European Open 2023


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Feb 26, 2018
Starts in one hour and no tread, i better make one.

To me a bit strange to put four US player on the filmed MPO card at this tournament. . and to NOT have Kristin on the FPO card, but fun to see Silva,
Kristin looked STRONG in the Presidents cup but so did Henna. .on the MPO side Paul and Eagle owns this tournament.

Not often you see a fotfault called, and that will hurt Silvas score. . .thats why i have a hard time with the straddle putt. . its so easy to fall forward
Looks like a lot of great golf in FPO in round 1. Kristin separated herself a bit which isn't surprising, but top 10 are pretty close. I'm most impressed by Teele Toomsalu because this is her first year playing international pro tournaments, and she's already won an EPT event!

Hole 11 has turned from a NAGS hole into a scoring separator comparable to MPO now that there's a short tee. Great change.
Looks like the late cards in MPO might have to deal with the weather. .and the early cards had nice weather and are just about done
Yeah different strokes for different folks I guess. I personally just dont get that. Especially sponsored pros who should be able to get high tech stuff thats perfectly cut and made with top edge materials. If the other choice is being soaked and potentially affecting your throw by getting your muscles cold etc.

But looks like Kyle is doing just fine for example
Id really love a chat option. its pretty weak for DGN not to have it. im sure its not techical. just put in loads of moderators and bring down the banhammer hard until they learn, if thats what youre worried about.
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Looks to be nice weather today, surpriced to se the FPO in T-shirts and skirts so early in the morning
Must be rare to have a 98% Win Probability just 3 holes in R2 of a four round tournament

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