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Post your most recent plastic purchase.

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Just got a Star Destroyer(white w/ Dragon dye), a Champion Wraith(light blue), and a Dx Gazelle(red).
I have recently bought a 147g DX Wraith, and my newest addition is a 137g R-Pro Boss...and I love them both. I used to hate 150g class discs, they all felt like a paper plate to me and I flipped them into rollers or worse, but Innova seems to have changed a few things in these newer lighter models (where the weight is distributed, or isn't, I don't know, maybe it is in my head), but anyways, I love that they fly a long ways with much less effort than heaving my 175g Pro Wraith. Very handy when playing 40+ holes a day.

Yeah, i threw a 143 R-Pro Boss recently and was very surprised at how much farther this disc went too. It was a little flippy, but nothing a hyzer release angle won't fix. Probably not something i'll use on a tight, technical hole, but for the holes where it is a little more open, I could use some extra D.
Discraft Stalker 172 Elite Z Orange out of curiosity.
Innove Champion Roadrunner 172 Yellow to hopefully give me he annie disc I'm missing.
Star Boss, Star Starfire, Star Beast, Champion Wrsith, Pro-R Dart. Already lost the Beast in a creek at Barnett and lost the Starfire, inexciplable, in the middle of a fairway at T2....
Champ Boss, Champ Monarch, Champ Groove and Pro Wraith. Wanted to try out the boss and the groove, the monarch and wraith are backup for the ones I'm currently using.
Got the Gateway Package off of Prime Discs. Got an E Assassin, E Element, E Wizard. Also got a S Sabre. Been wanting to try some Gateway Discs and like most of them. I really like the Assassin and of course the Wizard. Don't know if I will give up my Buzzz for the Element.
Pink Pro Destroyer to replace the one I lost which was then returned, lost again and returned again. =-)

There is just something "right" about throwing a pink disk called a "Destroyer."

Throw pink! It's hard to lose and if you do, no one want's it so you'll get it back.
Just bought:
1. A Champion Roadrunner
2. A DX Classic Roc
3. A Champion Teebird

This happened because I lost my Monster yesterday and needed a new short driver...ended up getting 2 new drivers. Plus, I've heard a lot of good things about the Roc, but never had one myself
Just ordered an ESP Nate Doss Surge and a Star Boss. 175 grams. Will be getting them at league tomorrow from our local dealer.
I've gone on a disc buying binge lately :D

Star Destroyer ----(to replace a lost one, but eventually found the lost one so...)
----------------------traded for--> R-Pro Boss ---traded for---> ESP Wasp
QMS --Traded for---> 178 Hemp Element (freetech ty)
Star Cro (ace disc now!!!)
Champion Teebird (Do not like yet)
Ching Legacy (awesome mid)
Star Roadrunner (coming to like)
Discraft Surge SS ESP FLX (to replace a lost one)
Champion Boss (dislike)
Champion groove (lost, also disliked)

I also have a shipment coming in soon.

Gateway Evolution Illusion (Factory Second)
Baby Blue
176g - Part#: EILFS

Gateway S/H/E Wizard (Factory Misprints)
Sure-Grip Soft (S)
150-155g - Part#: FSWIZ

Gateway Sure-Grip Magic (Factory Seconds)
Sure-Grip Super Soft (SS), Super Stupid Soft (SSS) (Add $1.00)
173-175g - Part#: FSMAG

Phenix QuadShocks Back Pack Strap
Black - Part#: QDSHK

Gateway Clear Evolution Sabre
Ice Clear
175-176g - Part#: CESABR

Snap Fire Grade Resin Helios
177-178g - Part#: FGRHEL

Fade Gear Touney Disc Golf Bag
Psycho - Part#: FGTDGB
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