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Six Card Charlie

Six Card Charlie

Par Member
Mar 15, 2015
Hey all,
I've been lurking the forum for some time now and decided to finally make an account.

I'm from california, a casual player that plays just about everyday who was introduced to the game at 7 years old. I played on and off till about 15 then stopped. Now I'm 21 and picked it back up about 3 months ago.

In my cooler bag that I used duct tape and bubble wrap to convert to a disc bag I carry a roc3 in champion plastic, star valkaryie, champion Orc, champion rhyno, and an rc pro rhyno.

This forum has a lot to offer and I look forward to the opportunity I have to use it to improve my knowledge of the sport as well as my skill level. Thanks to everyone.

-Six Card Charlie