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Disc Golf Network


Jul 25, 2020
Asheville area
I'm sure there are at least a couple of ways to look at it. But the new DGN pricing model of tiered access gets under my skin. They have taken something that they offered for less than 8 bucks a month and turned it into a convoluted hodgepodge of 3 different access levels ranging from $6 to $20 dollars a month for non PDGA members. If you live, eat, and breath DG and have disposable income then I get it. Pay and enjoy. But I don't see how this is "Growing the sport." I'd love to see sub information after the new model was implemented. They thought it was the board that made DG popular. I'll always believe that it was Covid, not a bunch of MBA types in an Atlanta boardroom that made the sport grow. And now that Covid is going on 4 years ago, the sport has dropped off. The move to ball golf courses/wide open course good for streaming, has made the events somewhat boring. Although I do think there are a couple of more open courses that are fun, like Jonesboro, to watch. That's a great course. Not sure I like the new layout yet as I loved the old one. But I get that's just personal and not something to judge DG by. But the sub plans, the boring courses, I don't see how they are doing anything other than running the sport the wrong way, like they're trying to be Golf on ABC like, except that golf on ABC is free. What do others think about the new tiered access model for watching DG. And man, they really screwed Jomez over. Poor guy's hocking vape pens now.

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