is immediately next to it, so if you need something from your car after you start playing (e.g. jacket on a nippy day), or just want to play a few holes and leave, you'll be right there at hole #6. Another option: start play at hole #6, go "around the horn" #18-#1, and wind up back at your car having played the whole course.

The final hole, #18, is in front of the senior center building and has a long straight, tree-lined approach, and puts you within eyesight of (not immediately at) hole #1, if you parked there. If you parked in the other lot, you just walk on the paved path backwards a touch to the second parking lot.

Have fun, Geneva, IL is fabulous. I live walking distance to Wheeler Park so that's how I know some of this. Google map any of it that interests you. :)) I'm happy to provide you with information on this fabulous website, DGCR, that might help you enjoy The Links at Wheeler Park. Thanks to all of you who have helped me with reviews of other courses that I am now discovering. Peace out.
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The Valkyrie Kid
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 46.1 years 1562 played 1507 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Two Things I Would Do To Help This Course. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 28, 2016 Played the course:once


If I lived near this course, I would do my best to see that these two little projects get completed. First I would walk the course and either tape (bright colors only) or paint, a rung on the basket pointing to the next tee pad. This would have saved me quite a bit of time.
Secondly, I would work with the park's department to bring in some wood chips and wood chip a 15 foot circle around the baskets and put in a wood chip border around the tee pads. It would so improve the ambiance of the course. Some chips could also be put down in sections of the wooded part of the course.

The course starts near the street by the mini golf course. The pads are rubber mats and it sounds like players aren't real happy with them when they get wet. There is a course map and course sign at the beginning along with a picnic table. The simple tee signs show the basic information.

The large park has lots of mature trees and a little rolling elevation.

I liked # 7 with it's pretty golf course like fairway. 11 was a fun downhill toss through the tree window to a visible basket.

Nice on-line map. Navigation would have been frustratingly difficult without the map.

The course plays at a very, relaxing recreational level. Better players will want more challenge than this course can give them.


# 17 sign is missing.

Large dirt areas around pads and baskets is unpleasant to see.

Lacking challenge, dufficulty and length.

Other Thoughts:

There's so much for me to like about this course. As many before me have stated, the course is relaxing. You don't need to worry about 5' high grass or ugly rough. There is no nasty swamp crossings to fret about.
I could enjoy plying this course on a regular basis but.......I would put next tee tape on the baskets and I work to get wood chips around the baskets and tee pads. It would improve the park's looks and help disc golf's image, too.
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Experience: 9 years 15 played 8 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Fantastic! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 15, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


1. Variable holes, everything is different. (Some flat, some clear, some in the woods, some are elevated).
2. Legit bathrooms. The girls in our group appreciated that.
3. Not too crowded, even on a Saturday afternoon.
4. You can buy discs at the mini golf course
5. Baskets were all in great shape.


No next tee signs. Missing 2 concrete tee pads.

Updated review: They added another concrete tee pad on #4. Still missing 2 other tee pads.

Other Thoughts:

I loved this course, and it's right next to Penrose Brewery, which is a great spot to grab a pint after. I'll definitely return to this course.
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Experience: 11.1 years 155 played 7 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Very Fun Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 27, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


This is my favorite course in the area to play. Granted, that may not be saying a real lot but to get to real good courses one has to travel to Rockford or Joliet (or perhaps Round Lake but I haven't got to the course there yet).

The course is a very nice park. The park is heavily used but I rarely have much trouble with others getting in the way. The course can be played relatively quickly. My wife and I often play 18 holes, have a sack lunch in the park, and then go back for another 18.

I am an average golfer who can throw only max about 320 feet. So the distances here mean that I can have a shot at getting a two on many holes with a good drive. But they do require a good drive. The good thing is there is good variety in the holes so they require different shots. There are only a few places where an errant drive may put you in the woods with a hard second shot. It would be hard to lose a disc here and an errant drive can often be corrected. What this means is the course is not as challenging as really good courses, but it makes for a good relaxing round. So for the casual disc golfer like me, you can go here and aim to shoot under par. Really good golfers will be well under par.


As others mention, the tee pads can get slippery. Not just after the rain. Sometimes dry dirt can build up on them and make them just as slippery. I will sometimes tee off next to them when I feel the pad might be dangerous. I will say, however, that I do find the rubber mats better than just having rocks or dirt so I am glad they have been added.

First timers will have a hard time finding their way. Try to follow others or even better print the course map on this site before you go.

Other Thoughts:

To summarize. The Links is just a very fun course with needing lots of different kinds of shot to make an enjoyable day of disc golf. But if you are a better player looking to be really challenged with obstacles and distance then you may have to travel a bit. (The one exception may be the 18 hole course in Streamwood which requires much longer drives. But I still prefer the Links.)
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15 years 149 played 83 reviews
3.00 star(s)

A Walk in the Park 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 6, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


- Decent variety of looks off of the tee
- Nice park setting for a casual round
- Quality baskets and decent signage


- Rubber teepads can get quite slippery for a while after rain as they retain water mud and dirt for a good while.
- Not many particularly challenging holes or lines to hit
- Navigation can be difficult in a couple of spots your first time out

Other Thoughts:

This is a nice course for a quick, casual round in a pleasant park. You can easily play this course in under an hour without rushing. There are very few chances to lose your plastic, and while not likely to be particularly challenging to intermediate and beyond players, it has enough variety to not be boring. A handful of holes, like 11 from the top of the hill, are quite fun and offer a bit more challenge.

The rubber teepads can result in less than ideal bordering on dangerous footing after a bit of precipitation. I have slipped multiple times on wet and muddy pads, and several areas of the park around the pads will remain muddy for a while after it has rained.

I spent a decent amount of time looking for the teepads for a few of the holes my first time out, so taking a picture or bringing along a copy of the course map for your first time out is advisable.

Overall, The Links at Wheeler is a fun course for a casual round.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 20 years 174 played 88 reviews
3.00 star(s)

3.2 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 17, 2014 Played the course:once


Wheeler Park is a beginner friendly pitch and putt course that offers a variety of shots off the tee. I found myself using forehands and backhands, hyzers and anhyzers, which made for a well rounded 18 holes. The course provides good opportunities to try different shots without the risk of going into a nasty rough and ruining your score.

The course is located in a well maintained multi-use park. Rubber tee-pads are in good shape.

There is limited elevation on site, but the design makes the most of it with a fun shot off the top of a hill on hole 11 (I think).


The park that this course is located in was buzzing with activity on my visit. In addition to about 30 disc golfers, there are roller bladers, mini-golfers (yes there is a mini golf course here) and other park goers. It's a very busy park which brings up safety concerns in addition to ruining the scenic getaway that many disc golfers enjoy.

Though there is plenty of variety in shots demanded off the tee, the course is very easy. One of the middle holes is 160 ft with almost no obstacles. The only truly wooded hole on the course is less than 200 ft as well.

Even erroneous drives will have an open look at the basket on their second shot.

A lot of the distances on the tee-signs are over estimated, unless I can throw a comet 350 feet. On a related note, there is no chance for big arms to let loose here. Almost every hole requires only the use of a midrange.

Other Thoughts:

I'd go here again if I'm in the area, as the round was really quite relaxing and enjoyable. The golf here is not going to blow your mind, but for a casual round it's great.
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Great Play! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 6, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Wheeler park is great. The fact that you get that wooded mixture is fantastic. For the most part, a beginner course.. but still very fun to play. Park always stays in good condition for the most part. In the summer they have scorecards you can get up front at the mini-golf stand. But for the most part this course defiantly goes down in my books for being one of my favorites. At least my favorite locally for me.


The one thing I don't enjoy about wheeler is that after it rains things can get a little weird on hole 11. There's a humongous hill in which if it has rained prior to the day playing, you will slide right down. Not fun.. But other than that the teeboxes are great and it's just overall a great course.
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A suburban course done well 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 11, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


A nice little gem in the middle of the Chicago suburbs. It has a great mixture of terrain, wooded areas and elevation that keeps the course both interesting and challenging. I found myself really enjoying the challenges of holes 11, 12 and 14, especially since 14 is one of the longer holes you can just let loose on. A very well maintained park with nice markers and signs for all the holes.

Also conveniently by an excellent pro shop (Ace and Chains: Check them out if you got time before or after your game http://www.acesandchains.com / great selection and some fun rare finds!)


Sadly there are a few things holding it back from being a 3.5 or 4. The tees are rubber, which would be nice if they didn't retain so much water and dirt on them after it rains or storms. On top of this the layout of the course is very confusing if you don't look or take a picture of the hole layout before playing. You will spend a good amount of time trying to find hole 13 if you didn't pay attention earlier.

Also it'd be nice if they had a few longer holes. Not a big deal since most of them are very fun and well laid out but it'd be nice to have the chance to really let those drivers fly on some longer holes.

Other Thoughts:

A very fun and entertaining course that is just a few adjustments away from being great. If you're looking for a bigger and better challenge, check out the Oswego course but if you're looking for some light and casual fun then this is a great stop.
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About the House Score Cards 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


They offer free score cards at an entrance booth.


It would be nice if the scorecards had the course design printed on them because the course keeps changing its layout. The score cards (unless they've been corrected in the interim) show hole 16 as a 3 and the course as par 66. The hole is actually a 4 (and is marked so at the hole), and the course is a par 67. Also, because the course design keeps changing, it is too easy to go to the wrong hole, especially when it used to be the right one. Clearer marking would be helpful.

Other Thoughts:

This is a very nice course, overall. If I were in charge, I'd space the holes farther apart on the front nine so they don't crisscross so much, and then I'd put in some permanent tees, preferably concrete or rubber tire compound.
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Geneva 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 23, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Update due to play in late 2021:
Best paver tee pads I have ever thrown on. Very generous in length and grip.
Variety of shot types- you can easily throw hyzers, annys, rollers, thumbers and tomahawks all in a single round here.
Nice baskets, very new and catch well
Pretty good signage, the posts have number, distance and a basic map of the hole
Little chance of losing a disc
Nice setting
Beginner and family friendly
Practice basket
Many holes are short enough for ace runs


Counter intuitive walks between holes
No hole over 355'
Can interfere with other park activities
Lack of pro/alternate teepads

Other Thoughts:

Updated nearly 10 years later to move the course up to a 3.0. It is a very well done park style course that has a very high fun factor and some of the best teepads I have ever thrown one. The cons still exist due overall short length and interference with other park users but the short of it is Wheeler is a very fun, enjoyable play.

Geneva is your type suburban DGC in a nice public park. There have actually been a handful of changes since the course was first installed in July of 2011. The initial gravel/limestone teepads now have rubbers mats on tops, which have actually stood up well and work well as long as the weather is mostly dry. Some landscaping has been done, especially on 12 where there initially was a super thick patch of bushes you were expected to throw through. A few holes have been lengthened to make them more challenging. The course seems somewhat subpar considering what a nice plot of land it is. A few tweaks here and there would really improve this course. All negatives considered, this is a course I can play time and time again and still enjoy it.
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the links 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 28, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


-course is in a very nice park
- course maps and score cards are available at the mini golf concession stand
- has many chances for making a challenging shot
-a few good mature trees that make you plan your shots out bit not so many that you get frustrated
-has one or two good chances to ace
-has several holes that you can let your arm lose
-almost no chance of losing a disc
-solid signs around the course that make it easy to know where the baskets are and tape on the baskets that point you to the next tee pad


- im not a fan of the rubber tee pads they have here a few are sunken down on the right side from getting so much use
- the park can get crowded some times both on the course and people using the walking paths
the far east side of the course is very close to a busy road
-this course gets super muddy around the tees/pins and then the mud gets all over the rubber pads making them almost very slick and borderline dangerous.

Other Thoughts:

- i was there one afternoon a few weeks ago and right around hole 9 or so high school track practice started and i almost took out groups of runners who did not seem to know there was a disc golf course there
- its a solid play for how close it is to my house
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The links @ Wheeler Park 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 8, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


-Lots of trees (That dont like disc golfers) that play into each hole well. Not a whole lot of wide open shots here.
-Rubber pads that are in pretty good shape
-Good utilization of the terrain in regard to basket and teepad placement. Most holes have enough obstacles in and around the fairways to make things interesting.
-There is a pretty high demand for a wide variety of shots here. Lots of spots where a good straight shot will get you to the basket but there are also a lot of holes that require a good hyzer or anhyzer to get you to the basket.


-Navigation! The first time I played here I played the first two then found myself on hole 16, as time went on I found myself confused and wondering where to walk to next.
-Few spots where fairways or walkways are a little to close for my likings, Everytime I've been here there has been a group of wild-armed players in the group behind or in front me and I could see the potential for someone to get blasted by a wild flying disc
-Few too many holes packed into this relatively small property
-Alternate teepads, Or lack thereof. There are a few holes that I think could easily have an extra pad added onto it.
-Par ratings, I mean I could understand a par 4 on a massively long hole, But this course lacks just that.

Other Thoughts:

I like this course, its a fun play as an alternative to my home course (kress creek farms) but I don't feel overly challenged when I play here. I really feel that if they were to omit a couple holes here, they could make this course into a really good 12 hole course.

If you live within 20 or so minutes away, it's worth the drive. I would say this is one of the better courses around as far as distance from my house is concerned.
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Nice Park and 18 Holes 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 8, 2012 Played the course:once


Located in a nice old park among other activities.

Had some nice holes, I really liked the steep downhill shot on hole 12.

Moderately wooded throughout with a mix of moderately long holes (~300') to short ace runs (~125').

Baskets were good and I think signs were being added. Tees were okay.


Course was pretty short. Was able to drive and putt on every hole.

Not much punishment for bad drives.

Holes can be close together and some are near other park users.

Navigation was an issue. I think we parked in the wrong parking lot and started at 15 or something. We were fortunate to follow and see where other groups went so we found all the holes.

Other Thoughts:

This was a nice course to play and is beginner friendly. I would recommend a play through at least once as it offers a decent 18 hole course in the area. Improvements can be made to this course though.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 28, 2012 Played the course:once


Overall this is a solid 18 hole course set up in a well maintained city park. The course gives a good mix of open shots with protected pin placements and the added surprise of some elevation changes. Although it is not overly challenging the course offers a variety distances and obstacles that make it fun for begginners and still fun for more experienced players. . . I mean birdies are fun right?

I am assuming that the course has been recently re-designed because all the tees were marked with distances.

The course is clearly well maintained and well used by the local disc golfers. Although there were other park users in the area, for the most part they did not come into play.


As a new course with a lot of potential it seems like it is still a work in progress. I don't have any major complaints about the course other than it is relatively short. Experienced players may find this a bit easy, most holes you are looking at a birdie putt, or an easy drop in 3. Navigation might be tricky if you don't have a map the first time, but with the map it's pretty easy.

Other Thoughts:

Thank you to folks that got this course up and running. The area needs a solid 18 course and I think this has the potential to be something special. The easiest fix in my mind is to start adding alternate pin placements. It seems like there is room in a few places to throw in 1 or 2 400 footers just to mix it up.

I haven't been in the Chicago area for a year and a half and I am so happy to see 2 new 18 hole courses near my old home. If I still lived here I would be spending most of my time at this course, I really want to give it a better rating, but it's just not there yet.
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