Disc Golf "Collabs" you want to see??


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Jan 31, 2010
I have watched a few sneaker head videos on youtube and i enjoy the collaborations they do with hype brands.

I know we have star wars and super heros but i would like to see it taken to the next level. Maybe even re-releasing OOP moulds/rare plastics/clothing in collaboration with a hype brand.

What would people like to see? Maybe a Supreme stamped run of X Wasp? Or a pair of Innova designed Nike disc golf shoes? A Off White Innova XG Champion Coyote.....

The possibilities seem endless and i feel disc golf has a ton of space to do these things.(Not just having rights to stamp something on a disc but actual unique limited "collaborations".)
Bottles of an off brand Fireball liquor featuring Lamar Maughan #58012 with a life sized stand up of Lamar for display and inspiration.
Regular production X Wasps is fine with me.

The Coyote should be designed by ACME, produced by Innova.
Innova pinball

This would be pretty sweet.

If you find yourself near St. Louis, check this place out. It is located about 25 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis, right off of I-255.


The owner is a super cool dude. I have been coming to this place regularly for a few years now and played in a couple of his leagues and tournaments. It's a flat fee to play all of his machines ($5 per hour or $20 for the day) and it's also BYOB. It makes for a fun night after a playing disc golf all day!

*The only caveat is that he is only open on Saturdays.*
The DD team members promoting Arcade Fire and Panic at the Disco shows or cameos in a remake of American Pie as the band geeks.
MVP/Rick and Morty collab, so their fans can be condescending together.

"Actually, you don't understand the science of it, you're just not activating the Gyro."
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty, and likewise Gyro technology. The humour of the show, and flight technology of Gyro, is extremely subtle. Without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head, and their Gyro throws will all be noob hyzers.