Jdw80550 Bag thread

Not a ton has changed, other than I have cooled off with the season. Much like the seasons though, I have not gone into a deep freeze yet.

Still throwing clean lines, especially with the mid-ranges. Comets and Wasps have been on point and long! So much so, on the shorter fun rounds, I have only been carrying one driver and it's only for a max distance throw. The Buzzes have been pushed out bc the Comet is throwing so clean. Will probably come back to it in the spring.

Still haven't fallen in love with a slightly OS distance disc, but the Teebird covers most of those shots. Put a Nuke in the bag to sample and see if it will stick. Really looking for a disc that compliments the Shryke for windier days. Please, no destroyer suggestions. The destro and I don't vibe.

Z-Nukes, 173g- slightly OS
Champ Teebirds, 175g- Stable to Slightly OS
Champ Shrykes, 173g- Distance, anny, turnovers

Z Comets, 180g- Straight, anny, turnover, hyzer-flip, flare hyzer, other magic
ESP/Z Wasps, 180g- Straight, hyzer, flex, skip, FH roller (depends on the wasp)

Ultimate(?) Jokeri, 173g- Approaches, runs at the baskets
G* Scale, 175g- Approaches that stop and don't run
Wizards, 174g- Putters

Also, has anyone thrown the Disctroyer discs? I have a nice little 4 disc bag and was interested in trying them out or AGL. If you have thoughts, let me know.
So I'm just going to keep putting it out there, got another ace! It was two in seven days. Same course different hole. Ti ledgestone wasp
It's been a minute so I thought I would update my bag a little. No aces for 2022, but I haven't been playing as much as I normally do. Life.

Got a couple of Halo Shrykes that I have added to the bag to go along with the Champs. Halo's fly more on hyzer lines, while the champ's like to play the big S.

Played in my first tourney of the year. Shot well the first round and played clean. Second round putting was bad and took an 8. Third round played well but found too many OB's. Ended up finishing 5th and had a realistic chance for 2nd.

Here was the bag:

Distance Drivers
-Z Nuke, 174g- Skips/FH
-Halo Shryke, 173g- Hyzers
-Champ Shryke, 173- Distance

-TI Vulture, 175g- flare skips/hard hyzers
-MF Teebird, 175g- Straight/ Hyzers

-Z Comet, 180g- Turnovers/Anny
-ESP Wasp, 180g- Straight with slight fade
-Crystal Sparkle Wasp, 180g- Beef

Ultium(?) Jokeri, 172g- FH/>150' upshots
G* Scale, 175g-<150' upshots, shots that need to stick
SSSS Wizard, 174g- Putter
Been a while and refining my bag this summer. Tournaments have been ok. Normally shooting 1/3 rounds really hot, and 2/3 that are just meh:\:\:) My putting has been super streaky. Drives have been, ok. Mids have been great!

Gone to a Shryke-focused distance driver setup. When I'm pulling clean, I am throwing distance significantly better. When I'm throwing poorly, it's only not good, instead of bad. Teebirds have really become a fairway driver or OS hyzer disc.

Been messing around with approach discs over the summer. Bouncing between the Scale, the Jokeri, and an Alpas. The Jokeri is more FH slow mid, the Scale power putter wind disc, and the Alpas as a stick and not roll disc.

Halo Shryke, 175g- OS distance and hyzers
Champ Shryke, 173g - Hyzer-flips, long panning annys
Champ Shryke, 171g- Tunnels and rollers, FH

Metal Flake Teebird, 175g- OS/Wind-fighter/FH
Champ Teebird, 175g- Main Teebird

Z Comet, 180g- Annys, turnovers, rollers, flare hyzers, stalls
ESP Wasp, 180g- straight to straight with fade
Z Wasp, 178g- OS wasp

Stayputt Alpas, 173g- Stick
Armor Scale, 173g- Power approach
4S Wizard, 175g- Putter
Been a minute. Playing in my last official tournament of the season this week. The last time I posted about tournaments, good things happened, so sending it out to the universe.

Played in two tourney during September. I was super clean off the tee, which had been a struggle. Inside 20' putts were really solid, but I was struggling to figure out the Alpas.

After about 2 months with it, I feel like I've really figured it out. It's been a great approach disc as long as I don't try to power it. It loves to glide and it loves finessy wrist shots. I've hit more metal with it as an approach disc than anything else. Hasn't gone in, but hits lots of metal.

Teebirds are still great but went back to a beat Anax for straight-to-turnovers, which means Predator/Ti Vulture for hard hyzers. Not the same mold, which is why I like teebirds, but covers more of the shots I want, especially as the ground is getting harder. (better skip shots)

Been hitting lots of metal of the tee, but nothing has stuck in a while. Hoping for better juju this weekend.

Distance Drivers:
Halo Shryke, 175g- Straight with fade, long hyzers
Champ Shryke, 173g- S shots, flare hyzers, FH

Control Drivers:
Z Predator, 175g- Hyzers, wind, forced anny flips, skips
EPS Anax, 175g- straight shots, power turnovers

Z Comet, 180g- Flares, straight, turnover, finesse
ESP Wasp, 180- Straight to fade, straight hyzers
Crystal Sparkle Wasp, 180g- Hard hyzers, FH rollers, wind

Stayputt Alpas, 173g- Approaches, finesse with no arm
4S Wizard, 174g- putter, power approach

Been pretty pleased with how the bag has been throwing, just worried about an Anax replacement, since I don't really throw them anymore, other than the turnover shot. Once it's done, I'm back to what become the US Control disc. (been my struggle for years)
Whelp, 30 mph windshield with gust up to 60 mph definitely throws a kink in the game. Played ok, except I took an 11, bc of crisscross approaching. Haven't taken a number that high in years. Still had fun. Was pretty good off the box, just struggled to make any decent upshot in the wind.

Still, enjoyed getting to travel and meet new people. Plus, got to camp and snuggle with the wife.
So it's been almost a year since the last post. This might be the longest I've gone without an update, so bear with me as this will be a longer narrative post.

I'm still using all pink and blue discs. It just makes it easy to find and figure out what is missing. Bought a Revolution Dual Pack Bag that was on sale last year, and it has turned into my tournament bag. The Revo Carolina is the most common league bag, but I have been loving a hiking fanny pack for most of my casual rounds. The hip bag holds 6 discs, has a nice waist strap, and I added a neoprene camera bag strap as well. It is also my mountain bag.

Disc-wise, not a ton of change other than I've added Enigma's in, as my OS distance. I'm not sure how I feel about them. They never do anything spectacular. They go straight, have a nice fade, good rim feel, good speed range for me, but they aren't special. That being said, they aren't touchy, I don't have to overpower them, and they go pretty far and are consistent. I call it my par disc. It doesn't want birdie, for me, but it doesn't like bogeys either, which is definitely more important for my game.

Putting has significantly improved, from 0-20'. I'm about 95% on these. It's saved my bacon in several tourneys and crept into some of my competitors' heads. 100-45' I'm landing for easy drop-ins. the 45-21' range kills me. My percentage there drops to about 20%. Makes for a struggle to get birds, but I'm mainly a par golfer so that's ok.

I was able to move up to MA40 this year, which has dramatically improved my enjoyment of tournaments. Being stuck in MA2 for almost 15 years was getting rough. Too many young kids coming up in year 1 kicking my but, then jumping up to Pro was making the tourney scene less enjoyable. Being around people my own age makes conversations much easier and more enjoyable. I've played fairly consistently, with one spectacular round included and one horrendous round included, everything else has been at my rate or slightly above or below. Going to play in my 10th event this year, which is a very high number for me. Also, played in my 50th sanctioned tournament.

Distance Drivers
-Neo Enigma, 175g- Freshest/ FH/Wind Hyzers
-Neo Enigma, 175g- Straight with gentle fade
-Halo Shryke, 173g- Masher Distance
-Champ Shryke, 169g- Flippy disc, turnovers, rollers

Control Discs
-ESP Vulture, 177g- Stupid Beef/ Spikes/Tomahawks/weird hyzer lines
-Z Predator, 175g- Sky-S shots, slight wind, skips
-Halo Teebird, 175g- Similar to the predator, but dumpier fade (have two of these and I'm working them in evenly)
-Champ Teebird, 175g- Straight to slight fade/ bendy shots

Z Comets, 180g- Have 3 different version that go in and out of bags depending on if I need a blue or pink version, these are off the tee only/ Straight, turnover, flare hyzers
Sparkle Comet, 180g- Stand-still Comet shots
ESP Wasp, 180g- Old beat-in wasp/straight to slight fade/power anny
Sparkle Wasp, 180g- Hard hyzers

Armor Scale, 175g- approach shots/FH approaches/windy shots/power putter throws/lay-ups
Stayputt Alpas, 173g- Jump putts/runs/cliffs/hills
$Wizard, 174g- Inside the circle putts

The only slot I feel like I don't have is my US control disc. I can cover most of these shots with either the Shryke or Comet, but occasionally there are some shots where I wish I had a good tweener.
So update on discs that I'm using currently. Tournament season was ok. Played my rating all year, 1 hot round, 1 ok round, 1 crap round...in no particular order.

Picked up a stack of Halo Shrykes so that has definitely helped improve the consistency of play. Nice to be able to cycle

OS Distance
Neo Enigma x 3, 173g

Stable Distance
Halo Shrykes x 5, 175g

OS Control
SP Tsunami/ESP Anax/Z Predator/ESP Vulture/Ti Vulture, 175g

Stable Control
Teebirds- MF/Champ/Halo 175g

US Drivers
Champ Shryke, 167g
ESP Anax, 173g
Champ Mentor, 173g
ESP Thrash, 164g

Z Comets, 180G


Not many real changes, just new discs of the same thing. Backups of backups. Did have a good reason in December. So cold my sparkle Comet hit a pilar exploded. Blew the whole flight plate out.

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