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[Westside] Tell me about your Underworld...

Paul Clark is the best!

Absolutely! I remember showing up at the grand opening when Mr. Houck was there and talking with Paul. Also talked with him a few other times before but yesterday we talked for quite a while and he even joined me along with a local youth pro, Cooper IIRC. Anyway yeah he's a great guy, and we had a fun round. :)

Welcome to the glory that is the TP Underworld, Bizz.

The best, controllable, flip, that I've ever seen. I always have people asking me "How did that fade right?" You can also play with nose angle and get a slow, glidey fade to the left.

One of the few discs I can't play a round without. I have several different bags, (for quick rounds, wooded, open, long, short courses) There is TP Underworld in every one.

TP= Tournament Plastic, ah ok I thought that was correct. Yeah I think it may become a disc I can't play without as well.
Bumpity bump - hadn't thrown the Underworld for a good while. I took out my VIP to throw with a mild tailwind today and had one of my best shots in eons - through a pair of guardian trees 100' ahead while gently turning left towards the basket, slight fade at the end, again towards the basket. I thought I was parked but was actually 30' past the basket. I love me some slow turning flex shots.

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