Where are you going in 2022?

Ended up hitting 5 courses driving from MI to FL, plus 4 more on the way back up (including the Par 2 trail, in Dalton GA), which was a very fun change of pace. Great way to introduce DG to the community. Would love to see similar family friendly putter courses around downtown green spaces larger cities. Nothing more than 150 ft.

Made it to 74 new courses in 2022. :D
So 70 new courses this year, which was less than I had hoped but still my second-best annual total. Looking forward to 2023. :D

End-of-year bagging run thru Southern MD and Fredericksburg VA added 5 new courses, bumping the total to 75 for 2022.

Heh. Red Dog probably bagged 60 courses last year, for a lifetime total of 191 courses in 34 states.

Red Dog also bagged 5 new courses for a total of 65 in 2022 and 196 courses lifetime. :D

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