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[Other] Vintage Plastic Throwers Club

My bag is a mix of new and old.

Old stuff right now:

PFN 12x KC Pro Aviar
2004 Kenny 4x Glow Roc
2 PFN 12x Multi-Purpose KC Rocs
2 11x Gazelles
3 Zippertop "SOF" Orion LFs
1 SDS and 2 *D/Protostar Destroyers
Wish I knew how to make these smaller so I could post pics in here but here are links to my oldies that have been in the bag for a while. Been throwing most of these discs for 5-10 years now with a few exceptions. Somehow I tend not to break or lose them. Know on wood.

11x Eagle L https://i.imgur.com/slqaKRd.jpg
11x Eagle X https://i.imgur.com/fc8u1vY.jpg
11x Eagle L https://i.imgur.com/Aj4GDxs.jpg
11x KC Pro Teebird https://i.imgur.com/Wz3hwmb.jpg
Proto Destroyer https://i.imgur.com/szXHQjo.jpg
06 Big Eye Rancho Roc X-Out https://i.imgur.com/SxRcmBd.jpg
05-06? Special Blend Rancho Roc https://i.imgur.com/lewy6YW.jpg
02 CE Rancho Roc https://i.imgur.com/5Fq2sWt.jpg
SMRD Rancho Roc https://i.imgur.com/HsykjES.jpg
SMRD Rancho Roc https://i.imgur.com/saRl3on.jpg
Pre-Flight 12x Firebird https://i.imgur.com/nCT38s5.jpg
Pre-Flight 12x Firebird https://i.imgur.com/EbsmVqW.jpg
Pre-Flight 12x Firebird https://i.imgur.com/5oFsQ6Z.jpg
I just started throwing the Buzzz mold again after a hiatus so forgive me the barstamp is pretty new, I decided wall hangers just aren't my style. Similarly I benched a thrashed DX circle stamp I've used for quite some time for a fresh Champ Cobra, decided it's going to get brittle and shatter before it gets loved if I wait any longer. The Valkyrie I'm going to link below made me realize I'm [my discs] running out of time.

Pink bottom left in the first picture is that well loved Drone some of you may have heard me preach about (white with a dye bath).

Some current old discs ITB
Sold one and throw one Comet ITB
This RR doesn't really count because it only has 1 round on it

Dead Valk

Benched DX Cobra with tons of love (I didn't do the sharpie job!!!)
That X Plastic?

Does anyone remember which JK Valks were run in that nearly CE like Champ plastic?

Nope! X stamped Z this came up in another thread before.

IIRC it's the 4x barstamps you're thinking of, like this:


Nothing as old as the antiques shown here as I committed to only stock discs a few years back and have seemed to lose plastic quicker than it can accumulate decade(s) of service in the bag. Only exception is 3 putting Warlocks and a champ TB from 2012-2013ish.

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