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Las Vegas Challenge Dropped from DGPT


Bogey Member
Aug 26, 2022
Southern Illinois
Checked out the DGPT schedule for the first time since last year, and see that the LVC is no longer in the mix.

This is from the press release on their website...

"We are incredibly disheartened to learn that the Las Vegas Challenge (LVC) presented by Innova will
no longer be an Elite PDGA Disc Golf ProTour event for 2024. Team LVC will continue to run our event like
a Major event as we have always done. Over the last 24 years, LVC has grown to be one of the best ran
and well-known disc golf events accommodating numerous divisions across the board. Our goals have
not wavered despite this shocking blow to the LVC team. We have the support of local and natonal
sponsors including Innova Champion Discs and are working to make the 25th anniversary event, planned
for 2024, a beacon event."

Anyone know the story on this?
DGPT wanted to streamline the tour's direction for the caravan of touring pros that drive everywhere. A significant number of touring pros are living in the South/Eastern states during the offseason that kicking off the season with driving back and forth across the country was certainly a trek. Instead of driving from Charlotte NC to LV to Waco TX (3400+mi, 51hr drive) they will go from Charlotte NC to Brooksville FL to Waco TX (1600+ mi, 24hr drive). More often in the past years they just skipped LVC altogether or just flew into/out of LV after dropping their touring vehicles somewhere. Putting a financial strain on some touring newcomers right away is probably part of the reasoning to change it up. LV isn't the greatest place to roll into town with RVs/trailers either.

The DGPT also moved the All Star event to FL after hosting it in AZ the past couple years. So All Stars location is the same as the first tournament on the schedule.

I'm not sure how the West coast players will treat the change. Usually they would just play Memorial/LVC and not join the tour full time till Masters cup in the past anyway.

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