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Official 2014 DGCR Secret Santa Thread

dear secret santa,

i like to throw...
BB aviars
eagle - X and L

i dont really care for...
superfast drivers
yellow or tyedye
champion plastic, except old eagles
innova/discraft molds that are not already in my bag
blizzard plastic…(but I do like light discs)

I would like to try a Lat 64 SINUS
maybe some other overstable-ish, low-profile putter in dx/pro type plastic

used w/ink is ok with me as long as its not excessive
i wear XXL shirts and L/XL hats
DG Posters or anything cool for my bag would be awesome
beer - IPA's
coffee, jerky, trail mixes
Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Blackhawks

I'm in, will send the email in a few! LOVE doing the Secret Santas, hate that I missed the VIP one but that just means SOMEONE in this one is getting the full BennettUA hookup!
BennettUA Secret Santa wish list

For disc weights, prefer 164g or more, not terrrrribly picky but I don't care for anything lighter than mid 160s.
I'm a dyer, so I always prefer clear or white premium plastic(no DX or similar blends). Glow discs are great too(again, premium plastic though, no DX-type). Never-stamped discs are always a plus too.
Would really like to try a GStar Tern and a Star or GStar Thunderbird. Since GStar doesn't come in white, I would prefer the brighter colors, like yellow or pink. If Star, would prefer white, but if not, at least a bright color.(don't want a Star Tern, have plenty of those, only want a Gstar for the Tern)
Prodigy X1
PD/Freak(G-Line or S-Line)
I also love trying out different putters. Plastic for putters is not important, can be any plastic, since I just like trying them out.
Others, I LOVE beef jerky, especially wild game. And all things Alabama Crimson Tide. Also Formula1 and Ferrari, and both electric and acoustic guitars.
Hat size is probably large, I think 8 1/4. I THINK. Shirt size is large.

Bennett signing up alone is worth putting your name in the hat!

I am really interested in MVP and Axiom. My preferred molds would be:

I like disc that are heavier, white ( <3 stormtrooper) or bright. Weirdly, I really like discs that are beat/inked/ugly...
I don't like tiedye, green or black discs.

Anything sent will be well used and well loved!

Shirt: Small. Hat 7.5 (L/XL)

Other likes: Cleveland Browns, smartwool, craft beer, distance running, peanut butter, bacon
Secret Santa time, my favorite time of year!!!

Discraft, Trilogy, Gateway (except Medium Wizards)


Pretty much any Innova, and Prodigy 750 plastic. Below is a more specific list. Ink and used/beat up is not an issue at all. Most of the time I prefer used broken in discs to new discs.

Randoms to try:
The most ridiculously over-stable discs, almost mis-manufactured discs that come out crazy unthrowable overstable.

Star Destroyers
Light weight Champion terns
Vibram Solace (medium or hard xlink)

Champion Firebids (only super flat ones)
Champion Thunderbirds

Prodigy (750 plastic)
Champion Roc 3 (super flat and stiff)

Throwing putters:
Prodigy (750 plastic)

Putting Putters:
McPro Aviar
Prodigy Pa3
Wizard (medium only)

Shirt size:
Medium or XL

Hat size:
Small/Medium or Large/XL

Beef jerky
Hot hands
Yes over 21 yrs old (not really a drinker, but would like to try a couple local specialties)
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Heavier the better, bright colors please
Champ/CFR Thunderbird
Champ/CFR TBird-3
Glow/Champ Teebird - the flatter the better
Star Destroyers
Star Boss
XG Boss
Star XCal

***10 Year Z Buzzz***
***Z Buzzz OS***
Towel from the Ace Race with the Buzzz Bee

Wizard G-Series
Any of those new Proto's they are coming out with including the RDG Scale

Pure any plastic
Any overstable Driver or Fairway driver they make

Prodiscus (sp?)
Overstable Putter (Joker maybe???)

I don't want any

I like any cool DG Swag. Hats, minis, stickers, cozies, towels, ect...

Pretty much anything will make me happy, don't worry if it's not on my list (except Grooves, nobody likes grooves)

Shirt size 3x
Hat size L

I like beer related stuff
Also anything Indianapolis Colts
Buzzz OS Really interested in these

Mainly Throw Innova or Discmania
Don't have a big arm: Speed 10 or less on the drivers
Love the entire T-Bird family
McPro and Aviar Putters
Discmania PD has become a Favorite
Big fan of G-star plastic for drivers but will throw it all
Prefer brighter colored discs

Prefer 164-168 for Drivers
Max Weight for Putters and Mids

Open to trying just about anything my noodle arm can handle

XL Shirt
Not a big hat fan

Like all kinds of swag (towels, minis, whatever)

Beef Jerky
Gummi Bears
OKC Thunder Fan
Shot Glasses

Anything will be appreciated, not afraid of having to get out of my comfort zone
updated list

Likes - (170-175 weight preferred)

Champ Roadrunners (flatter the better and pre #)
Champ Terns (lost mine, need some new ones)
Champ Wraiths
Barstamp Buzzes

Esp Plastic
Star Plastic
Blizzard Plastic

Would like to try
Lat 64 (opto line) anything
Westside (whatever they call their lucid line), Sorceror or something comparable to Roadrunner/Tern
DD (lucid line) anything maybe some midranges
MVP drivers
Legacy drivers or midranges
Putters (maybe Judge or something comparable to a Wizard)

Shirt Size

Other things I like
Star Wars (dark side)
Unique Root Beer and Cream Soda's
Minnesota Vikings
Black Licorice, Salted Nut Rolls, Jelly Beans

Thanks Santa
I throw primarily Innova and 98% forehand so a lot of overstable stuff. Usually prefer most drivers in the 170-172 range.
Blues and Yellow are usually favorites but anything is good - I never carry red star plastic and don't really know why.

Anything with the Innova Air Force Stamp.
Champ/CFR/GStar/Star Thunderbirds
Blue Star Destroyers - Love em. (Prefer 169g-172g)
Unique Star Cros
Star Whippets
Star Wraiths - Under 172g

Also Interested in trying newer Legacy drivers (I have a Rival & Patriot) - Bandit & Outlaw come to mine - Love their plastic.
DD Suspect & Verdict (Mainly because my son really likes these).
The very soft Vibram Putters - Been using the same blowfly for 5 years so hard putters aren't my thing.

Shirt size XL

Not a Drinker
Like unique Dyes - Both factory and custom. Marvel & DC a plus.
Cowboys & WV Mountaineer fan.

There are some ideas but really am happy with anything.

Thanks to the organizers !!!
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