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Living in No-Disc-Land can't make it to the other side without help


Feb 6, 2023
Hello fellow Rotation-Artist!

As the title suggests I live in an area were the closest course and people are a two hour drive away (which is a lot in my country) and I have watched all the Youtube videos out there. But yet I can't figure out some key problems with my backhand drive.

As there is no contact or course in my state I found Discgolf by watching Jomez and immediately was fascinated with the flight of the disc together with supreme footage of tournaments.

While a first I did not want to give up my 10 year long love for climbing, it quickly became clear that Discgolf is now my main source of motivation. Going out whenever and being outside was just so much more fulfilling than being in a crowed climbing gym.

How ever climbing on a high level for 10 years and not following any organized training I have successfully taught myself muscling the disc to around 330 feet. But in my first real off-season I had enough and started working on my form for the last three months.

Although I had multiple realization moments there are still some concepts I can not get right. The two main ones are:

  • bracing vs. my knee will explode
  • letting my arm lose vs. getting it into the power pocket

Let' have a look what I have done so far:

In March 22 I first started recording myself - except for strong rounding the form looks good

In May 22 you can clearly see my strong arm muscles taking over

In August 22 you can see I applied the clown makeup and completely ruined anything good in my form - hey but my discs have been flying farther!

In January I then started questioning my throwing form and again tried to start with the basics (door frame drill, dingle arm, ...) and tried learning to throw with by body instead of my arm

I started to feel more and more how my arm can be moved with my core and back muscles but I can only do it as uncontrolled motion similar to those air filled things slinging around in front of venues or markets. In a controlled rotation I still having trouble to deactivate my arm an shoulder muscles

This brings us to my current status. I tried more and more to rotate on the spot, letting my arm lose, crushing the can and feeling how my left side of the hip should move in front. If I look at the video I can't see major mistakes but yet my arm is nowhere near a power pocket position and with a disc in hand it feels like my arm is getting twisted.

Should I pull the disc into the pocket? Should I rotate more upright? I really don't know how to proceed from here and I feel frustrated because everything still feels wrong.

Please excuse the low quality and missing angles. I did not plan to go live with those recordings. I will try to film better videos in the future. Also as you might guess I'm not a native speaker.

A huge thanks to anybody taking her/his personal time to help me out. And thanks to seabass for the encouraging message here in the forum and of course also for all the excellent YouTube videos!
Appreciate the background there. Your initial form wasn't terrible(like the clown, lol), just typical rounding which is kind of back where it's at now. You probably have killer grip strength from climbing.

So what you need to focus on is shifting from behind before rotating and keeping your shoulders/chest still closed to target in the power pocket. You are rotating before your shift so you fly open and hug yourself/rounding. The pressure shift to the front foot should slow your forward momentum of the body while the arm still has momentum causing your elbow to bend forward to the power pocket.

You can see how over-rotated forward/open you are and your arm collapses against your chest so your disc has to swing around your left shoulder, while Eagle is not trying rotate and swinging his elbow forward with shoulders/chest still closed to target like using a battering ram.

Shift from behind:




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