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Shelby, MI

Flip City Disc Golf Park

4.825(based on 226 reviews)
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Flip City Disc Golf Park reviews

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Experience: 18.9 years 261 played 250 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Michigan's Best

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 30, 2023 Played the course:once


- concrete tees on every hole, nice and long
- unique covered rest areas throughout course
- pay to play fee is extremely reasonable (and kids/women free)
- very well maintained course - mowed, in good repair
- good quality Chainstar baskets with visible red rims
- benches and garbage cans throughout course
- extreme elevation change incorporated very well throughout course
- good variety of hole distances
- playable by less experienced players ok with a challenge; opportunity for all skill levels to hone their game
- picnic tables throughout course
- multiple practice baskets
- port o potties
- rock cairns all over course are unique and add to the iconic feel of the course
- moderately wooded on some holes, somewhat open on many
- rough is very forgiving for finding discs for most of the course
- bells for blind shots, a rare but great amenity


- tees could be a bit wider
- tee "signs" (numbers) leave a lot to be desired
- some may consider lack of alternate tees/basket locations on a course this revered a con, but it is a nit in my opinion
- navigation is a little confusing in some places and would benefit from more signage
- some areas can be slightly muddy when course is wet
- no water hazards
- baskets could use hole numbers on them to avoid confusion

Other Thoughts:

Well, I finally made it to Flip City, and with my 9 year old son no less. Waking up at 3:37 AM to head up to Michigan was worth it! While Flip City didn't ultimately earn one of my elusive 5 disc ratings, it is an incredible course I'd love to play again someday. Anyone who can should make it out to this course, especially if you're in the Midwest and it isn't too far. I swear, every course I play in Michigan just seems to raise the bar higher. If you want to travel up and down the west coast of Michigan, there are several other cool courses which help compensate for Flip City being a bit in the middle of nowhere.

Anyone can see the care put into this course; it is clean and immaculately maintained. The challenge is notable here, due to the elevation change and shot shaping requirements. It is a hike, but definitely not the worst hike I've done for 24 holes. The course is tough but not punishing; my 9 year old made it through the course just fine, so while it is a bit much for a beginner, it really is friendly to all skill levels.

You will definitely have to utilize a variety of shots here, but it is more moderately wooded and lightly wooded/open than some other really technical courses. There aren't many insanely long holes, which I prefer; the focus is on technique and placement more than just having a killer arm.

While pay to play can be viewed as a con in the DG community, it's clear some of the best courses are the private ones with some income to keep things running. $5 is quite reasonable for a course of this caliber, and it allows you to play all day if you want to play Flip twice the same day (I personally would not vote for this). The feel here is casual, with a pay box and no check in process. Amenities are excellent overall, as noted in my Pros comments. About the only thing missing here is a pro shop or food/drink - which honestly gives courses a bit more of a commercialized feel I don't always love anyway.

The natural beauty here is notable; it's not going to be on par with something in the Colorado Rockies, but it has native plants and wildflowers to go with the hilly terrain, and the rock cairns all over just add to the mystique of this unique course. I saw wild turkeys with babies during the round which was a first for me.

Now, for the cons - while this is an excellent course, and the best I've played in Michigan, there are a few things that could be improved. First, because it's fairly simple: navigation. With the map on DGCR we figured it out, but there are times when it isn't completely clear and a few next tee signs would make a huge difference. The baskets also don't have hole numbers on them; at one time we could see 4 baskets roughly the same distance away and it was very unclear which was which. Not that we could have read numbers on baskets from the tee, but these kind of things help if you really can't figure it out.

I'd also like to see real tee signs at a course of this caliber; full color maps would be an excellent, but more expensive, addition. The posts with just hole number on them, which are very low to the ground, aren't particularly helpful. Any other cons are mostly nits; while this doesn't have the cool water hazards of a place like Blue Ribbon Pines, it blows that course out of the water in terms of elevation change. Every course is different, and I think it's worth respecting this beautiful piece of property for what it is.

A couple of the holes have blind tee shots, which are noted on signs. These 2 holes have bells to ring when you are clear for the next group to play. While we were playing, we only saw 1 or 2 groups on the entire course (9:30-11:30 Friday morning), but I think this needs to be employed more on these risky holes. I think some blind shots are a great added challenge but the sight lines can create safety issues; this is really the only safety issue I noted at Flip City and the bells are a great solution, although slightly louder ones might help.

Overall, it was an awesome round at Flip City. Despite the length of 24 holes and the punishing hill climbing, rough was forgiving and finding discs wasn't bad. This is a "fun" 24 holes, not as exhausting as some others. I'd encourage anyone with the means to get out and play Flip City, and if you need a more lighthearted round after this longer one, The Tinderbox in nearby Ludington is an awesome 18 hole course in the woods - tight and technical, but super short distances. Great for families and kids and for a quicker, simpler round.
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Experience: 6.1 years 255 played 247 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Flip City: The 225th Subjective Review

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 2, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Flip City. Where to begin.

For those who may be unfamiliar...Flip City itself began when one man decided to install a disc golf course in the backyard of his private West Michigan farm way back in 1980 - Bill McKenzie. With help from a few others, Bill has redesigned, upgraded, and maintained the course for over 40 years. There is a "History" page on the course website if you want to learn more. The "Field of Dreams" movie reference on the course info page is apt.

The elevation changes here are intense, and used well without exception. A large number of baskets are on steeply sloping greens, providing more risk/reward putt opportunities than I could count. There are quite a few awesome downhill tee shots, that can be converted into birdie opportunities with the right throw...or bogies if your shot fades or turns over off the fairway.

The aesthetic here is unique and enjoyable. Past the first couple holes near the parking area, the hills and valleys mostly look very natural but with a few man-made touches:
- Grass at edge of fairways mowed in geometric shapes and paths, reminiscent of a crop circle.
- Rock piles near many fairways and baskets.
- Several small gazebos with seating to relax and catch your breath between holes.
You aren't likely to hear any road noise except maybe on the first few holes. It will be just you, nature, and other DG'ers.

There are several very memorable holes here, and a couple that arguably surpass signature level and could be called "iconic". Some of my picks:
- Hole 5 plays 290' up and over a ridge, with drop-offs on both sides and clearly marked OB on the right hand side. The ridge has several trees to block an easy path to the basket, and the ground is covered in roots and rocks. The basket is on a steep downward slope.
- Hole 10 is another up-and-over style hole. From the tee it looks like the basket is probably off to the left, but it's actually straight ahead and in the middle of a flat plateau.
- Hole 11 is one of the most memorable holes I have ever played, and is basically Flip City in a nutshell. This hole plays across a valley, sloping steeply downward from the tee pad and with the basket perched on an equally steep upward incline on the other side. The fairway is decorated with the rock piles and mowing patterns mentioned above.
- Hole 2A is the longest one here at 670'. It plays straight over rolling terrain. The fairway is wide and well-mowed, with the patterns on each side. It almost feels like you are on a ball golf course - except for the numerous old-growth trees planted right in the middle.
- Hole 12 plays 270' across another valley to a basket perched several feet off the ground on a stump. The terrain around the basket slopes steeply downward to the left as seen from the tee. If your RHBH drive hyzers out you will have a long trek back uphill to the basket - and if your putt misses it might roll all the way back down again.

There are several other holes here that could be deemed signature material on a normal course. Even the holes that are less memorable have good variety and plenty of obstacles to work around. You will have to throw a lot of different shots with several different discs to score well here.

The baskets are beautiful red Chainstar Pros, in like-new condition. They really stand out and add to the aesthetic of the course. Hole 16's basket is hanging on a line, which doesn't really affect play but is another unique touch.

The cement tee pads are narrower than you may be used to, but they are long enough and mostly still in good shape. They are definitely on the older side and will probably be due for a re-pour in a couple more years. There is also a broom at every tee pad, and benches/trash cans at many pads. I think there used to be multiple tee locations per hole, but now there is only one.

The course flows well. I see no filler holes here, yet there are also no long walks between holes. After playing holes 1-11 you have the opportunity to continue directly to hole 12 for an 18-hole round, or add on holes 1A-6A for a total of 24. Tees 12 and 1A are right next to each other facing opposite directions, so you won't miss either one. If you choose to play 1A-6A (which I recommend, you drove all the way here after all), a short path from 6A's basket leads right back to the same area, which is on the top of a hill. There is also a picnic table here to rest your legs.

The course is always in immaculate condition. If you play your round in the morning you are likely to see Bill himself, or at minimum one of his helpers mowing the fairways and sweeping the teepads.

There are not one, not two, but three practice baskets next to the parking lot to warm up. The baskets are thoughtfully spaced out a bit so you can easily putt between them. There are also other random baskets scattered around near the parking area that you could use to warm up if the course is very busy.

Port-a-potties on site. You can also camp on site near the practice baskets.


There are no tee signs. There are just posts next to each tee pad, about 1' tall with the hole number. At this point with the course being as famous as it is, I wonder if it's Bill's personal preference to not have tee signs and if so I respect that - but disagree. The basket is not visible from the tee on about half of the holes and I think that many people - especially those who have come a long way to play Flip for the first time - would appreciate some guidance. The tee signs don't have to be the gaudy color mini-maps that I usually like. Wooden boards with a rough hole layout and key obstacles routered in would be sufficient without compromising the aesthetic of the course. Maybe painted red to match the baskets?

Even though the course flows well, there are a couple of places where Next Tee signs would still be helpful (5-6, 9-10, and 11-12 or 1A come to mind). There is a cool-looking sign to point DG'ers in the right direction where paths cross between holes 7-8 and 13-14. Signage like this in a few other locations would be a nice addition. You can get a scorecard with a rough course map at the first tee, which helps alleviate this somewhat too.

Hole 3A is a little too tightly wooded for my liking. This hole kind of feels like "poke and hope" for me. If there is a reliable line, I haven't found it yet. I think a few more trees should be removed. Hole 9 also has a very tight grove of trees as you approach the basket.

There are no water hazards.

There are only a few opportunities here for bigger arms to really air it out. Hole 2A (par 5) is the only one that surpasses 500' in length, and only four other holes are >400'.

Other Thoughts:

The $5 fee allows you to play all day, so you can play a second round for free if you want. This course is a major workout though, so if you are planning on that you will want to bring at least 3 bottles of water. I was surprised (and delighted) to have the course almost to myself for two rounds today - on the Friday heading into Fourth of July weekend no less. I'd recommend coming on a weekday if you can to avoid the crowds (but not Wednesday, as that is league day).

Why would I bother to review a course that already has 224 reviews? First of all, this is my 50th review and one year anniversary since my first review so I wanted to review a special course as a nod to those occasions. But also, reading a few of the previous reviews as well as seeing/hearing discussion of this course spurred some thoughts that I want to share.

Before you invest a lot of time and money into a big trip across the country or world to play this course (or any course!), you should consider what you are looking for in a course and research how well the course(s) you have your eye on seem to match up with that.

In my view the main attractions of Flip City are the unique aesthetic (talking about the rolling wooded hills and also the "wow" factor when you consider that this is really Bill's backyard) and the elevation challenges. Those are two of the biggest draws a course can have for me, so I love playing here.

If your ideal course is an easy pitch and putt/ace race to stop by with your family after work, well this obviously isn't that.

If your ideal course is a marathon disc golf challenge demanding 300' water carries on hole after hole, well you also might leave here disappointed. In terms of distance and challenge, this course has more than enough of both to keep me happy personally but it is definitely not the longest or most challenging round you will ever play. I can think of several courses - even out of the 60ish I have played as of this writing which are mostly within a couple hour's drive of Flip - that have more length, and difficulty to score well on.

If you use UDisc and don't really care about signage, you might be shocked that I am basically taking off half a disc rating just for that. My ideal course can be played without referring to UDisc or any map (although the latter is always nice to double-check). But if you feel differently that's OK!

The point I am trying to drive home here is: Every single review of this course and every other course on this site is subjective and has bias. If you have a brain, you have bias. Do your research before visiting any course but especially one that you will be coming a long way to play.

To sum up, this is an incredible course that Bill has poured his heart and soul (also time and money) into for over 40 years. I feel like what Bill has done here is basically just a bit of signage short of being the best that it can possibly be. It is a course that is 100% worth experiencing and it deserves the attention that it receives.

UPDATE JUNE 2023: I have come back to play this course a handful of times since writing the essay above - most recently yesterday. The additional visits (plus interactions with other players) have reinforced my feeling that the lack of tee signs and shortage of navigational signs are firm Cons - significant enough for me to leave this rating at 4.5. That said, the additional visits have also reinforced how much I love playing here. I am now approaching 175 courses played and while I'm not sure that Flip is really the #3 course in the world (its current ranking on this site), it is still in my personal top 10. I feel very fortunate to have a course this good only about a 75 minute drive away from where I live.

The drive down the eastern side of Lake Michigan on US-31 runs near a lot of great disc golf - from Hickory Hills up in Traverse City, down through the Ludington area with Mason County Park and Whiskey Hills Campground, right past what is still the best church course I have played in The Breakers, to Shore Acres Park near Saugatuck. But even amongst all of those courses, Flip City remains the brightest star. Hop in your car, or book your flight and come experience it for yourself.
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Most Overrated course on DGCR 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 11, 2021 Played the course:once


- cool use of elevation
- rock piles


- lack of distance
- lack of challenge
- lack of tee signs paired with some blind shots

Other Thoughts:

These other reviews must REALLY like rock piles and the hillbilly aesthetic because this course was extremely average. Beautiful? Not really. "Disc Golf's field of dreams"?...maybe dream bigger if you want to be a top destination course. Don't get me wrong, the course has some interesting shots and a quirky charm. I'd say it's a top 'backyard course' but a nationally renowned 4.8 rated course it most certainly is NOT. I suspect that rating is unnaturally inflated.
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chad groen
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4.50 star(s)

A Great Course in the Middle of Nowhere 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 6, 2017 Played the course:once


This is a beautiful course that's located mostly in the woods behind the house of the person who designed the course (the first hole, however, is in his front yard, but he has some nice landscaping near the tee pad). It's very scenic and the holes offer a variety of challenges including blind tee shots, uphill throws, downhill throws, narrow fairways, and lots of trees serving as tricky obstacles. Some holes are real long, while others are kind of short. One of the baskets is on a giant hillside and is sitting on top of a tall tree stump (that's pretty unique). There's signage on each hole and they're very helpful. Also, It's easy to find your way around the course.


Just a few small issues: If you're playing by yourself, you may have a hard time finding your disc on the blind tee shots. There was one hole (I think it might've been 5a) that had too many trees blocking the basket without a good path for your disc to follow to reach the basket. The approach shot for hole 1 seemed a little too easy. There are some trees nearby that could've been utilized more as obstacles, and there's also room to make the hole longer, but neither one of those is the case. The beginning of hole 2 starts off a little too easy. It's flat, open, and has no obstacles. Also, the tee pads are a little short and are looking kind of old.

Other Thoughts:

Overall, this is a beautiful course that's really fun to play and can challenge you in a variety of ways. Easily one of the best courses, if not, the best course you'll ever play, and yet it was built and is maintained by just a single person who lives out there. It may cost a little money to play, but it's totally worth it (plus the guy who lives there needs that money to help maintain the course, so it makes sense to pay).
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3.00 star(s)

Underwhelming 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2020 Played the course:once


Best thing about the course is the fact that its been around so long and that it's rated so high. The next best thing is the stacked up rocks. There is also some cool amenities and sites like the basket mowed into the grass. The place just has a cool vibe to it. Unfortunately none of that is the actual golf


As I suggested in the "pros", the actual golf isn't great. Its honestly average at best. Many holes barely have a line. Many baskets are clearly set in a position to "make it tough", but as a result just makes it plinko golf. The land and atmosphere are way too good to be let down so much by the layout. If you go expecting a course the likes of maple, idlewild, northwood, bc3, etc, you'll be extremely disappointed

Other Thoughts:

Kudos to those that do the upkeep. That part of the course is 2nd to none
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Best so Far! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 17, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


Flip City is a privately owned but open to the general public course located in western Michigan. Green fees are $5 all day and $3 after 3 P.M. Girls and kids play free. There's camping onsite and scorecards and maps in a box on the shed by hole 1. This is where the pay to play mailbox is located as well. There is ample parking and portable toilets by hole 1 and between 3A and 4A I believe.

Now onto the actual golf itself. This was my 350th course to play and the most enjoyable of all of them. I'd personally say that this course is more 4.75 than 4.5. I didn't give it a 5, though I wanted to, because I don't feel I can give any course a "best of the best" rating without playing every course or at least top courses out there. So 4.5 it is.This course has 24 holes that are all immaculately maintained. Better than most city or county parks I've played. The baskets are Mach V's of an older variety but they catch great and are all mounted level. There are concrete tee pads on every hole except one. This is on a shorter hole earlier in the round ( hole 7ish maybe). The flow of the course is very easy to follow, especially with the map. If there aren't maps available play holes 1 through 11, then after that you go up the hill behind 11 play 1A before 12. There are 6 lettered holes being 1A through 6A. 6A will take you back up the hill to the tee for 12. Flows smooth from there on out. There is a mixture of lengths here ranging from 172 feet on hole 17 up to 670 feet on hole 2A. There is a good mix of shots required here though it does definitely favor RHBH or LHFH but not completely. There is no water in play but there is abundant elevation throughout. There are epic downhill shots, across valley shots, challenging up hill holes and everything in between. The course is a workout. Plan on at least 2 hours for a twosome depending on your conditioning and speed of play. The rough on the course is very manageable as well. I'd imagine it'd be pretty hard to lose a disc here without throwing an absolute shank of a shot.

And lastly, This course has been around for longer than I have. It has been lovingly cared for by one man in that time and it shows. With that being said don't come here expecting open bomb after bomb. This course was around before high speed drivers so of course there aren't a bunch of grip and rip holes. It's as peaceful and serene of a place you will find anywhere. An absolute gem of a course.


As mentioned before there are no tee signs, only a black and white painted 4x4 with a hole number on it. It would be nice to have a hole map on some holes but isn't really that big of a deal in my opinion. Apparently the course can get busy. It wasn't on a mid June Monday afternoon but is worth mentioning I guess. Not a con but worth noting that the course closes at 3:30 on Wednesdays for league. That's literally all I can think of and none of them were a big deal for me at all.

Other Thoughts:

This is definitely a destination course. I've been waiting YEARS to play this and it didn't disappoint. In fact it was better than I had hoped it would be. If you're anywhere in the general vicinity make sure you stop in to play. You will not be disappointed. There are many other courses nearby to make for a excellent albeit exhausting day of disc golf. It's in my favorites now and arguably my all time favorite.
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Flip City: A Globally Recognized Disc Golf Experience 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 16, 2019 Played the course:once


Flip City is a backyard wonderland with gorgeous rolling hills, scenic woodlands, and a pretty sweet disc golf course. Bill, course designer and one man grounds crew, has put nearly 40 years of hard work into Flip to build it from a piece of property in Western Michigan to one of the world's highest rated courses. While I respect everyone who considers Flip to be one of the best courses on the planet, I'm not 100% sold on it being a top tier course. I'll get into the positives first.

+ Bill's backyard is beautiful, secluded, and peaceful. You'll be hard pressed to find a course as quiet as this one. There are also a few signature pavilions/shelters that add a unique touch to the course.

+ There are definitely some fun throws here, and some all-time great holes. The ones that really stand out for me are 7, 11, 1A, 2A, 12, and 18. That three hole stretch from 11 to 2A is really special, featuring beautiful views, crazy rock formations, and uber-fun downhill throws. You've gotta throw more than one disc on these holes!

+ For one person to keep up this course is incredible. The fairways were trimmed beautifully and I had no problems whatsoever finding any disc that drifted astray. Props to Bill for all his hard work and dedication!

+ $5 is a very reasonable price to play a course on every disc golfers bucket list. That $5 gets you all day access to the course, so you can play it several times if you'd like.

+ There's plenty of parking and a nice little kiosk by the first tee. There's a money box by the first tee as well, so make sure you pay the man!


- So I have to keep my criteria similar for all my reviews, and I'm not going to make an exception for Flip. The signage was poor, with only the numbers on little white posts in the ground. This makes it tricky to judge where the basket is at times, especially since they're hard to spot.

- Speaking of the baskets, they are grey and tough to spot, especially the ones in the woods. Combine that with the lack of tee signs and you'll often have to walk and squint to see where you're supposed to throw.

+ Outside of the middle section, the course can be a little dull at times.

Other Thoughts:

So don't get the wrong vibe from this review. Flip City is a great course and a must play for any serious disc golfer just for the history alone. Maybe my expectations were too high coming into the round, as I just can't put it up there with some of the best courses in the country. However, Flip is still a great course that deserves its good reputation.
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Destination Course : Sure To Be In Your Favorites 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 8, 2019 Played the course:once


I had driven over 7 straight hours on my own just to be here first when the course opened at 7:30 . I pulled in at 7:20 and was beaten by 2 players that drove here from Lafayette Indiana .You can feel that the course is personable as soon as you park your car . There is no guard out on the grounds to shake you down for your $5 ( much like Milwaukee's city parks ) , just as honor box at the first tee . Nice little scorecards are next to the honor box .a port o let is to the right of the parking lot . You better print a map before hitting this course . While you stretch and check the surroundings , you will find how peaceful the area is . The property sits away from everything , leaving you with just nature and the course . This is a 24 hole course , each hole unique from the rest . Right and left handed holes balance . The baskets . Baskets are of the older mach styles ( I kind of like the yellow banded Discatchers for a course like this . I'll explain a little later ) but in good shape . The tee pads are cement and older but are in good condition . Signage is basic , just a number low and in front of the tee pad . The course fairways were cut perfect and the grounds well taken care of . The first few holes , a blind left bending shot 250' over an embankment ,a 500' straightaway drive and a slightly downhill 375' toss through a tight alley . Now the fun really begins . The elevation changes instantly . As you drive for #4 goes up part of a hill , you will notice little man made rock stacks , kind of like native american tribes made out west to mark pathways . These are all over the place . The landscape goes from nice to gorgeous . All of the natural rock formations , the different types of old and established trees come into view for the rest of the course . There is a lot of wildlife on this property , and I'm not just talking about the disc golfers that are allowed to camp on his grounds at night . The landscape of this course is the prettiest I have ever witnessed . There are benches at pretty much every hole . Some even have a top to them kind of making a hut .. A good plus because of the elevation change and playing 24 holes for some . The course length and clever basket placements will not overwhelm you . That is not what it was intended for . This course was put here for you to admire it and for IT to entertain you . I could enjoy it all spring summer and fall if I lived close by here ( closed for the winter season ) . I came up alone , but I added myself in with the 2 that beat me to the course ( Shout out to Zach and Joe , thanks ) . I wasn't sure that I ever saw the multiple tees that the course details on Disc Review , but So What ! You don't need alternate pin placement or pro tees for this course . ENJOY .A lot of variance for hole length , from 172' to 670' . You will have to control your drives and mid throws on this course . Some risk/reward on the basket placements with some dropoffs and hillsides to contend with . Lots of signature or memorable holes wrapped into one 24 hole course . The last hole is a steep downhill 195' hyzer through a tight formation of trees with a thick shorter tree and it's canopy guarding part of the front and right side of the basket along with the top of it . Should be an easy enough par as long as you clear the tight fairway . My signature hole would likely be #12 . A drive from a hill over a gully onto another hill that slopes to the left and a brushline to the right . The basket is elevated on top of a large tree stump . It will unnerve you , thinking that your missed putt may roll all the way down to the bottom of the hill .


There are a couple I have to add ( sorry , Bill ) #1 signage . . For a national class course , the signage lags . All it has is the tee # . Hard to spot looking for the right tee pad and throwing to blind shot baskets . #2 when I was there , the rough was out of control . I can live with it when I throw to lower elevation blind hole throws , but to spend a long time looking for a disc in knee high rough is frustrating . Bill cut out pathways in the rough , maybe in hopes that you land on one of the paths . Just a suggestion : maybe put orange or yellow flags on the baskets so the players can spot them easier . We had to walk up the fairway on a few occasions just to see where the basket was placed in the woods .

Other Thoughts:

The few cons/suggestion does little to offset the fact that this is an incredible course .The most scenic . This may be the only course that , after I started playing it , I felt as though I belonged to it . hard to explain . By the time I was done , the parking lot was full of cars and you could hear some of the disc golfers on the course . I was able to meet the owner , Bill , after our round . He is a great guy . Keeps up with the game and knows a lot of the history . He sat at the sheltered picnic tables and all of talked for quite a while . I had put down 32 bucket list courses in order that I haven't played yet , and Flip City was #1 . Thanks , Bill for talking to us and giving us the privilege to play your course . My recommendation : This is a destination course . However you have to travel to come here , PLAY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thanks bill 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 26, 2018 Played the course:once


As many have said before me, the property is awesome. You almost can't go wrong. Put a basket in the ground anywhere and you have a good or potentially amazing hole.


I had to find a flaw and I'm going with signage. I'm really into knowing what hole I'm on and where I'm throwing without having to think about it too much. A good tee sign goes a long way, but even a mark on the teepad would help. Some holes were obvious, others were marked, but some I had to check the map to be sure. I only played one round and it will be different if I ever go back.

Other Thoughts:

I wish I was there when leaves are on the trees, but it was still a beautiful place to play. I did, however, like blue gill a hair more
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Paradise 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 9, 2017 Played the course:once


Variety, maintenance, secluded. This course really has it all. Awesome variation from hole to hole. Just an absolute treat to walk through and play.


Nothing. This course is honestly perfect. It's Michigan disc golf history.
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Flippy 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 3, 2018 Played the course:once


A person can get just as worn out as they want to get up and down the beautiful hills. Radical stone stacks. Worth the trip and probably work camping to let it all sink in.


Poison Ivy is not unique to this one.

Other Thoughts:

Discs sometimes like to roll very far away.
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Ultimate Archetype of a Northeastern US course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 21, 2017 Played the course:once


After 521/39 courses/states played, I can say this is the prettiest course I've enjoyed.


Hard-to-spot-for-a-first-time-visitor single, gray baskets.

Other Thoughts:

Is this the most challenging course I've played? No - Iron Hill, Nockamixon, to name a couple, provide more of a challenge. Variety of elevation changes, combined with some fast greens and/or guarded baskets, are the primary challenges Flip offers. Shot-shaping, less so, as straight off the tee will serve you well on practically every hole. Distances vary quite a bit, too, with ~¼ ~200'-, ~¼ ~400'+, leaving ~½ in-between.

However, I will say that Flip is the prettiest course I've played. Has pretty much every type hardwood tree found in North America, and some pines as well. The rich, green grass, prominent on the steady supply of rolling fairways, was well cut. Scattered groupings of gray stones added to the environment. Minimal undergrowth on the wooded holes with their major elevation changes. Even the squirrels and chipmunks seemed happier and healthier than your typical forest-dwelling rodents.

As mentioned earlier, some of the baskets were difficult to spot from a distance, but course navigation itself was fairly straightforward.

West coast of Michigan in general, Flip City in particular, was the ultimate goal of my recent 9=day/2200=mile roadtrip from Baltimore to Michigan, and it did not disappoint!
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The Valkyrie Kid
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My New All Time Favorite! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 24, 2017 Played the course:once


Tonight I had the privilege to play in Flip City's Wednesday night league and was lucky enough to play in the same foursome with Bill. I don't know if there is anything else to say about Flip City has hasn't already been said. I also don't know if Flip is the best course I've ever played but I do know that it is my favorite course ever played.

I've delayed writing my review for two days so Flip City can be the 1000th review that I've written. Isn't that cool how that worked out?

Of the many criteria I look for in rating a course, I think beauty is maybe the # 1 thing I take into consideration and I think Bill is maybe the most beautiful man I've ever met. No, only kidding, Bill is a great guy and probably pretty cute, but it's the course that is awesome. Bill is just the painter here, this wonderful tract of land is his canvas. Flip City is just stunning. It seemed like every hole was a masterpiece. A panel of disc golf course experts couldn't have designed a more awe-inspiring course. Throwaway holes, nope! There were only a few early holes that I thought were "normal" OK, pedestrian and not just totally visually gems. A previous reviewer commented that most holes here would be considered Signature holes on other good courses and I totally agree. I mean this as a compliment but Flip has that golf course feel to it with these wonderful valleys and beautiful natural fairways. And then you add the ruggedness of the land and that gives Flip another dimension with cool rock formations, steep hillsides and rugged gorges. The huts and the stacked rock formations are nice additions plus the rocks give you an excellent reference point for your drive on some holes.

Frankly, I was surprised that the course wasn't more challenging. It's not incredibly long or incredibly tight. I found it to be a very comfortable, relaxing round. This is a course that I could play everyday. 24 holes here is a workout but not a killer like, say, any ski resort course.

Hole 12 is one to remember. It's probably about 260' over a gully. The raised basket backed sits on top of a big old stump. There is rough on the right side and the entire fairway slopes down to the left making most putts pretty intimidating. Putting from the left or downhill side, the basket looks to be about 15'.


I can be a bit nit picky here. The equipment is nothing special. Some of the pads are looking a little old. The baskets are pretty average. And the signs are very basic having only the hole #.

Some players will complain that the basket placements rarely change. That there is really only one set of pads. Personally, I appreciate that Bill has kept it like this. Why mess with perfection?

Closed for the winter months. OK, let's pack up the course and move it San Diego.

Other Thoughts:

I've been reading about Flip City for so many years now including all the ratings controversy. I think, mentally, I was expecting to be slightly underwhelmed. But I was totally and completely overwhelmed and pleased. I would LOVE to be able to come up here and play Flip every Wednesday night.

My thanks to DGCR member Jeff (Mike) from Spring Lake for bringing me here and introducing me to everyone.
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Best course ever! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 26, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Set in a very scenic area of Michigan this course is easily one of the best in the U.S. The Course is $3 to play all day. You pay via drop box honor system and there are score cards available at the first tee box.

The course starts out easy at the first 3 holes and then you will see the dramatic changes in elevation begin.
The course is easy to navigate (Map on scorecard provided) with holes clearly marked and the next tee pad is easy to find. The course is very challenging and offers a wide range of shot types, but can be played at all skill levels.


The course is a bit far and out of the way. while also being a pro (not many players on the course any given day) there is some travel time involved, although definitely worth it! For lower skill level players the course can be a challenge. There are several holes you cannot see the pin from the tee pad so you may have to walk a bit to scope out the basket placement. the first time you play the course it might take some extra time to scope it out. Spotters are necessary on some holes. The elevation change and terrain would make it a bit difficult to use a disc cart so a bag and a chair would probably be preferred although not impossible.

Other Thoughts:

Every disc golf player needs to make the pilgrimage to Flip City at least once in their lifetime. Set in the remote area of Michigan this course is gorgeous and landscaped to perfection with unique stones placed about the course. make sure to take the time to stop and look around at each hole to take in the scenery.

you will see the hard work and dedication put into the course by the owner which is appreciated by all who play it!
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Flip 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 25, 2013 Played the course:2-4 times


ofcourse this place is the stuff of legend ,and it lives up to it well ,still only 3 bucks to play because Bill is old school cool like most west Michigan discgolf people i have met . the layout is sweet with beautiful rolling hills threwout the course .really a great place to be ,it just feels good there.there is onsight camping too!


bugs can get a little nuts out there but whatever

Other Thoughts:

every true discgolfer needs to make the trip atleast once.Events there are special .
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Oh my! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 14, 2016 Played the course:once


This place is beautiful! Hole 1 is pretty typical but after that is just gets more and more scenic. Views down into the valley, through the woods, etc. The piles of rocks were pretty cool as were some of the other touches on the course like poured concrete designs you can see from various vistas on the course.

Well defined fairways that were well kept made it very hard to lose a disc and yet still with enough challenge to make you hit the fairway.

Loved the elevation throwing drives up and down hills. The one elevated basket was a challenge with a crazy death putt if you were on all but one side of the basket.

Variety of holes made for some easier birdies and then some pretty long bombs that most would never reach in 1 throw. The locals apparently play it all as par 3.

Locals were super friendly. I finished the back 9 with two guys who were super helpful and friendly. I often love catching locals on new courses because most courses will have a spot or two that are hard to navigate. This course is so well laid out that the next tee is very intuitive with minimal need for help. That is a huge plus for me.

Tiny details were considered like brooms on every hole, porta poties on the course, and even the foul line on the teepad was new to me but made sense to keep the front of the pad from eroding due to traffic. Smart move. It seems not everyone loves that but it makes perfect sense to me the more I considered it.

Who doesn't love ending on a downhill ace run? I wish I could have personally thanked those who manage the property. It would take a small army to keep that place up!


Two cons come to mind:

1 - lack of water. No big deal. The course does just fine without it.

2 - small tees. Because of the foul line the tees play extra short. If you are going to have foul/fault lines it would be nice to have longer tees.

Other than that, nothing at all comes to mind!

Other Thoughts:

Pull in the first entrance and drive around to the parking. There is a pay box on the side of one of the buildings in there. Hole 1's tee is right by that building throwing back in the direction of the entrance.

GPS wasn't friendly out there. I am glad I had a map back printed because I couldn't get my map app on my iphone to get a signal to find my way back out and it took a few miles of driving to get a signal back that day. I am not sure if that is typical.

If you are ever within 100 miles of this course come check it out! I was driving from Detroit to Petoskey and took time to try it out and I am glad I did!
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Just go play this course already 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 31, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


There is no way I can capture them all here, but will list a few:
- Great overall layout and mix of holes. There is something for everyone here, from some long open fairways to very tightly wooded. There are righty holes and lefty holes. Uphill and downhill. I find a use for just about every disc in my bag when I play Flip
- A good amount of elevation that is utilized very well. There aren't any mountains you are throwing off, but there are a ton of holes that play on some good sized hills. A few holes offer great downhill drives while a few put the basket on a very precarious hillside that could turn an easy 2 into a 4 or 5 frustratingly quickly.
- This course is immaculately maintained. Being a sprawling private course over a very hilly terrain, I can't imagine what it takes to keep these fairways as beautifully mowed as they always seem to be. The course is clean with great tees.
- Unique and beautiful feel... this course has a charm of its own that makes it just an enjoyable place to walk around even if you aren't throwing. Between the elevation, layout, maintenance and all the piles of stacked rocks everywhere, it is a landscape that is uniquely Flip city
- The new elevated basket on hole 12 is really great... It is built on a 5 foot tall or so wooden platform. While it is a downhill ace run type of hole, the elevated basket can turn a greedy ace run into a tough 3. Not to mention that the basket platform is on the side of a hill, so a putt that rims out can easily fall 7 feet to the ground and roll another 50 ft downhill. A very challenging addition
- The crowd, or rather lack thereof. Since it is off the beaten path, is private, and is pay to play, it never is really crowded and the type of people that make it out tend to be a great group of mostly serious and overall very well behaved golfers. You don't get the army of high school kids playing in a group of 12 with one disc each that you get at some other more heavily trafficked courses.
- On-site camping. I've never done this but friends have so I'm not sure what you have to arrange with Bill to do it, but there is a place to pop a tent. What a great weekend that would be... playing Flip all day then a few beers and camping at night.


If I really think about it and try to be critical, a few would be:
- No water holes. Honestly a nice over water shot is about the only thing this course is missing
- Only open in the summer. I get that it is a private course so I can't expect it to be always open, but I was in the area once around late March/early April and it was 2 weeks before the course was open so I couldn't play. Oh well, we can't have it all, all of the time.
- It could be a bit more challenging. While most holes have a good aspect of risk (mostly due to the elevation), there aren't a ton of really hard or really long holes. However, I don't always want an impossible course and don't get me wrong, Flip still will get you thinking about your shot selection and challenge even the best player at times. It is the type of course though that a hot round will consist of a good number of very well played birdies and not too many fours.

Other Thoughts:

If you are not from MI and find yourself within a 3 hour drive of Flip with a day to kill, do yourself a favor and get over there. You will not be disappointed. Do yourself an even bigger favor and plan enough time for two rounds (though plan to be exhausted afterwards as there is a good amount of elevation to walk up and down).

Lastly, I can't thank Bill enough for building and maintaining this course throughout the years (Flip was an object course going back to 1980). He is a true ambassador of the sport and his hard work has given countless disc golfers a chance to play a course they will surely never forget.
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It's a Religious Experience Really...Just get here 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 2, 2016 Played the course:once


I am going to forgo my usual format of bullet points...

I'll admit it. Before driving to Flip I had this review written. I was going to nit-pick this that and the other. I was also going to write how a lack of any water hazards held my score back...Never have I been so wrong to even consider thinking along those lines.

When God created the Earth he designated certain areas for our pleasure. Great surfing was given to Southern California. Glorious skiing was given to places like the Rockies and the Alps. When he put his finger on a 50 acre parcel of land God decided this is going to be the most epic spot of disc golf conceivable.

21 of the 24 holes there would be considered the "signature" hole of almost any other course in the world. The first three are a little pedestrian in comparison but the reality is even those holes would be considered "great" anywhere else. Not only that there is something here that almost every other course I have ever played lacks. It's the passion for the game. A passion that shows in every square inch of the 24 holes here from the mowed paths to the ever present stacked cobblestones and rock gardens. I've never seen anything like it.

It's a difficult course to be sure but it isn't unfair. Every disc in your bag will be needed. Every shot in your arsenal will be used - repeatedly.


I could nitpick the amenities to death and point out that the concrete pads aren't quite perfect, the tee signs aren't spectacular and there was one spot where I had a hard time figuring out where the next tee was. But when the disc golf play is so good those sorts of things in my mind are really irrelevant.

I've heard that Flip can't possibly be the best because that it doesn't have any water hazards. What a stupid argument. What, the gloriously wonderfully laid out holes weren't enough? It's like saying, "Gee, Fenway will never be the best baseball stadium because it doesn't have ivy growing all over the big green monster." Or "Pinehurst will never be a great golf course because it's not on the ocean like Pebble Beach." Or, "Monaco will never be a great track because there is no Eau Rouge there." (F1 fans will get that last reference.). Look, each course is unique and some are great in their own right and just because it's missing something that other courses have has no bearing on how good that course is.

Other Thoughts:

Flip is an amazing experience. There is nothing like it anywhere. People come here from miles around to play here and there is good reason for it. It truly is the Mecca of the disc golf world. Make the trek. Buy the plane tickets or fuel up your trusted steed or whatever it takes just get here. Play it and savor every moment.

On a more practical note, bring bug spray and watch out for poison ivy. Just like every other course in Michigan these are thing we all have to deal with. More importantly wear solid footwear. Hucksters with flip flops are going to hate this place. Get some good athletic shoes or even hiking boots are warranted with the really steep nature of the course. Along with that, be sure to bring more than enough water if it is at all warm out - you'll need it.
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Russell Gore
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world class 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 31, 2016 Played the course:once


BEAUTIFUL!! What more can I say about a course that is this well maintained. Absolutely gorgeous, defined fairways, tricky greens, exceptional use of elevation and the list goes on. By far the best course I have ever stepped foot on.
The owner, is such a humble welcoming gentelman. All I can say is Thanks for the field of dreams for disc golfers. Although it is a 9 hour drive from my home I will go back again someday very soon.


Um..................its way out in the middle of nowhere? Its 9 hour drive from my home? Lol. I cant think of any!!!!

Other Thoughts:

I dont care what you have to do to get there......go play this course!!!
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Best Course I have played 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 28, 2016 Played the course:once


This course is by far my favorite course I have played to date. Flip City has the best combination of elevated Tee's and Holes. Good combination of long and short holes. The course is a mix of open and wooded holes but never had to search for a disc in the wood one. Really clear and well maintained. The course was in perfect condition when we played there. Every hole had long concrete pads, unlike other courses in the area. cost is very cheap for such a nice course, only $3 for all day. I absolutely loved this course and will definitely be back, even though I live about 3 hours away.


No main road to get to this course/ remote location. Mosquito can be bad at times. Bring bug spray.
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