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Leave the course and hit the field


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Oct 13, 2007
Humble, TX
Just wondering how often you all hit the practice field and work on your shots and your game?

I want to say to the new players that this is one of the best ways to get better. You can try the same shots over and over, work on trick shots, hyzers, annys, long shots, short shots. You can also lay out a long tape measure and see how long each of your discs will fly, so you have any idea on what disc to use on each shot. You can also see if you have any overlap in you bag.

I know that some of you say you practice on the course, but let me say, that an open , empty field, is a much more controlled environment. Plus, you can throw many discs with out worrying about them walking away, or worrying about someone walking up on you.

Just my 2 cents . You can take it or leave it. I love practicing almost as much as playing on the course. I like the fact that I can try different things over and over, till I get it right. I also take all the disc I get for the first time and field throw them, to get an idea of what they will do for me. I have actually gotten discs in the mail and never put them in my bag, because I field tested them first and realized they had no place in my bag.

I write down on my calender every time that I practice, and so far this year I have been to the practice field 21 times. Just wondering how often you practice? I try to go at least once a week. It dosen't always happen (rain, work, wife) but I try to do the best I can.
Great advice. I just started doing this and my distance has improved a lot. I don't much distance so that's what I've been working on, not so much different shots. I'm pretty lucky in that there is a grade school in town with a football field and a golf course. The course isn't that greatest but it's almost never used outside of school hours so I can use the baskets to practice my putting when I'm done with my driving.
I'm definitely out in a field or just in my yard at least once a week. My yard has some trees and isn't too big though, but I can practice hitting gaps. But i go out to a wide open field every two weeks at least. It's great out there, just chucking discs and having no cares about losing them.
I have two large lots that are about a block from my home. One has trees at one end, and I use that one for shooting around trees. The other has a row of trees making a tight , 300ft fairway, and I use that for long tight shots. That field is also lit from the parking lot on one side, and partly on the other by the gas station across the street, so it is a great place to practice at night.

I have to be careful what I do out there, because the property is owned by the town, and the local library is on one side, and the Senior Center is on the other, and I know if I ever take out a window on either one, it will be over . I came very close taking out a window once, but I am more careful now.

I also have to roll down the windows on my truck, and I am glad I did, because Sunday night, I actually threw a disc into my truck. If the window had been up, it would have been knocked out.
i always go out the a baseball field and see if i can get a homer from home plate. it helps learning the line of the disc, plus its fun to just let it rip.
I happen to live on a ball golf course (not I don't play) and use the fairway a couple times a week for practice. Sometimes I even take a walk with my wife and throw the disc for the whole walk....about a miles worth of tossing.
As a newer player I go to a football/soccer/baseball field atleast twice a week, most of the time more. Trying to drive and end in line with the other goal post or in a soccer goal is a great driving tool and way to test your discs. You can also do this on a hyzer or anny line as well as dead straight with a mid.

This will work against you on some courses because you are not used to having tight tree lined fairways though.
I'll tell you what I think is better than an open field, provided you have it to yourself. A wooded non-DG park with some elevation available. Just designate or set up something for a target, find a place you want to shoot from, and let 'em fly.
I like going to a baseball field down the road. There are signs I can aim at on the outfield fence.
I'm still pretty new but I recently used the combination of field practice and a practice target to break the 300 foot mark with my drives. I hung up a heavy canvas tarp over some rope I ran between trees in my backyard and practiced throwing into the tarp. While you can't see your entire flight path you can still see if the disc is level, if the nose is up, and work on accuracy to some extent. I find doing this followed up by field practice works great. You can throw as many drives in 20 minutes as you could in an hour in the field. Does anyone else do anything like this?
I try to practice at least twice a week but sometimes its really hard not want to go and play a game instead and just call it practice!;)
I started hitting the practice field at the school down the street about 8 months ago after I got arrested for playing on the DG course after dark. I still have people call the cops on me when Im practicing at the school after dark. Unreal, hello police can you go arrest the guy throwing discs by the school. The first time the cop showed up he asked what I was doing, told him Im practicing disc golf. You mean frisbee golf? I wasnt gonna argue disc vs frisbee when the other person has a gun. Then the cop started laughing cause it was 10pm in January, about 10 degrees and windy, and Im out there in the dark practicing. Now the cops just drive by and wave to me after they get a call.

My game has definitely improved alot from all the field practice. I was going almost everyday in the winter, but now I hit the field about 2-3 times a week. It is hard going from the wide open field to a hard wooded course. I was thinking about going into the woods and just throw a bunch of shots and aim for a certain tree or area, but its often dark when I get out there. Theres a bike path there and that would be real good practice, but Im afraid someone on a bike will come around the corner and get nailed by a disc and crash.
I just started going to a field by an elementary school to practice my throws. It works out nice since the school is like five minutes from my work. I have noticed my distance increase on the course. Also, I can get my discs to turn right well throwing backhand, which I could not do before I started doing field practice.
I have been to the field before, but found that I don't concentrate as much there. I do take any new discs I get there just to compare them to my other discs. I really need to go by myself so I can practice shots I want to. Whenever I go, it's always with someone else, friend bro-in-law, kids, and we seem to throw shots they want to.
I guess I'm in the minority here. My practice consists of going to the course and trying different things and seeing what works and what doesn't. Of course it helps that I have 7 courses within 30 minutes of my house and I can go to the one that best suits what I want to practice on for the day.
I usually try and hit the park twice a week with a bag full of discs and just let 'er rip. I also try to get them fly to the same "spot" so I can work on my control as well.