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Vans Ultrarange Exo Shoes


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Mar 10, 2013
Looking for feedback from people who have used these for DG.

Looks like a number of pros were using them last year, notably Gannon Burr.

Anyone using these? I'm concerned about how comfortable they feel after wearing them all day in tournament situations. I wear Vans almost every day to work so I'm not that worried, but I am curious as they look like they have a better midsole vs their classic skate shoes.

Any thoughts about the MTE-1 version vs the regular? Outsole on the MTE-1 looks beefy.
If your concern is waterproofing, Vans MTE is your best bet. You're also going to get better traction with the MTE outsole. I just bought a pair of Exos for casual wear and they feel great.
Interesting shoe, I may check them out. I used to frolf in skate shoes but quickly found that the comfort did not translate to Montana mountains very well. A hybrid skate-style shoe may check a lot of boxes for me.

My beef with modern waterproof/breathable membranes: the harder you use that feature, the faster they get sogged out and ineffective. This is especially true for footwear.
I have a pair of the regular Exo shoes and a pair of the MTE boots.

The upper on my regular Exo shoes is mesh & suede, similar to a typical tennis shoe. The midsole is very spongy. Super light & comfortable, but not what I would call supportive.

The upper on the boots is canvas & suede, and much more durable than the shoes. The toe cap is also much heavier duty on the boots. The boots have a firmer midsole, more aggressive outsole, and are much stiffer & more supportive throughout.

I'm skeptical that the shoes would last for DG. I don't have any such concerns about the boots.
I have some regular black and white Ultrarange Exo's. Daily drivers (including disc golf) for the last 8 months and they are just now starting to crack a bit in the front. Currently they are the only shoes I can wear that don't hurt my foot (dealing with a 4 year old injury). Previously the only shoes I could wear were the Altra Lone Peaks...had the version 4 and 4.5's which were incredible. The 5's were terrible so I had to find something else. Got the Ultraranges just because I knew someone that worked at Vans and got a heavy discount. I have since tried to find some more pairs but they seem hard to find and I really don't like the retail price point of around $100...seems high for the materials used.

Also have noticed some of the different colors use different, better materials that may hold up better.

Overall I have been happy with them but worried I am not gonna find an exact replacement of the current ones I have.
Thanks for the feedback.

I got hands on a pair today. They are very light and seem to have an ok midsole, at least the regular versions. My concern is still durability. I do not think these would last. I get 8 or 9 months out of trail runner type shoes and the ultraranges are a good bit lighter duty than what I had been using.

I do think they would be a good option for rounds on dry, park style courses or summertime rounds once it get excessively hot. I would not want to wear them in the wet winter or on hilly/ rocky courses. Might try a pair if I find them on sale somewhere; $100 seems high for what you get with these shoes and the MTE's are even more.
From what I see of them, the toes won't hold up for those of us who drag our toes throwing. Is that true? Or is the toe cap sturdier than what it looks like in the photos?
From what I see of them, the toes won't hold up for those of us who drag our toes throwing. Is that true? Or is the toe cap sturdier than what it looks like in the photos?

Toe daggers should probably look elsewhere. The MTEs may last for a while, but there are better options. Zero chance the Exos will last.

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