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[Innova] Leopard Lust...!


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May 9, 2010
Spring Lake, MI
Since it's one of Innova's most popular molds and I throw the hell out of them I decided to start a Leopard love/lust thread to show how much we all love the mold. I'll get it started:

pre-barry's (and my wife's ecostar)


Candy Pro/Pro-Line/SE/Glo-CFR


CE (including two first runs and an early second run)


one more CE (I forgot sorry-either early second run or first run blueberry, not sure)


lets see whatchu got!
whats weight on that candy pro?

that green ce once belonged to senor prerube
Not to thread jack, but I've seen a pearly beast on here that looks nearly identical to that 2nd leopard you posted moose. I'm a fan of the candy pros btw :thmbup:
Leopards are awesome, I only have a day glow green 2x champ but I love it. Shes beat but is good for backhand and forehand. Love it, and do want more!
Is that purple pre-barry a pearly? Purple pearlies are the best. and yes that was probably the beast I had seen before
older champ plastic, damn near indestructable and flatter.. just a preference.

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