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Boyd Pond Park DGC

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Boyd Pond Park DGC reviews

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Langley's Mellow Cousin

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 12, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


-Boyd is a lot more friendly than his blond headed "pretty boy" cousin Langley. He's very mellow, the hippie type, with his shorter layout and more inviting fairways. Most par threes are under 300' and offer several different ways to reach the green. It's unknown whether hole five is a par three or four. It played as a par three in previous tournaments but is listed as a par four. Considering the rest of the course to be pretty simple, I'd say it's a par four for Boyd Pond.

-The par fours, well they are obviously longer. Assuming #5 is a par four, there are three of them. When I played here, holes #11 and #12 were in the long pins. They are 533' and 451' respectively. #5 is the one in the woods and is only 390'. This was probably the best one of the three. It's over two valleys (or better yet, over a hump with two dips in between. #11 is the longest one and probably the toughest. In tournaments, the tall grass on the right side plays as OB. About 300' ahead, there is an orchard of trees just slightly left. So if you try to throw a bomb, you'll likely land to the left in the orchard or OB right in the tall grass. The fairway in between is narrow. I threw a midrange straight down the fairway short of the orchard and threw a putter on my second shot. #12 is a little bit longer than #5, but it's the most inviting. It's pretty open. The wood line is to the left and the tall grass is on the right. I was able to land 45' from the pin and have an eagle look. I threw an overstable driver from the right side and had it hook left.

-I really like the green turf tee pads. I feel that they blend in very well for a course in this part of SC. They are long enough too, without being raised. Many of the 250-300' par threes are reachable for me with a putter if I throw it hard enough with a longer run up. So it was a real convenience for them to be easy to run up on from behind.

-There's a course kiosk and practice basket. There's an entrance exclusively for the disc golf course too. So be on the look out for that.

-Elevation: I need to say, there isn't as much as some may say. There's a solid amount though. #15 has the best of it. That was my favorite hole. After #14, you take a left turn and walk up a pretty tall and steep hill. The elevation drop is probably about 25'. Could potentially be 30'. This was a very enjoyable putter toss down the elevated pad. #4 was a gem too. Uphill with the basket perched on a small plateau around a small gulley. A birdie look can turn into a bogey very quick. #17 and #18 end on a good note with the elevation change too. #17 being pretty significantly uphill and #18 being nicely downhill over a large patch of tall grass and through a gate of trees.

-Rewarding. Few good ace opportunities. If you are reasonably accurate with good placement, you won't have to worry about not making birdies. Some holes are tougher of course, but more of them than not are pretty simple birdies for pros. Intermediates with an average rating of 890 should expect to shoot maybe two under. Advanced players can expect to shoot five under. Pros should shoot for eight under or better on a sunny day without much wind. I saw in one of the previous tournaments that a 56 was 917 rated. I'm going to assume it was windy that day.

-Nice tee signs with hole diagrams and hole info for each pin position. Brings me to say, many holes at Boyd Pond have dual pin positions.


-This part of South Carolina consists of different species of snakes. If you land in the rough, be wary of snakes. A previous review mentioned a hornet. There are hornets too.

-I'll repeat what several others had said. There's a bit of a walk back to the parking lot from #18. You have to walk back down #9's fairway and down a trail through the woods.

-There is a nasty bush just 20' from #2's basket in the rough. I get that it is the rough, but I think when you are 20' from the pin, you should at least have a way to make the putt. Land in that bush, and you won't make the putt. It's full of limbs and the space between the trees in the rough and the bush is not wide enough to have a line from.

-Some blandness to be seen. #10 sticks out the most. It's a boring wide open putter/midrange shot. #13 was a short putter toss down a small hill. #3 was a pretty weak hole in the short pin. The long pin looks a little bit funner. The short is just a 180' straight shot over a hump. #6 in the short wasn't very fun either, despite being downhill. It's just a putter toss. BTW, there's no freaking way this hole is 303' in the short and 382' in the long. It's probably 245' from the short and probably just over 300' in the long. DON'T ALWAYS TRUST THE SIGN!!!!!

Memory from 2008: My family and I were on vacation at the beach. The swimming pool across the street was said to have a deep end of 8 feet. I could nearly reach the surface on my tip toes from the drain. Mind you, I wasn't yet 11. It was probably a whole foot less. There was a kid that was couple years younger than I was that went into the deep end of the pool and his parents got concerned because, well the pool was eight feet deep according to the sign. It took less than a second for my head to reach the surface from the bottom. I told the kid's mom and grandad that it was probably a foot less than that and all his granddad said "It's eight feet. Look at the sign!" As if I was blind or had no clue what the number eight look like. I'm a number person, so sometimes I just get skeptical. Don't always trust the sign old man!

BTW, the kid was a good swimmer. So I had no idea why his mom and grandpa were so concerned when they were watching him tread water without any trouble.

Other Thoughts:

-Boyd Pond is a more pleasant atmosphere for a wider audience. As a lower rated pro/higher rated advanced player, I like Langley Pond better. Many players will enjoy Boyd Pond better since it is forgiving, while still having some challenges to face. There are parts where pitching out can be hard at Boyd, so it may be a good idea to walk some of the fairways on the wooded holes. #2, #5, and #14 have woods that are very tough to play out of. There are other challenges that you'll face. #18 being maybe the hardest hole on the course. The line is clear, but is dangerous since you throw through a gap, a wide gap from the wood line to another tree in the tall grass, but you have to comfortably throw a left to right anhyzer through the gap over the tall stuff, or somehow squeeze a flip up down the right side and have it go barely left though the final gap just shy of the basket. Very unique challenge. Great finishing hole!

-It's great practice for a course like Langley. It can boost your confidence and help you warm up. I liked this course.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2020 Played the course:once


One of the smoothest, friendliest, and easy-fun courses I've ever played. It should be a total joy for newer players.
+ Wide, well-shaped fairways, even on the most wooded holes here.
+ Great mix of wooded and open holes, and also a wonderful variety of shots and angles. The available elevation is also used extremely well, with some intimidating uphills, and some touchy downhills. There are even a few par fours, one of them wooded, to offer a change from all of the short par 3s.
+ Though most of the holes are quite short, the shot variety keeps the course remarkably engaging and interesting. I ended up throwing almost all of the discs in my bag at some point in the round. Overall a truly impeccable design for this style of course.
+ Newer players will see their great shots rewarded with birdies, while skilled players will enjoy the variety of shots to rack up birdies on. There is some rough, but it should be relatively easy to scramble out of for par saves.
+ Multiple pin positions on a number of holes helps to vary the available experiences.
+ Great tee signs, teepads, baskets, well-signed navigation, and an exclusive focus on disc golf on this part of the property, all make for one of the smoothest and easiest course plays I've experienced.


Basically only one, probably the fewest cons I've ever had for a course. But it does cap how high of a rating I could give.
- Most holes are very short, and not challenging at all for good intermediate players or above. May not offer much replay value or long-term interest to strong players, beyond the occasional ego boost, or a social round with a mixed-skill group.

Other Thoughts:

For newer players developing their game, kids learning the sport, or older players losing arm speed, Boyd Pond has to be one of the most enjoyable courses imaginable.
I had played the three IDGC courses earlier in the day, and after taking a well-earned deep siesta, Boyd Pond was a perfect place to end the day, to lick my wounds and enjoy an easy and peaceful round. Given its proximity to Langley Pond, you could also do the same after playing that course. But if you're the type of player who enjoys those kinds of epic monster courses, you also may not find much reason to play Boyd Pond more than once. For what it is though, it is a truly wonderful course.
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Aiken County open 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 23, 2019 Played the course:once


-Accurate tee signs on every hole
-Easy navigation without a map
-Probably my favorite tee box surfaces
-Wooded holes are tight in places, but fair.


-Really only one hole where a driver should come into play.
-There are some wide open holes that provide very little challenge without any painted OB.

Other Thoughts:

I would have to say this was a very well cared for public park. Hats off to the local P&R department for the work done here.

I loved the wooded holes. They provide enough challenge to be interesting, but nothing stupid hard. The tee boxes are made of a synthetic grass mat and they had me worried. But, they held up fine through variable rain conditions. I did not slip once.

The wide open holes provide no challenge on their own. there were painted OB lines for the tourney (because they were needed) but I judge courses on how they stand with permanent hazards. The lack of challenge on the open holes holds it back. I would suggest build permanent obstructions. Maybe azaleas in front of wide open holes or a bamboo fence like they have at Winthrop for the USDGC. I have seen these put to good use at other courses, and they would be a good low cost option to spice up this course a bit.

For these reasons, I am leaving it at a 3 for now. I may come back and update it as I have more courses to compare it to.

3/29/21 Update:

Out of the 68 courses I have reviewed, this is where this course ranks along with similarly rated courses:
Rank-Course, Location
23-Duncan Lake - East, Duncan, OK
24-Lindsey Park - Red Course, Tyler, TX
25-Veteran's Park, Arlington, TX
26-Griffin Park, Norman, OK
27-Boyd Pond Park, Beech Island, SC
28-Golden Grove Farm & Brew DGC, Piedmont, SC
29-Riverview Park, North Augusta, SC
30-The Firecracker, Fountain Inn, SC
31-Granbury City DGC, Granbury, TX
32-Owens Field Park, Columbia, SC
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I Almost Liked It Better Than Langley Pond 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 19, 2018 Played the course:once


I almost liked it better than Langley because I'm a Grandmaster Rec level player and this course is more suited to my tired old noodle arm. The course has all of the amenities. Great tee signs, excellent turf tees (quickly becoming my favorite type), plenty of next tee signs, and a very nice course map. The course has benches to rest on and more garbage cans than most of the other local courses. There are plenty of elevation changes and the course sits in a nicely wooded (except for a couple open holes) dedicated area of the park. The course is also fun to play. Hole 15 was sweet.

Might be the best 18 holer on this side of the river for rec/new throwers. There were some teachers who had their middle school students on a field trip to the park to play disc golf while we were there. How cool is that? Some of them I think are already as good or better than me.


Not too many nags here. It's not a championship level gold course, but that's ok with me. If you desire more of a challenge, Langley or the IDGC are nearby. The rough can be rough in spots and probably gets worse into summer. The course doesn't get anywhere near Boyd Pond, but there are a couple "bogs of stench" that probably get bigger in the rainy season. There are some elevation changes. People with weak constitutions might want to avoid this one. Everyone else will want to wear sturdy hiking shoes and maybe long pants.

Other Thoughts:

This is a wonderful, beautiful course and I highly recommend it!
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Boyd Pond 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 26, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Turf tees, so grippy and easy on your joints

Benches on every hole

Good use of terrain, elevation, and trees to create many exciting holes and add a little bit of intrigue to the field holes as well

Lots of elevation changes

Considering the above two points, there's a ton of shot variety.

Quality signage, with course map and great tee signs

Some holes have two pin positions, to keep it interesting

Mowed regularly in fairways

Baskets are in good condition

Par 4's are more than just throw a really really far shot and a shorter shot. Two of them (5 and 12) can be eagled, but that requires a fantastic shot to do so.

Several holes throw from the old golf tees and I'm sorry, but that's just cool

With the trees, sand, retaining walls, and old golf tees, it's just a fun place to play


Rough can be extremely rough, lots of vines with thorns and scrubby bushes

Easy to lose disc in tall grass in summer time

Mach V baskets aren't the best catchers in the world. Not really a detractor from the course, it's just a bit annoying

There are a couple holes where it's basically throwing in a field (9 and 10). However, with the course flow I don't think there's much that can be done otherwise, and they did a great job of using the trees available and the former golf greens to at least make it a little more interesting than chucking a 280 foot hyzer

*The next few cons are just comparing Boyd Pond to top courses*
It's a little easy of a course. Which isn't a bad thing, but comparing it to the monster that is Langley Pond, it's just not as good. Again, it's not a bad thing, and if this were the only course I had nearby I'd be fine, but it can get a little repetitive if you play it over and over

Playing off that, while there is a lot of shot variety, the mental game challenge is lacking a bit. Most of the holes are going to be attacked one way and one way only, so there isn't a lot of creativity to playing the course. You can mix it up on a few holes and throw a different shot, but for the most part each hole is pretty much going to be drive, putt, maybe putt again, repeat.

HOWEVER, having said that, it's still a blast to play, and a great complement to Langley Pond. Go get your butt kicked there, then come out here to remember how much fun the game really is

I know it's called Boyd Pond, but the two little ponds on the course are pretty much dry, and the big pond which it's named after is just past the course entrance on the other side of the road and is not featured in the course at all.

Hole 18 finishes relatively far from the parking lot, so there's a bit of a walk after the round. Not a big deal, but some people care about that.

Other Thoughts:

Boyd Pond park is a little gem nestled out in the rolling horse country of Aiken County. With mountain bike trails, a large pond for fishing and kayaking, and many other amenities, the old ORA complex now has a beautiful 18 hole disc golf course as well. Full disclosure, my parents live ten minutes up the road and I frequented the old ORA as a kid, so this course has a special place in my heart.

Boyd Pond itself features a nice mix of open and wooded holes, which manage to keep the course fresh and flow nicely together. Situated on an old ball golf course, many of the former tee areas and greens are used as teeing areas or as putting greens. The old greens are raised by a few feet, so even on flatter field holes, there's still going to be a bit of variation to your putt. While this course may not be as mentally challenging as a bigger course, nor provide the number of options to play holes different ways, many of the shots are just pure fun to throw, and while it might not be the most dangerous course, there are penalties for missing your line by a lot.

Some of my favorite holes:

Hole 1: really nice starting hole. For me it's a straight to fade shot with a RocX3, letting it get out of the initial gap and fade towards the pin, hopefully hitting the hillside past the large trees but before the magnolia. The pin is presented nicely between the trees and is really pretty.

Hole 4: A short but very uphill shot, the pin is perched on the top of a plateau right above a small gully regardless of which location it is in. The straight location is a bit more fun to throw, but the left location is a little easier to reach. Fun hole either way.

Hole 5: Great par 4 in the woods. It's a bit of a tweener for me though, but with how tight the line is par 4 is fine. The initial fairway presents either a turnover flex line or a straight to fade shot, with a dogleg up and left about 280 feet off the tee. The pin is perched on a hillside just behind a pine tree. Be warned, the rough is extremely thick and it can be easy to lose a disc.

Hole 6: A basic putter shot, either straight or hyzer depending on the pin. So downhill though, it's a blast.

Hole 7: teeing from an old golf tee, the pin in the right position is perched on the side of a small levee which forms the dried out pond. Pines to the right prevent a huge RHBH hyzer, so it's either a flex shot or a forehand. LAnding is tricky though, making a close putt feel like an accomplishment and frequently results in longer putts.

Hole 8: This is one of the few holes where there really are a ton of means to an end. My play is a big thumber line, but there's also a FH and a BH line.

Hole 11: In the short, this is a pump with a Thunderbird. The par 4 position is a huge D2 shot followed by a tricky approach. The pin is once again on an old golf green and is positioned on a small hill on it, so you do need to consider your approach. A small island of trees and thorny vines in the fairway about 320' away extends about 30 to 40 feet long, making the tee shot a little more critical in terms of placement. Super fun

Hole 12: Tees from old golf tee, short pin is on old golf green, long is on a small embankment with a retaining wall. Trees on the left and rough on the right, but they shouldn't come into play if you nail the shot. Hole also plays downhill from tee, with an abrupt rise at the end for the long pin. Super fun air it out pull, I believe all courses should have one of these holes

Holes 16-18: Really great finishing stretch.

Hole 16 plays from a raised old golf tee to a pin at the edge of the old golf green. With OB just behind (by tournament rules at least), this can be a tricky approach or putt. Right now the pond which forms this OB is a glorified puddle, so casual play does not have much danger now, but tournament rules have a rope and require play from a drop zone.

Hole 17 is a pump uphill to a pin perched at the top on a ridge. There's a retaining wall, so you either lay up or really go for it, there is no in between. Pine trees to the right and long of the pin making going long tough, and the entire side of the fairway about 50 feet from the pin is pines as well, so missing this hole is tough.

Hole 18 tees down a long hill with a tree right in the best line possible. Play this tree tight and be parked, or play around it and have a long putt. Trees at the base of the hill set up several access windows to the green. Extremely fun hole to throw.

Overall Boyd Pond may not test your mental game to its breaking point, but it is still a fun course. Some holes require strategy and thought, but most are just a fun way to throw frisbees at a target in a gorgeous outdoor setting, and at the end of the day that's what this sport is all about
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Great Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 25, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


There's a pretty good mix/variety of holes here, and the course is well marked and easy to navigate. The area is also quite peaceful. The course is challenging enough to be fun but not so challenging to where it's frustrating. Sure, the open field holes may not be that interesting, but they do offer a nice reprieve from the wooded holes (which are enjoyable, but more challenging).


Could maybe use more trash cans (not for me, but rather for the scumbags that leave their trash lying around).

Other Thoughts:

I highly recommend playing here if you're in the area. You'll have a pretty enjoyable round of golf, and if you want you can also go mountain biking across the road. Every time I play I have a good time and I look forward to more rounds here.
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Fun and challenging 18 hole course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 12, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


-Great course layout.
-Pars 3, 4 and 5 within course (mostly 3's)
-Well maintained
-Some challenging holes
-Ace potential on some holes (#16 especially)
-A and B basket locations rotated (shown on maps)
-Basket location map at each tee pad
-Small bench located at most tees


-Lack of waste bins, bathrooms and water
-Some rugged terrain
-Horrible thorn patches in some roughs (power lines especially)

Other Thoughts:

This course is great in my opinion. Most holes have some sort of challenge mixed in. There are lots of elevation changes, doglegs, slight tunnels and ceiling shots. It's a great course for those looking to test their game while simultaneously being a great course for most skill levels. If you are an absolute beginner to disc golf, you may wish to try another course (Odell Weeks for example). If you're of intermediate skill or above though, this is a great fit. Each tee pad is clearly marked and covered in a sort of astroturf. There are nice color maps showing the possible basket locations (A or B) for each hole located next to each tee pad. Most tees have a small wooden bench also which is great for setting down your bag or grabbing a quick breather. The astroturf tee pads can be a bit slick if playing early (dew) or after a rain, so use a little caution. Overall the course is well maintained. It can feel a little desolate out here, and I do occasionally lose cell reception depending on the hole. There are a couple of very small water hazards, but neither seem to hold water regularly. Some of the terrain is a bit rugged here between holes- hilly paths full of roots and occasional encroaching overgrowth. Some of the roughs here are harsh too. If you land off the fairway you may be dealing with massive thorn bushes so be prepared. There are some hidden swales and washed out areas throughout the roughs too so be sure to keep your eyes open if hunting for a disc. I have heard of snake sitings from a few friends also so use caution if entering the overgrowth. There aren't really any amenities within the course itself, so come prepared with water. When my DG friends and I want a fun and challenging course that's nearby (Aiken County) Boyd Pond DGC is our choice. It's not as unforgiving as Langley, and not as easy as Odell. This is Aiken County's "Goldilocks" DG course in my opinion- equal parts fun and challenging. As per usual, thank you to all who have made this place possible.
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Chained Evil
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Peaceful technical fun 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 20, 2017 Played the course:once


This course offers a good variety of shots. Obviously there are technicals shots here but there are a few holes that will let you air some drives out as well.
The tees are plenty big allowing for a proper run up. Unique in that the tees are astroturf.
Nice mix of short, moderate, and longer holes as well. The signage is nice as is the kiosk with the course map on it.
Dog leg left and right playing holes and the elevation is very nice adding to the challenge of the course.
Benches at many tees. Multiple pins. Protected pins and low ceilings can also be found here.
The flow of the course is logical and there are directional arrows to help keep you going in the right direction.
There are a few ACEABLE holes and many birdies that can be had if you hit the correct lines.


The tees on the open holes, holes can get a bit slick with due. Grip may be an issue depending on the time of day that you play.
Footing could also be a bit of an issue due to the terrain. Taking it slow if you are unsure would be wise.
5's tee pad was covered in sand due to the side of the hill washing out a bit. Pad was plenty long so it really didn't affect grip too much however.
A couple of the transitions between holes were a bit lengthy, 4's basket to 5's tee, 5's basket to 6's tee come to mind here.
Bit of a long walk from 18's basket to the parking lot.

Other Thoughts:

This course will make you shape shots and hit your lines. The lines aren't so tight that they are unfair and there are holes where birdies are possible.
Holes 7-10 lacked a bit of wow factor but do offer a change of pace from the technical holes of 1-6. 11 and 12 mix length and lines to better prepare you for the last third of the course. Hole 16 was a nice looking hole where the basket was up on a green with a little pond behind the basket. Sweet! 17 was a nice little up hill hole that you will want to try to run the chains on.
Overall this is a very nice course that offers you with a very solid challenging round. You can work on all aspects of your game on this course. The secluded feel of this course adds to the overall ambiance. If you are in the area I suggest hitting this course up and taking a little drive to play Langley Pond. Both are excellent courses that will offer something for everyone. I would play this one again if I ever get back to this area.
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Oh Boyd! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 5, 2017 Played the course:once


Boyd Pond is a great mid-range course. There are plenty of birdie chances to be had here, rewarding aggressive play.
- This is a great, disc golf only plot of land. The course offers a tremendous amount of variety and some solid elevation layouts, as the course weaves between wooded and open holes.
- Holes #1 - 6 are mostly in the woods; #7 -12 are pretty much wide open; and holes #13 - 18 have a mix of soft wood coverage and semi-openness.
- The course allows players to be aggressive throughout. The risk/reward element is heavily tilted towards the reward side. Barring some unlucky kicks off trees, or flat-out bad drives deep into the woods, you have some room for error with your tee shots. I was disappointed I didn't get my first 2 until #9, but at least I was giving myself birdie putts throughout the round.
- This is a solid course for casual players and/or non-big throwers. Average hole length is 302 feet in the long baskets, and only 268 in the short baskets. Play this course after playing Langley and it's going to seem even more inviting than it already does.
- I enjoyed all three of the downhill layouts - #6, 15 & 18. Each offers a different look and challenge while also begging the player to be aggressive and make a run at the basket.
- #1 is a good, simple warm-up hole. It's an uphill 245 foot that plays much longer. From there, another couple of good wooded holes. My favorite of these is #3. A split fairway dogleg layout to give you a couple looks.
- Tee signs are top notch. These are among the best I've seen on courses. Even with a lot of holes close by, especially in the open field, navigation was a breeze.


I'm hard pressed to find things wrong with this course. I'd love for all courses to have this overall quality. That said, it's knit-picking time:
- Two annoyances with the layout. The two hole loops are #1 & 9. That means you have a 8 & 10 hole loop instead of two 9s.
- The other layout quirk is the walk from #18 back to the parking. If you walk in a straight line from #18's basket towards the parking lot, you're walking through the fairways of #8 & 9.
- When I played, the baskets weren't consistent in being in the A or B positions. On some holes it's easy to determine which position/hole length you're playing. Other holes it's not clear. That's an issue when you overthrow a basket by 50 feet or you throw your disc on the wrong side of the fairway.
- For safety reasons, I don't like the transition from #14's basket to #15's tee. Players have to backtrack across #14's fairway and walk up #15's fairway to go from tee to basket. I didn't know this and threw on a couple of guys who were walking back across the fairway after putting out.
- There are no restrooms or water fountains on the course. Be prepared because the course is a decent drive back to town.

Other Thoughts:

Boyd Pond is a fantastically simple and fun layout. There isn't anything gimmicky or overly difficult. What you see is what you get. And in this case, it's a home run.
- I loved having the chance to be aggressive on the course and being rewarded for it. If I want to be tortured, Langley is only 10 minutes away.
- If the small pond between #7 & 16 ever has water in it, both holes have an added level of difficulty. As it stands, #16 doesn't make you think twice before throwing a mid-range or putter.
- #11 & 12 give the course its only length - 533 & 451 respectively. They're fun, but easy, layouts. I had a tap-in 4 on #11 and a short birdie putt on #12. Here I would have liked to see a little more challenge.
- Fun course all around. It's not the most challenging, but that's not its goal. This course is an awesome addition to the local scene. Boyd had many aspects of Hippodrome's Hogback and Old Glory courses. Just like those courses, this is worth checking out.
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Fun, but not overly difficult 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 28, 2017 Played the course:once


This course is a blast to play. Not overly difficult or mentally challenging, but lots of fun. And I'm not a fan of disc golf courses on ball-golf courses, or ex-ball courses, but this one works pretty dang good.

Nice benches on every hole, and super tee-pads with a fake grass cover. Found the tees for the most part grippy, but could them getting very slippy if wet.

Navigation is a BREEZE. Man, if all courses could be this easy I'd be a happy man. Stevie Wonder could find his way around this one.

Course starts off working through the woods, holes 1-6 wind through tall pines, up and over hills. Even though the course is wooded, i found the lines very fair, and if you find yourself off the fairway, ample avenues back to the fairway, or even toward the basket

The middle of the course gets a bit repetitious. Hole #7 is a straight 260 foot shot that offers a bit of danger with a small pond to the left, but with little water. #8 mirrors #7 in the sense that it's just a straight 260 foot shot slightly up hill.

#9 & #10 are similar. These were simple 280 foot throws with no trees or other obstacles. Just throw to basket and move on. #11 is essentially 8&9 combined - roughly 550'. Just grip and rip.

Starting with #12 you get back into the woods and the fun.

#16, 17, 18 are fun finishing holes. 16 is a 200' hole to a basket on the edge of another small pond. Too much glide and you're wet. #17 is straight shot up the hill to a basket on a ledge. Easy shot, but come in short and your disc is off to the races. A 2 can become a 4 in a heartbeat. Finally 18 is a long 361 foot down hill shot that is guarded by a line of trees, Tee is on on top of a hill which makes the shot a blast.


No big cons except some repetitious holes and the face that #18 ends in the middle of the flat, old ball-golf course. Just a kind of odd finishing spot

Other Thoughts:

Course is way out in the middle of no where, but don't let that stop you from playing. It is well worth the drive!
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Boyd Pond Birdie Shoot 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 15, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Boyd Pond Park DGC is awesome. Several really fun throws, and a chance to birdie just about every hole if you have average skills. The course is decked out with nice turf tee boxes, and new Mach 5 baskets (my favorite), benches on all holes, and excellent signage. There is very nice use of elevation changes spread evenly through the course, and a few flat holes that are more open on the grassy portion of the grounds. Even the wooded holes usually have fairly open and forgiving fairways, especially given the relatively short average distance of each hole. I love this course just because it has huge fun appeal. My favorite holes are 6, 15, and 18. They all have elevated tee pads, and are longish par 3 (for this course anyway, I still throw a putter on two of them), and get a little tougher as you progress. The hiking up and down the hillside is a nice hike, and the layout is quick and kind of easy. Very beginner friendly, but still interesting. Every hole can be reached for a birdie, with 14 and 18 being the most challenging in my opinion. Hole 14 is uphill with a hard right hook at the end, and is slightly more crowded with trees. 18 Is a great finishing hole, dropping significantly in elevation and 361' of distance, par 3, with a few mature trees protecting the basket as you approach. 11 and 15 are no gimmies, either. 11 is flat and long, a 533' par 4, with heavy rough flanking the right side of the fairway. 15 is a fun one, another downhill bomb like 6, but with a smaller window through the trees. I use a putter on both, but 15 takes more of a line drive throw, as opposed to the gradual hyzer that is allowed by the more open fairway at 6. There are a few patches of punishing rough and some thick woods in places if you have a poor drive or a bad ricochet. Overall, if you have moderate disc golf abilities you should have a good chance at shooting under par, maybe way under! Dog friendly as well. Doesn't seem to hold water after summer rain showers.


Not a difficult course. The par 4 holes (3 of them) are not super tough, and the old ball golf section is kind of pitch and putt. I would love to see the low scores after a group of pros tore the place up. I kind of like it and some of the fun factor for me might be underwhelming to a more critical reviewer. If holes 7, 8, 9, 10, and 16 (basically the short, flat, mostly open grassy holes) were a little more interesting it would be nice. They're fine, have variation, and not automatic birdies for me. They are aggravating because they should be nearly automatic, and just kind feel a little too ordinary. Watch out for the nasty stuff on hillside that runs to the right side of holes 11 and 12. I shanked one right on 12 during my first round, and a red hornet stung me as I searched for my disc and climbed through the numerous thorny bushes growing there.

Other Thoughts:

I love it, can't tell you enough. I live in an area that is surrounded with very good courses, but this is a very welcome addition. It kind reminds me of Earlewood Park in Columbia, SC, because of the hilly terrain and the great flow through the course. If you live nearby and are demoralized from getting your arse kicked at the recently finished Langley Pond DGP (as I am), and you're ready for a change of pace, then try making the short trip over to Boyd Pond Park DGC. Both are super layouts, with great design and facilities, but there is also a great contrast between them. The simplified, fundamental shots required here are appreciated by me, and can be a terrific boost for the confidence. First round I played at Boyd Pond was on a Monday, and I shot a 60 (+3). I tried to play it again on Tuesday after work, but my friend got lost on the way and ran late, and we were caught by a typical summer rain shower on the 5th hole. We attempted to play 6 but had to call it off because of the drenching. So today is Wednesday, and I have driven 20 minutes each way for 3 consecutive days to play. The course had drained and dried out beautifully. I had a way better round, but I still feel I had bad attempts on at least 3 or 4 drives and I missed 3 birdie putts. I was bogey free and shot a 51 (-6). So check it out if you have the time. There are a lot of higher caliber courses in the vicinity, but this is an instant favorite for me. I might get up early tomorrow so I can play it again before work!
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Boyd Pond 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 11, 2016 Played the course:once


Beginner/intermediate friendly
Plays fast
Half wooded /half open
Some nice elevated tee boxes


A couple of straight open holes

Other Thoughts:

Really liked the course, now I don't have to drive over to PK for a quick round!
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