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Best Digital Scale to weigh discs?


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Nov 12, 2012
I don't know anything about these scales.
which companies are good?

I'm looking for:

long lasting
not super expensive

What does everyone have/use?
Any scale you could possibly find will work well by now. Check accuracy with nickels (5g) if you don't feel like investing any extra dollars towards calibration weights.

Market got flooded for a reason you may be able to guess a few years back and by this point the $6-$8 ones are just fine for discs.

EDIT: I would suggest a 500g+ maximum weight over say 200g. The closer you get to the limits of the scale the more likely it will be inaccurate.
I got one from Wal-Mart that's make for weighing food. It works off batteries and seems dead on. I got two different ones on Amazon and they both stopped working.
I usually use an empty coke can to see the readout. :eek:

2nd on the Wal Mart type food scale. right at $19

2nd on the Wal Mart type food scale. right at $19

That is about twice what you would pay for a good pocket scale on Amazon. Just search for "digital pocket scale." I use a small plastic Solo cup as a stand to weigh it on, which serves a dual purpose of creating a footprint that will actually fit on the scale and allowing you to see the readout.

And as Grip said you can always calibrate it with nickels, which weigh exactly five grams. I checked this with a bunch of nickels on a super accurate digital scale in the lab and I believe the range was from about 4.98 to 5.02 grams, so nickels are just as good as any calibrator weight you can buy. FWIW, dollar bills weigh 1 gram. Also FWIW I am a scientist, so I have a lot of experience weighing and measuring things accurately.
Yeah, solo cup to see the read out. Or a TP roll tube, or pill bottle, or empty beer can - I've had to improvise a time or two, it's usually not too difficult to find something that will work, but a plastic cup is my go to.
I use a cheap small pocket scale I got off Amazon years. Runs on a couple batteries. Still working and seems accurate.

Helpful for checking weights not just on the discs you own, but ones you want to sell to give an exact weight, helpful for getting official weight for postage, and I take it to stores and can double check the weights written on the back.

I too place an empty cup on top and then calibrate to 0, so you can see the readout.

Great investment.
I like to bake homemade bread and a digital scale is a must. There are many to choose from under $15-$20 or even less. I still have a Soehnle from 10 years ago and it always is within 1 g of what is written on the disc.
I would say ask wade from discgolfcenter. He has a thread in here and is quick with responses. He weighs everything that doesn't have a exact weight sticker . He has to have a good scale because he is running a business with it. Imo
Here's my set-up. The stand is a piece of cover stock clear plastic, creased to fold. I store it inside the sliding case.


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i bought a aws blade scale probably about 10 years ago when they were like $10 and now they appear to be $20 on amazon

mine has worked perfectly for 10 years with no complaints

i bought it cuz some of my friends back then were professionals that needed "exact" weight and thats what they all used