[Mids] Reptilian Disc Golf: Iguana


Reptilian Disc Golf
Oct 21, 2011
Hi All!!

What an incredible year its been for RDG. I am so excited to finish 2022 with another disc release!

The Iguana is our 2nd mid range to be released and it is an incredible flyer. Utilizing the same core & wing as the Gila, the Iguana feels nearly identical in the hand, while providing a much straighter flight.

Preliminary Flight #'s: 5, 5, - 1, 1.5 (Subject to Change)

This was a mold that came to be as a result of the Gila tooling. DaveMac ran a few protos and I nearly begged to add it to our arsenal. Unfortunately at the time Black Zombie beat us to the punch and picked it up as the Crossbow. Luckily for us it eventually become available again and our current momentum sealed the deal.

The flight of the Iguana is very user friendly. It can be manipulated to turn over for 90% of its flight, it can hold dead straight flat releases and it can even conquer some breezy conditions.

I LOVE this disc and I think, when combined with a Gila, it makes for an impressive mid range duo. We have some firm, pearly Armor ones (with BZ X out stamp, to be stamped again with an RDG stamp) coming soon and our first run in gummy Amber next week!

Thank you all for the support over the years. I'm so excited to bring this mold to you and I look forward to hearing how it performs in your bag.


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Pretty excited to try these alongside the Gila, I’m thinking it’s going to be a great combo.

Looks fast for a 5, I’m a fan of a quick mid.
I have been stoked for all the new releases this year but this one definitely takes the cake.
I was looking for an understable compliment to my Rocs without changing hand feel too much (I'm impatient) and this looks amazing! Can't wait to try this one out
These look great. What’s the dome like on the BZ X-outs?
Also, gummy Amber? Would looooove to see a run of flat topped gummy Amber Scales!!
These look great. What’s the dome like on the BZ X-outs?
Also, gummy Amber? Would looooove to see a run of flat topped gummy Amber Scales!!

The BZ X outs are pretty flat.

I too would love some gummy Scales. Maybe we can try those.
Fossil will actually get beat in somewhat, and since lighter weights for us older players are basically nonexistent, something that will beat in is next option...

Good news is that our latest run of Gila sat in the 172-174 range so that's a step in the right direction.

And we have Tar Pit Gilas that definitely will season up.

Hopefully we can get Tar Pit Iguana too.
I would be fossil iguana curious as well. I love my beat to snot fossil gilas, and I am curious to what that flight without the gila bite would be like. Since my forehand hardly goes as far as my putter turnovers these days, I have been enjoying late turning mids more than I used to.