[FSOT] Delta 11 Cart and Ridge Roller Accessories


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Feb 25, 2010
Would trade for the following, but willing sell outright. I don't have a price listed, because I'd rather trade, but I'll listen.

I have more pictures of the Delta 11 available, it was only used for one season. The cart is in great condition.

Delta Disc Golf Cart 11 comes complete, with the following:
Pole/Handle attachment
Front Cover/Rain cover
Velcro divider
All pouches and compartments

Ridge Roller pole putter pouch
Ridge Roller Rain Cover

Max weight, or near max weight, condition/ink doesn't matter
Innova (all Pre# star plastic) Max, XCal, Destroyer, Leopard, Teebird
11x KC Pro Teebird
1st Run Lucid Suspect, Verdict, Truth, Justice

thanks for the interest


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Definitely interested if you still have this. Have lots of pfn plastic to trade.