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Just scooped this "Iguana" on ebay for ****s and giggles. I was told in the Black Zombie FB group that this is the "$ run of Crossbow" and it "feels like CE plastic". That is all I know. For $14 shipped I had to give it a go.


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Just scooped this "Iguana" on ebay for ****s and giggles. I was told in the Black Zombie FB group that this is the "$ run of Crossbow" and it "feels like CE plastic". That is all I know. For $14 shipped I had to give it a go.

I've really gotten to dig my Iguana. I hope we keep seeing them run, the current pearly ones are so nice it's hard to imagine anything better, but that one does look like CE.
So, I may have the best looking iguana now. At league tonight my buddy rolls up and shows this to me and was like "you can have it". Looks pretty bomb I think.


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I saw that post and am pretty excited to hear what you think of it.

Ha! I've been outed!

Yeah I don't know if it's going to be more or less flexible than my amber but it's a sweet stamp, a rarity, and worth the price. Used discs are great. The work has been done for me.

I don't DISLIKE the amber Iguana stiffness. In fact I like it. I just eventually want a more flexy one too. The amber Gila flexibility is my ideal. The proto armor Iguana is probably the one that's a little too stiff for my taste. Maybe I just need to beat it up.
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Cobalt Iguana are finally available!

To tell you how much I love these...
I only bag pink discs. Been that way for quite a while..... That said, I bag a Cobalt Iguana.

They're so buttery. I love the feel of the plastic and the flight picks up just a smidge of stability making it very versatile both new and seasoned.

Grab one and enjoy! Gila/Iguana duo is deadly out there if you want to carry only two mids. Bonus points for having the same big beautiful bead!


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Turquoise Gila looks amazing, also have you thrown a glow yet? That blend is elite.

I have not! I currently have a 173 Biter amber, a 177 circle amber, 3 174-175 fossils, and a 174 tarpit. The glow is next to try. And hoping for flat 180+ on the turquoise biter!

COMBO WOMBO your bad selves.

That was almost my exact mid setup for an A tier this weekend. Just an older flat armor instead of amber. Glow did the heavy lifting. It's worn in just right

Glow is right between tar pit and older fossil in feel. I am carrying it for the summer so I have a broken in one to compliment my fresh in the glow bag.
Now give me the same glow blend iguana and I will be a very happy glow golfer.
Just realized that there's a ton of Amber Iguana options available on the site. My one and only in this run is a 178 yellow Amber which I love but as I've said before it's right on the edge of too stiff in cold weather for me. It's fine in summer though. Been throwing that Crossbow more lately in the cold. That gem is my ideal flex level (as is the Amber Gila). My Cobalt Iguana has a great flex level too, I'm just on a translucent champy plastic kick lately. Something about it is making me more confident than opaque plastics, I know it makes no sense. Just curious though, have any of you guys noticed that any of these Amber Iguana weights/colors turned out more flexy than my 178 yellow, for example? I just need a liiiiiiitle more flex. I will definitely survive if not. Screenshot_20240101-120343_Kiwi Browser.jpg
I haven't noticed a big difference, my blue one feels maybe a tiny bit flexier than the white but it's not much more than the Cobalt.
Yea I'd agree the cobalt ones have a bit more flex to them. They are also a bit more stable and absolutely bomb.
The Cobalt is the ultimate version IMO, the pearly armor may be slightly prettier but flight wise cobalt is slightly more stable and goes so far.
I got an armor Iguana for Christmas and I have really liked throwing it. I definitely agree with all said earlier in the thread after having thrown it. Also the two closest comparisons I would make from my collection are a tournament warship and a slightly beaten in kc pro roc. The warship is especially similar, as both have the same slight drift, late smallish fade, and similar distance. My KC roc kept its fade even after developing some turn, unlike my DX rocs.

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