DGCR RoadMap for Feb 2024

The latest version of the app 2.1.7 is out in the iOS store, with android following shortly!

Please update, and thank you for the feedback - we are working hard to get the additional features and missing premium features back as quickly as possible.
So wrapping up Feb 2024 with the app 2.1.8 shipping just under the wire.

This brought several updates to the app.
  • Guests can join in the scorecard (this isn't super obvious, but the name used can not be a username on DGCR)
  • Ability to edit the scorecard
  • Tweaks to the layout of the scorecard
  • Filters, filters, everywhere.
  • Keep your phone screen turned on during scoring.
  • Ability to give an update on the course condition after scoring.
Desktop updates
  • Mostly spacing, or template changes

There will be a few more updates planned in March - but we will be shifting back to the desktop side of things as that has been neglected.

Look for the March 2024 Roadmap update thread tomorrow.