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Double Eagle Member
Mar 24, 2009
Arlington/ Nacogdoches Tx
well ive brought my bag in for its once a year cleaning....i was wondering what all types of ways people clean their discs...i just figured good ole soap will work just as well as anything.......anyone ever put theirs in the dish washer? i figure that might warp the hell out of my discs, but im still curious
My buddy does this but I always get cold feet and stay away from it. My dish washer has warped some tubberware items and scares me. I stick to a good ole fashion soap in the guest bath tub.

By the way, my buddies disc have never had a problem.
I just use an old dish scrubber and some dish soap with warm water, seems to get them nice and clean and no warping or surface damage.
I use the discs as washcloths.

Well it is better than seeing you take baths on the hole 7 creek, looking for discs, and washing your hair with a DX Wraith.

After the cops told you to stop I guess you had to go home and do it?
Soapy water in one side of the sink, and clean water rinse on the other side.
If needed I wash mine in the sink or take them outside and hose them down while I am in the pool. The pool method works well because if it is a hot day you just spray them, dip them in the pool, spray again (not sure what chlorine will do to a disc) and let the sun dry them while you stay in the pool.
Every so often, usually after a muddy round, I'll throw mine in the dish washer. They come out fine. They are extremely soft but I just lay them out on the carpet and they're fine after they cool. I have never had a problem with them
best results i've had is a few cotton swabs with alcohol. really pulls the dirt up.
I just wipe my dirty discs on my shirt. That's clean enough for me!

HELL YA, dirt adds class baby! But didnt your mom tell you not to wipe stuff with your shirt? Use a towel and spit.
I only wipe my discs off after I throw and retrieve them. Just enough to get the excess dirt. I washed them in the sink the night before my first tournament (childish excitement), and couldn't get any grip the next day. I played two extra rounds after just to build up some dirt and grime. I won't wash them again unless they are really bad - dirt or grass not wiping off.
After a particularly muddy round I'll use dish soap and hand wash them in the sink. (Usually in the spring) As for chlorine, I wouldn't chance it. It might dry out your discs and make them brittle.