[Putters] Reptilian Disc Golf Tortuga: A Comfy PnA

I've continued to throw this around, and while it's not quite as glidey as I initially thought (~3/3/-0.5/1.5), I'm really liking it for short drives (sub-230) and lay-ups (C3-150). It has the same distancephobia that Serpents and Scales have where once they decide to slow down they are dropping out of the air Right Now.

Can't say much about them as putter putters but they've been remote-controlled missiles the few times I've tried a long spin putt (makes me verrrrrry curious about the coming Tarpits).
That's been very similar to my experience and I think in Tarpit it could be an amazing putting putter. I really like how well it holds a line and does that late flip.
That late flip is really useful for knee putts downhill. Can let it go flat at leftside chains and just watch it drift over to center
Excited to hear that the Tortuga will stay in the RDG wheel house. Maybe even more excited to hear that a distance driver is possibly in the pipeline. Love my Carnivores but they really are just wide rim control drivers.

If anyone has any orange Protos they want to get rid of, I'm interested (especially if a production run is a while off). Idk why but I found my orange to be better for putting, but the pink is better for throwing.

Funny I am throwing Orange and putting Pinks. Probably cause my first two pairs were pink and I tossed an orange in to differentiate my putting putters from my throwers. (though generally I pack light and just throw and putt one of my newer pinks).

I am loving the tort more for throwing than I initially anticipated. The flip up is very predictable while I have been surprised by the stability in my inner cores sometimes lately. I think I have just been throwing with more touch again and not just smashing putters like before I transitioned from Envy to proxy then inner core for my primary thrower.
Having the Tort be my primary throwing putter has me throwing putters much like when I was younger and cycled wizards. More accurate and still plenty long. Long enough to get well into iguana/beat gila territory while that signature drop gives it great predictability.
Such a bummer. The name search for more reptilian/amphibian names continues. I was just talking up the tortuga to a local vendor at an event this weekend. Hope he didn't go home and google tortuga disc golf and got more confused than he already seemed. . . Maybe I should shoot him a message.
I told JC he should name it the Cooter…after the turtle species.

Let's see what he does lol
Yes! A nice flexible cooter would be perfect for the winter.