Favorite putter?

Just switched from an Omega SS to a Rhyno. Finally got fed up with random poor releases from the SS and feeling like my grip was never quite the same. The Rhyno has solved that problem thus far...
Wizards for me. I started with a firm organic SSS but have since moved on to Mediums. I bought enough of the G9 reruns when they were first out to last me forever.

In regards to Gateway's "inconsistency", the Wizard is far and away one of the most consistent molds available. There were a couple years where some high shouldered ones came out and flew more like seasoned Wizards. Aside from that, all Wizards fly like Wizards.
Yeti Aviars. I like how I can release on an anhyzer to get around obstacles, or for longer puts and S-curve back, or straight and hard and I know where they are going. I like the bead, the slight concave top, and slight rubbery feel.
Agreed. Picked up a Yeti Aviar tournament stamp at a tourney last month, and it has shot to the forefront. I am getting consistency and distance results I did not have before.
Two velvety Pro-D Challengers for putting duties.
Three Crystal-Z Challengers for driving and approaching.
Depends on the situation.
Best all around is an opto pure
best overstable or windy day putter is Rhyno
best when there is a steep drop off after the basket is a Maniac
I putt with organic wizards. One with a large stamp so it's a little flatter and it's beat to pretty neutral.
Upshots are ESP zones. So consistent. I also carry an ESP banger.
My medium Ridge kicked my Wizard out and now my medium Anode is handling approach duties. I do like the Pure though.
Only one with this response I can guarantee you. Hydra for me.
I recently picked ups hydra for use at my local course. The basket on 3 is placed on a slope that goes down to the creek, so if it misses or bounces out it often rolls into the creek. The creek's gotten mucky and I got tired of swimming to get my star aviar out. I've been really surprised at well the hydra throws. I'm starting to use it a bit more now, even for some shorter mid range shots.

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