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Simonds Park - Burlington MA people


Feb 20, 2010

I just moved to the area permanently (did grad school here, but am from Ohio) for a job. My work is on the same street as the course, like a mile away, so I plan to play at Simonds almost everyday.

I am looking for people in the area not only to play with but also to do some volunteer work at the course. I really like the course - obviously its a little small and only 9 holes - and I think a little bit of love could go a long way. If we could get some people to spend a Saturday taking fallen trees to line fairways/greens a bit, get big sticks out the way, rake out the tees... etc. that would be sweet.

Anyone interested in playing/getting a "fix it" group together?
PM member "Justin". He is the contact man/guy responsible for that course. I know he has been doing work on the course lately.

He is also on www.NEFA.com (New England Flying disc Association) under the same name.
Thanks - I got in contact.

I know its not the biggest/greatest course in the country, but it seems like no one plays it. I've been there most everyday this week at varying times. The park itself has been completely packed (with the sports courts, skate park, swingsets), but I've always been the only one on the course.

Kinda surprising, because if you live in Boston/Medford/Burlington, there really isn't another course within a 40-45 minute drive (like Devens, Muldoon, Borderland). Granted, those courses are all 18 and longer/"better", but I love throwing a round at Simonds.

Well, if anyone is in the area, I should be there at around 3:30 or 4:00 today :thmbup::thmbup:

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