[Axiom] Neptune Discs


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Mar 9, 2016
Northern Virginia
Small manufacturer out of Virginia, had one run of a wraith-like driver, the Squid.
Now are currently selling three molds
Marlin - a very understable fairway
Nautilus - Mid that looks and flies similar to a Buzzz
Splash - Beadless shallower putter the baseline plastic ones fly pretty straight, the premium ones start with a bit of stability to them

I've bought a Nautilus to support them (disclaimer I do personally know people involved in Neptune) and have been enjoying it in my fresh/overstable mid slot where I had been throwing an mx-3 for a few years.

Also it won't let me post this without picking a prefix.
hah! I'd considered doing the same thing you did when posting this, because the "dev" said there'd be a solution to there being no Neptune option in the manufacturers list, but I was trying to be patient... 😁

I've got a couple of the Natalie Ryan tour series Splashes. They're super stable. I threw her prototypes, and the bass plastic one she carries, after ordering these. I wish I'd been able to order a tour series one in bass plastic. I think that's the best plastic for the Splash. Mine are like...Envy stable. I wish I'd gotten them in white, so I could dye them (and because the rainbow stamp is SO MUCH cooler than the silver), but the pink is very pretty...

The Nautilus is a nice Buzzz analogue. If I threw Buzzzes, I'd totally bag one.

I only got to throw her Marlin a couple times (including one in a plastic it's not available in), but they weren't the production run and they were...a bit different than what people can order... 😅

I really want to like the Squid, but the runs they had were so all over the place when it came to stability, because they company that ran them for them had massive quality control issues. I hope they can find a new manufacturer for them, because it's a really interesting mold... Natalie had a SUUUUUUUPER domey one that was just silly fun to throw

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