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Austin, TX

Roy G. Guerrero DGC

Permanent course
4.175(based on 51 reviews)
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Roy G. Guerrero DGC reviews

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Experience: 11 years 32 played 8 reviews
3.50 star(s)

New redesign drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 4, 2023 Played the course:once

Other Thoughts:

Update to previous reviews: the city has moved the homeless encampment, so that's not a problem for golfers anymore. Some of the holes have been reordered or redesigned as well, so make sure your course map reflects that.

There are a ton of people walking their dogs and riding bikes on trails that criss-cross the course. I'm surprised people don't seem to get hit by discs more often.
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 20 years 127 played 39 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Beware of "The Locals"

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 8, 2022 Played the course:once


- Beautiful Park with other activities present on the land. This park is clearly used for a variety of different things. When we were out there, there were softball games going on as well a beach volleyball tournament.

- All baskets were in good condition and caught well

- Nice concrete pads surrounded by bricks to increase size and add a nice-looking touch

- Garbages: There were a fair number of garbages out on the course. Didn't count exactly the number or how often, but it seemed like they had it covered.

- lanes offered were sufficient for the distances each hole had.

- For the most part, a majority of the park is clean until you reach "the locals": see below

- Concrete benches at every hole, if you do end up waiting out here, you shouldn't have a problem finding a seat.

- Distances: For a heavily wooded course, it offered a wide range of distances on the holes.

- Championship level course. This course offers enough distance and difficulty that is truly is a pro level course.


-"The locals" as they are called by the local disc golf community as we found out after our round. Starting about hole 14 or 15 you will run into what is clearly a new tent city out on the course. Not being from the area, we had no idea what we were in for and what has happened in Austin within the last 6 months. This was the most uncomfortable finish to a round that I have ever had. The homeless in the area have been pushed off the city streets by law and have been pushed into parks, Roy G. clearly being a main hub. The end of this course is completely overtaken by a homeless camp, with tents everywhere. Any shot not hitting the fairway is bound to hit a tent or a homeless person if it doesn't hit a tree. This really was a sad finish to the round un-like anything I could ever imagine. It absolutely ruins the course, and from what I read, the relief is nowhere in sight. These communities will be ruining the last 4-5 holes of this course for the unforeseeable future.

-Distance- This course has quite a few wooded holes nearing or touching that 800ft mark, which is a bit excessive at a point. I don't have the arm for it, so I get that I'm somewhat biased, but in general it does seem to get a bit repetitive because most of the distance out here is on a similar layout hole, usually ending straight.

-Difficulty - If you're looking to feel good about yourself after a round, this isn't the course for you.

-Time commitment - You have to plan to spend a lot of time out here to finish a round. The holes are very long and there is plenty of needless walking in between holes.

-The ravine - in order to get off the course, you have to walk down into a steep ravine and then climb out while walking what seems like forever just to get back to your vehicle. Not cool especially in the 100+ degree temperatures we played in.

-Overgrown fairways - Mowing on the fairways seemed to be a bit behind. I'm sure its that time of year where Texas is perhaps getting more rain, therefore park maintenance is perhaps a bit behind.

-Signature Hole- When I think back and try and decide a signature hole here, nothing really jumps out at me. There are plenty of solid holes, don't get me wrong, but the signature lacks separation from the rest of the holes if there is a true signature.

-Signs- There were several missing signs on the course, leaving you to either guess on the distance or requiring you to pull out an app that may or may not be outdated.

-Garbage - Due to the extensive homeless presence, the last 4-5 holes of the course are littered with an unreasonable amount of garbage. You name it, its probably laying on the ground out here.

Other Thoughts:

In summation I rate this course while considering all factors, including the fact that the last several holes have been overrun with the homeless community. While scouting out the courses to play in Austin, I was fully expecting this course to be the best I played. Unfortunately, the extreme difficulty, needless walking, and the several hundred homeless people living just off the fairways you are trying to throw; ruined any sort of fun factor on this course for me. Even if I set aside the fact several holes are taken over by the homeless community, the course strikes me as a 4.0, which is still good, just not as good as I was expecting when scouting the courses. I can honestly say the mix of cons I listed above would prevent me from ever playing the course again if I lived in the Austin area. There appears to be plenty of other courses in the area, of which I felt Circle C was the best of what I played. If you do come out here, know that you will be playing a very difficult course, that will take you some serious time to get through and be prepared for a full-on homeless camp that has only grown in the last few weeks from what I read. My guess is this will only continue to get worse and worse each and every day that goes by as more displaced homeless people make their way into the shadows of the parks. I say all this with all the respect I can give those more unfortunate than myself, but flat out it ruins my fun factor to be throwing my disc at anyone, yet alone someone's house and that is in fact what you are doing on all the last holes out here. To give an idea, we couldn't even throw our layup shots to the 17th basket because a woman was "showering" not much further than 20ft from the basket. No lie. There are occasions where that sounds like a pretty cool story..... this just isn't one of those, trust me on that . Just a real bummer out here on what would otherwise be a decent course.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.7 years 320 played 313 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Ultra-Challenging Woods with Distance 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2021 Played the course:once


A pro-level track mostly in moderate, low-ceiling woods.

-Amenities: When not vandalized, good. Signs are detailed, concrete pads, DISCatchers, trails between holes.

-Difficulty: Look no further if you want a hard course. I would put this on my short list of most difficult courses I've played. My guide said that both KJUSA and Eagle have it on their list of favorites, if that gives you an idea of the challenge.

-Multi-Tees: Thank goodness there are short tee pads here, because otherwise most of us would be dying. It's like the short pads at IDGC Jackson - they're still advanced-level beat downs, but not quite as bad as the longs.

-Beauty: A lovely track of woods. Not stunning, but consistently really nice. Feels quite secluded, too. Also, the skyline view on (17) is a signature of Austin disc golf.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: Monothematic, but boy is it well done. Roy G forces you to understand the possibilities of disc flight very well - no lollipop hyzers here. Utilizing stability and angle control, in addition to a variety of forehand, backhand, and rollers, is essential to having any hope at scoring. Low ceilings are the name of the game, and line drives are super valuable. There are tons of multi-shot holes prizing placement, but also plenty of par-3s where you'll have to commit to a shape but it's definitely birdie-able. Roy G is also on the long side for 18-hole courses, so you get to throw yourself into it.


-Difficulty: Double-edged sword. Those who care about going under par may hate Roy G. It's also grueling physically.

-Monothematic: This was partially what made me tap Roy G down a level. It is extremely satisfying gameplay, but it feels largely the same. "Throw a basically straight line drive 300+ feet, just give it this slight nuance that the last hole didn't have." It lacks clear differences between open and heavily wooded holes, and it's mostly flat.

-Vandalism: The straw that broke the Excellent camel's back. A lot of tee signs were simply gone, ripped away from their rocks, and I get the feeling a lot of next tee cues may have suffered similar fates.

-Missing Bridge: The bridge connecting (18) to the parking lot was washed away. Apparently replacement estimates came in the millions, so the city hasn't done it yet. If water is high, you'll have to walk basically the whole course to get back to the car.

-Walkers: Had to wait a lot, but it wasn't abysmal.

Other Thoughts:

Roy G is a monster of a course. Beautiful, low-ceiling woods with length make it a super challenging course requiring length and commitment to lines. When you start playing it, you get Excellent or Phenomenal vibes from it. However, it doesn't sustain a great variety, and the vandalism is frustrating. At the end of the day, it's currently my top-rated 3.5 course, and I would go back in a heartbeat - as long as I have a neutral fairway driver.
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Experience: 18.1 years 25 played 3 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Nice Course- Come with rested arms. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 11, 2021 Played the course:once


Really nice tee boxes. Abundant trees mean lots of shade, which is definitely a plus in Texas. Unless you've got power with control (in which case the course might even get redundant) you'll end up scrambling often, which will present a good variety of shot shape requirements, so you'll use your whole bag, and every shot in your arsenal. Baskets are in decent shape, and the course is in good shape.


Given the length of the course, and the fact that it's fairly wooded, the par figure is brutal... 61 on 8600+ feet of disc golf? Tough. It'd be really nice to have ladies tees to make the course a bit more manageable. Signage is missing on most holes, unfortunately. Easy to miss hole 6- backtrack after 5 or you'll go straight to 7! Flat as a pancake.

Other Thoughts:

Overall this is a pretty nice course. I really enjoyed the front 9. Even though I don't have the juice in my throw to birdy anything, it felt like a fair challenge and I enjoyed it. But it felt like it beat me down over the course of the day as a whole. As I got deeper into the round, and my throws got a little less tidy, and the sheer length just kept coming, the trees started taking a greater toll. The course felt like too much of a good thing when it was said and done. Still a solid 3.5, though.
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Experience: 14.3 years 55 played 10 reviews
5.00 star(s)

My Personal Fav in the City 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 7, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


-This is a wooded course done right, It's not overly wooded, but just enough for the holes to have very defined lines(some holes have multiple lines).
-Each hole is outfitted with Long, brick lined, concrete Teepads. You cant find better pads anywhere. Most holes have Long and Short pads, only a few don't have 2. I think most holes had Trash Cans. They all had nice concrete benches, and Tee Signs(Some of these are not legible anymore sadly).
-Flow of the course was good, I think the only hitch was it felt natural to walk from 5 to 7, but you need to backtrack a bit to go to 6, no biggie.
-Long Holes, no trash holes, Birdies don't come easy unless you have smooth and controlled 350' ft power(I don't)
-Great Parking, though it can be a stroll from the course, and after your round.
-I'm pretty new to Austin(have played about 7-8 Courses here) and I came from Flat courses in Houston. I thought I would enjoy rockier, hilly terrain of Austin, and be done with courses that were flatter in variety, this course does not have much elevation change, but it is gorgeous and shaded. This is my Favorite course in Austin so far(I've played Circle C, Metcenter and Old Settlers New Layout for comparison). This Course feels like a championship caliber course that will challenge even the top players.


-Biggest con is probably the Washed out Bridge, I never got to see the walking bridge, but it must have been pretty magnificent to "Bridge the gap"(for lack of better terms) to get to the course from the parking lot. This does create a bit of a hike down a creek/bayou. I can see cart people may be inconvenienced here mostly. I take my Corgi to play with me a lot, and I have to carry the poor little guy down due to him having short legs.
-Long walk back to car after round(not a huge deal imo)
-No practice basket
-No Water holes, This isn't a con, just an attractive feature that would put this course in contention with some of the top ones in the country imo.

Other Thoughts:

I've played about 35 courses in the State of Texas so far, mainly all in Houston-Austin-San Antonio. I have not gotten to play many Dallas one, so far for me, this is Tops in the state for a course that is going to challenge every part of your game. Placement is key in almost every par 4.

If there was a 4.75 rating, I would give it that. I'm going to be generous and give it 5, because I just think this course is better than 4.5. There are some inconveniences like the bridge, and long walk after the round, but I don't care, this course is tops. Hole 17 has a beautiful backdrop of the city of Austin, which to me makes it one of the signature holes of the course. If you call and ask "Hey, I'm going through Austin, and want to play 1 course, where do I go?" I'm sending you here. If you have to have the Hill Country feel, i could maybe see me send you to Circle C, Especially if the person may be lower AM skill level.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 160 played 140 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Enough is enough 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 23, 2019 Played the course:once


Roy G is a fantastically beautiful 18 hole course just outside Austin's downtown area, on the south bank of the Colorado River (you don't see it when you play thought).

The fairways are lengthy but wide swathes of green grass through the forest. You often have multiple approaches for backhand or forehand shots, and as long as you don't go off the fairway or hit a tree, pretty make-able pars.

The baskets are old discatchers that still catch pretty well, and the tee's are huge pavers. I normally don't like brick or paver tee pads, but these were fine, not really slick at all.

Honestly the for the first several holes I couldn't believe this course wasn't rated closer to 4.5, with it's nicely curved shots and smooth green fairways, the nice forest. But it really hit hard on the back nine.


I wasn't sure what I was getting into here. This course comes with a lot of hype but everyone I spoke to about said, "As long as you have a big arm..." I saw the distances online, but was not ready for how gruelingly long this course is.

After 12 holes, I felt like I had played a full round. After 13, I was feeling good about playing a full course. But I still had 5 holes left, and after 14 holes, I was just about ready to be done. The seemingly endless stream of 700'+ par 4's was nowhere near done with me. That's what brings this course from a 4.5 to a 4.

Also, the difference between the pro and the am tee pads was negligent. Seemed like never more than maybe 50ft, which is not really significant on a 800' hole.

There really aren't many memorable holes that stood out as particularly wonderfully designed. But it was solid overall, despite the repetitive and lengthy end.

It's flat.I'm used to that being from the Coast, but was surprised to see it in Austin.

Other Thoughts:

I still really liked this course. Would I ever bring a newbie here? Absolutely not. Zilker Park is 10-15 minutes away, and waaaaaaay more beginner friendly. WAAAAAAAAAY more. Would I play here again? Ugh. Maybe. Because even though I was so tired of it by the end, it really is that good of a course, and well worth a round if you are in the Austin area. And of course, if you have a big arm.
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Andrew Gum
Experience: 10.2 years 40 played 25 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Well built and nicely sheltered course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 20, 2018 Played the course:once


Good, large tee pads and great signs. Well placed benches and paths.
Nicely thought out hole design.
Very challenging but attackable for the big, accurate arms and experienced locals.
Thick trees provide shade and prevent wind.


A lot of people seem to let their dogs run around free here. Not a problem with me as long as they don't chase discs and try to collect the poo if possible.

Other Thoughts:

A definite must play for discgolfers coming near Austin.
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Forehand Shiver
Experience: 12.3 years 60 played 11 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Very nice practice course if you're a local ... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 28, 2018 Played the course:once


Nice long course. Fairly easy to maneuver once you find hole one. Definitely a good workout since holes are long. Great practice course -- that is, if you're practicing long, straight, low shots.


No signature hole. Almost every shot was similar, if not the same: long, low and straight, with a slight draw at the end (I throw about 350-375). I'm a rightly and I believe I threw a forehand on No. 17, which had an elevated basket. That was the only variation.

Also, drove around for a bit until locals turned up to show me where hole one was. I had to wade through an ankle deep creek since the bridge was out. Not a huge deal, but if I brought my cart, don't think I would have made it easily.

Other Thoughts:

I like this course but don't feel I need to play it again. I played this course with the same 3 to 4 discs since every hole was pretty much the same (only need to scramble twice since fairways are well defined and wide). Of course, this is a great practice course if you live nearby -- mastering low, hard, straight throws will definitely lower your score. However, since I'm more than an hour away, I'll do my practice on a football field.
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Experience: 6.2 years 19 played 16 reviews
5.00 star(s)

A diamond in a bag full of gems 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 17, 2018 Played the course:once


* Simply beautiful course
** Fully wooded yet still open enough to have clear lines
* On every hole you'll find
** Trash cans
** Concrete pro and rec tee pads
** Tee signs
** Rocks for sitting
* Excellent navigation between holes
* Lots of parking options
* Every hole is pretty long, giving you lots of opportunities to practice your bombs


* The difference between the pro and rec tees is like ~30' on most of the holes
* The bridge to hole 1 was straight up gone, making the trek much harder with a cart
** Best to park closer to hole 2
* Navigation to hole 13 or 14 isn't very clear, we made a lucky guess
* No practice basket
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 10.3 years 661 played 640 reviews
4.00 star(s)

I'm Not Dead Yet 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 7, 2018 Played the course:once


(3.925 Rating) A charming Pro level players course.
- CHALLENGING - As of this review (280 courses played), personally the most difficult course I've ever played. Sure, it was 45 degrees out, the wind was howling above. Although, the trees below Roy G's majestic canopy offered some protection, it was so windy that the gusts still made it to the surface. I consider myself an Intermediate lever player, yet even from the front tees at Roy G I was painfully humbled. I shot +12. This course requires the combo of length and precision off the tee like no course I've ever played. To the average Joe that throws 300 feet, the birdies might only come in the form of 50 foot putts. I didn't make one birdie and all my birdie tries were from outside the circle. A few years back at the Texas State Championship, a +3 round from the back tees netted roughly a 1000 rated round. Any player that averages below par out here deserves a sponsorship. It's that intense. Any player that craves the ultimate challenge needs to plan a round here.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - For non-advanced players like me, the siren wooded looks below this tranquil canopy is the saving grace. I was constantly pulling out my camera to snap tee shot photos. There's not a boring shot out here. Nearly 100 percent wooded and just about no manmade structures in view. It's player versus nature out here and it makes taking 5s and 6s on these difficult par 3s and 4s a little easier to swallow.
- SIGNATURE HOLE - Hole (17) gets my vote. The tunnel leading to the basket frames a portion of the downtown Austin skyline. As one approaches the basket, the view of downtown becomes wider and wider. It's amazing.
- TEES - The gold standard for championship sized tees. They are so large that one could BBQ on the back side with a costumer counter and have a standing line of ten individuals. Yet with all this, there would still be room to tee off. The tee pad's paved surface area has a 3 foot deep foul line extension, a 4 foot deep walk-up extension and 1 foot wide side buffer. Total size, 8 feet by 19 feet for both the front tee and back tee configurations! I personally prefer a little Texas brisket before every tee off.
- CHARACTER - In addition to awesome tees, Roy G has a lot of the niceties that appear at the well-funded established courses. A pair of awesome concrete benches at every tee. I've played in several regions now all over the country and the Austin area courses seem to do this feature better than anywhere else I've traveled. There is also fabulous informative tee signs, shading and lots of trash cans at the tees as well. The baskets, are the perfect brand for a wooded course like this with the unmistakable yellow band peeking through the tree coverage. The parking lot had a porta-potty on my visit but it is really only accessibly before heading to hole (1) or after (18). Missing features include, no practice basket, no multiple basket placements, no community board with course map and no finishing shelter.
- NAVIGATION - Not flawless obviously with the no course map onsite as noted above, but not too bad. Hole signage indicates next tee direction, there are lots of intuitive mulched pathways and there's a downloadable map on DGCR. I wish there were a few directional cues on the transitioning pathway but really the biggest navigation issue isn't the directions, it's the journey to (1) (see cons Missing Bridge).
- MAINTENANCE - Major kudos to the club and/or parks department. This is such a large sprawling park that upkeep needs a lot of involvement. Fairways where mowed, fringes were thinned out and trash was minor.
- UNIQUENESS - A touch better than average but flawed in some regards due to the consistent backdrop hole after hole. Players that enjoy risk reward shot shaping drives will really love the engaging challenges presented here. I think the course favors RHBH dominate players but there were still a few right breaking shots. Lots of long multi-play holes that require hole management and also just taking what the course gives you on the lie. No elevation and no water.


Epic in many ways but with undeniable flaws.
- MONOTONY - Despite hole after hole of immeasurable beauty, every hole generally has the same overall feel. A beautiful, technical, long, twisting guarded basket placement. Its equivalent to going on 18 dates with the same model who gets a kick out of S & M, and you're the slave. It gets real old after a dozen dates. The only curve balls out here are the walk to the course and hole (17).
- LACK OF ELEVATION - Players that love the signature look of rolling and cliff terrain won't find it here. I don't think one hole out here changes by more than 10 feet. One may conclude then that bringing a cart out here is easy. Nope, they'd be wrong. See below.
- MISSING BRIDGE - The original bridge leading to the course was destroyed in a flood in 2015. Normally a park and recs department that handles park maintenance will put these little foot bridges back within a few months or less. Unfortunately, this is not that type of bridge. The bridge once spanned over 100 feet and was made out of reinforced concrete. There were articles in the paper in Austin that quoted prices over several million dollars to fix it and the erosion problem. So yeah, it's not surprising that it's still gone. This makes taking a cart out here real challenging. Is it possible? Yes, but it requires either parking by (2) and adding an extra long walk, or if the creek water is low, it requires hoisting a cart down the creek gorge and walking across creek stones. I watched my playing partner attempt this and he pulled it off at age 60. I did have to help a couple times.
- DISCONTINUITY - From what I've heard, when the creek water at the location of the washed out bridge is up high, players will park by Hole (2), as noted above. This requires a near mile walk of backtracking to get between (18) and (1).
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - If you've played less than 100 rounds, stay far far away unless you enjoy getting your head beat in... mentally.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - There is going to be substantial segment of the disc golf population that will not enjoy this course due to the challenge. Some 850 rated recreational players could struggle to finish +15 from the short tees.
- FORGIVENESS - The fairways lanes standing on the tee pads seemed reasonable. Lanes of twenty feet wide or more were common place, but with well placed pinch points and a continuous 20 foot high canopy. Straying off path with a grip lock or pinging a tree in the wrong way could be very punishing. Losing a disc may occur for those not willing to spend 20 minutes searching in the heavy overgrowth areas.
- POISON IVY - It's here, but it appears that either the club or maintenance is coming through and taking some of it out. It seemed only heavy in the far ricochet areas or not in play.
- TIME PLAY - This monster is going to take some time out of your day, which plays at nearly 10,000 feet from the back tees. My partner and I spent some good time searching for errant discs and it took us 2 hours to complete our round. Figure your average group of 4 skilled players will play this in 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

Other Thoughts:

Roy G was my 250th played course and it was destination number 1, on my 5 day roady back to Austin Texas. This city is where I feel in love with the sport. I selected Roy G partly due to reading an article early in 2018 about the possible demise of the course from to a stadium proposal. When I had left Austin in May 2016, I was constantly kicking myself for never having had the guts to play it. The course no doubt delivered the feeling I wanted in a milestone/destination course and I am so thrilled that the stadium proposal appears dead. Now scores of more players will have the opportunity to engage in Austin's most herculean challenge. Players looking for pro level difficulty, need to play this course.
- THANK YOU - A sincere thanks to my friend Gary who threw four rounds with me on this horrible weather day. He also let me crash a couple days in his RV so I could save some dough on what was already an expensive trip. Gary, as of this review, holds the distinct notion of having played the most different courses with me, 11. In total, we've thrown over 50 rounds together, of which almost all them were played Wells Branch DGC.
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Pizza God
Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 36.2 years 1738 played 587 reviews
4.50 star(s)

SHADE on a hot day 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2018 Played the course:once


Biggest Tee boxes you will find anywhere
Tee signs on every hole
two cement tee boxes for each hole
well defined fairways though the tree's.


horrible access due to bridge being out
Too long of a walk from 18 back to your car
Not a lot of variety, the only reason I didn't give this course a 5
There is little difference between the red and blue tee's. Just distance and even then, it is not all that much different.

Other Thoughts:

This is a beautiful course in a forest. Very few holes are not in the shade. Biggest problem is the bridge is missing between the parking lot and hole 1. It is not hard to climb down, but I had my cart and that made it a little tougher.

I am not going to get into a hole by hole description, but the course has a lot of 2 shot holes that seem to be the same each time. Some of the holes were great, others were "ho hum" grip it and rip it and just try to get 1/2 way down the fairway. Placement is not important on most of the holes as long as your still in the fairways.

The tee pads have to be the best tee pads I have EVER seen on a disc golf course. You can see in the media files, each tee pad is surrounded by paving stones making the tee pad seem larger than it really is. This is great for someone like me who uses a longer run up and like the level follow through.

The tee signs were attached to large stones and although most were temporary (laminated), they were all there. I had not problems figuring out the layout of the course.

Many of the holes are in an area of tall tree's, enough tree and canopy that your are in total shade. Nice on a hot day.

but you do have several holes that are semi open.

Stone Benches are great, something I have noticed about several Austin courses. Whoever has been getting those put out is doing a GREAT service to us older players who need to sit occasionally.

The course is challenging, in that the holes are long and in the woods. As long as you stay in the main fairway, you should make par or better. Even throwing off the fairways on most of the middle holes, you are not is deep rough, the meat of the course is pretty cleared out. (holes 7 to 15 come to mind)

Would I play here again?

Yes, This is on my list of courses I want to play again. While it does not have a huge variety of types of holes, I did enjoy playing it. I put this course behind Austin Bible and Circle C as the 3rd best course I have played so far in Austin.

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Chained Evil
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14 years 1101 played 232 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Challenging City Golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 21, 2018 Played the course:once


This course has quality lines that provide for a challenging but fun round of disc golf. All shots are needed in order to score well here and all shots are accounted for. A good mix of lengths can be found from short to moderate and there are some long holes as well.
Hole 1 starts off like hole 18 ends both being long holes with just the right amount of trees to make you shape your shots.
Many holes have dual pads to give you a bit of a different look.
Dog leg left and right playing holes can be found here as well.
This course has a park style feel but it also has great trees that make you think about the line you are going to take and then making you execute your shot.
The tee pads are more than generous allowing for all the room needed to throw. Cement block benches and trash cans at most holes.


Some of the walks between baskets to get to the next tee is long. Hole 15 basket to 16 tee comes to mind.
Can be crowded at times so you will have to be patient.
A few holes have walking/biking path that will come into play so you will need to be on your toes.
It appears that the bridge that lead into the park has fallen or been destroyed. You must now climb down a steep embankment to get to the course. This would make using a cart pretty tough if you are entering the course from this direction. Once you are on the course however its pretty cart friendly.
There is a long walk from 18's basket to the parking lot if you park close to hole 1 so be prepared.

Other Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this course and didn't feel as though the holes were repetitive by any means. This course does have length to it but there are some short-moderate length holes sprinkled in there as well to even things up a bit. As you can tell by the paths and fairways this course gets a ton of play and after playing it you will understand why. The golf is good here and the course has a great amount of coverage so on those hot Texas summer days this would be a good option. Wind really doesn't factor in here too much as not many holes are wide open.
If you are in the area and like a park style course that is challenging but fair then you will love this course. The view from hole 17 is very unique as you can see the Austin skyline in the distance and the Colorado river also. Ol' Roy should be challenging guests for many years to come.
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Exhausting but worth it 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 23, 2018 Played the course:once


Let er rip on every hole! Great workout for the drivers. Really helps if you can throw straight and long. We had the course to ourselves, pretty much. Nicely laid out. Convenient to downtown hotels.


Nearly killed ourselves getting there. The bridge was washed out, river was high, and we had to hike up and down stream looking for crossing. If you drive, there is a parking lot near the 3rd hole that is a thousand times more accessible. A few homeless people and druggies near the apartments. Some guy was camping out on his private island. We were wiped out by the end of our round, really long course.

Other Thoughts:

Spectacular course! So glad we persevered, it was worth crossing the raging river. Great benches and tee boxes, love how well they do that in Austin. Easy to Uber to from hotels. We would have played again but didn't have the strength after hiking up and down Sixth Street all night. Not for beginners or the faint of heart. I was proud to have only one 6 on the scorecard. Challenging, some holes could have been 5 pars. Multiple tee boxes helped but not much. Be prepared for 600, 700 and 800+ feet distances. Championship caliber.
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Roy G shaved for Winter 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 4, 2017 Played the course:5+ times


Roy G is the perfect course- to me, it is my expectation for a pro-level course. Shot variety galore (BH + FH needed), great mix of Par 3's and 4's of multiple lengths, respectively. Some technical holes, many more open, beautiful holes. Good mix of shade and sun, many holes with good seating.

Roy G was recently trimmed + nearly gutted of all of the debris, long grass and off-fairway hazards (like bamboo). Since then, this course has jumped to a frustratingly disappointing 3.25 to a 4.5, EASY. It design is fabulous, layout very challenging but attackable for intermediate+ levels (difficult, but with great accuracy can be conquerable for lesser skilled players). There are also multiple ways to attempt many of the holes as well as many holes having multiple tee shots. For a player that multiple types of shots in the arsenal, this is heaven for the Austin Metro Area.

It's the best course I have ever played, with La Mirada (Los Angeles Area) and Williamson County DGC (Leander) coming in at 2nd and 3rd.


Finding this course and getting to the first tee is very difficult. The bridge that connects to that part of the trail where the course begins is currently closed (and quite gone), so you have to go around a fence, hop down into the river ravine (very little to no water if is hasn't rained very recently), reclimb up to the other side, walk uphill a bit, then find the 1st teebox. Eventually this won't be a problem, as that bridge will eventually be repaired. Don't let it sway you.

Also, Hole #18 is ridiculously far away from where you park. Either you park at #18 and hike all the way to Hole #1, or vice-versa. I feel that most disc-golfers love walking anyways, so it's more of a preferential thing.

There isn't a whole ton of elevation changes. There some, but not enough to be a positive, nor the lack there of be a negative.

It'd be nice to have more trash cans. I feel like there are some bags tied to trees, but I don't really recall a ton of trash. It's also a park with a trail, so outside of disc golf there are going to be some culprits.

It is very long, so often you feel like you're just tossing really hard a lot; however, I like to test my accuracy at distance so it works for me, personally.

If it isn't trimmed/cleaned up and particularly when it's over grown, it can be a NIGHTMARE. As of the beginning of February the course was perfect.

Other Thoughts:

Get out very soon and play while it's manicured. I don't know how frequently it'll happen, so take advantage of it. Bring food/water. Dog friendly, especially if you want to tire them out.
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Best course in Austin? 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 13, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Complex fairways, tight placement shots, and big big holes. It's all here. I had played before but not for years, and I just can't wait to go back. Nothing easy, but lots of chances to shoot well. Inspiring layout and beautiful scenery.


A few too many "G-curve" holes (appropriately for Roy G I guess), and a lot of soft righty hyzers. Holes start to feel like just another long heave, but the changing scenery makes it interesting throughout. Casual players would do well to play with someone who can help the, find discs and holes and help hustle them along. I was there on Sunday morning, but I bet it gets busy in high season. Not very much elevation for hill country, but that didn't even occur to me on the course.

Other Thoughts:

I've played Circle C and East Metro and I think this one is the most fun. Circle C has too many rocks and chews up your discs. This course is more interesting, even if there is less elevation.
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very poor conditions for a 4 star course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 1, 2016 Played the course:once


Great pair of cement tee pads along with very good tee signs. Had the look and feel of a John Houck course. Lots of shade in the hot TX weather. Long and challenging. Wooded yet with very nice "fair" ways, nothing too tight. Once I found hole #1 it was easy to follow without a map (except btw 15 and 16). Plenty of par 4's! Nice rock benches at both sets of tees.


The park is easy to find but not the course. I was aware of the construction as mentioned here but there were no signs indicating where the course starts. After climbing down and back up a washed out construction area with signs that says "do not enter", I did find #1.

On 9/1/16 the lack of course maintenance (lack of cut grass and weeds) made it almost unplayable. The vegetation was nearly knee high in places making a lost disc a high possibility.

Some of the yellow DisCathers were old and rusting.

A long walk between 15 and 16 and after 18 back to the parking lot.

Mostly flat with little or no elevation, I guess this is normal for this part of TX (I'm from the east coast).

Other Thoughts:

If the conditions were normal, this is definitely a 4 to 4.5 star course but when I played they were ..TERRIBLE. After 4-5 holes, the lack of maintenance was less of an issue yet still not good.

This course was on my wish list for over a year so I played it anyway, I wouldn't go back unless I knew the conditions were up to par.

Thinking I'm being generous with a 3.5 rating considering what I encountered. It's got great potential but it's not very good right now.
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Big course with long shots 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 14, 2016 Played the course:once


Good scene with many players. Maybe its sxsw week.. Bring your big shoes this course will test every driver in your bag. Lots of shade. Front 9 plays better than the back 9. After 5, bang a left on the dirt road if you follow the worn path you can find you way around easily. I played solo, the groups let me play through so thanks. Great boxes and all the approach areas have a fresh layer of mulch. All pins have a nice mat.


I couldn't find the course. No signs anywhere just a general area of where to park. Tagged behind some guys with bags, across some broken bridge to #1 from there i was good.

Other Thoughts:

Bring bug spray
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Challenging Austin Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 18, 2016 Played the course:once


Without a doubt, Roy G is a monster course that will challenge every skill level. It is challenging, but every fairway and tee shot is "fair," meaning I did not feel that there were randomly placed trees off the tee or in the fairway that needed more luck than skill. To put it in more simple terms, each tee has a defined shot off the tee.

The fairways were wide and almost gave a ball golf feel to the course. Off of the fairways, the rough is thick, but not thick enough to lose a disc or have a hard time throwing out.

The tee pads were great. The longer holes had "shorter" tees, which had sets of concrete pads with bricks on the border. They were some of the best tee pads I have ever played on.

Navigation was very easy. Most of the times, there were a path bordered with rocks leading you to the next tee from the previous basket.

The course is relatively clean even without any trash cans on the course. Pack it in, pack it out. The view of the Austin skyline over the Colorado River on Hole #17 is pretty cool.


As of playing in mid-January 2016, many of the tee signs had been removed from the rocks that they were initially pasted to. With the huge fluctuation of distances from hole to hole, it made knowing the distances impossible.

The course had virtually no elevation or water to speak of, which I felt made the course seem a little bland all together. There was no hole where I thought to myself "This is the signature hole of the course," and from looking at other peoples' reviews, I am not alone in saying that there is a lack of signature hole.

The long walk from Hole 18 back to the parking lot/hole 1 was a bit of a nuisance.

Other Thoughts:

Like previously mentioned, this course is a monster and should be treated as such. Give yourself ample time to play, and if the course is busy, be prepared to wait to throw your shots.

All in all, this is a great course in the Austin area. Personally, I prefer Circle C, the other premier course in the area, to Roy G.
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Great course, would play again 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 27, 2015 Played the course:once


Great signage, you never have to wonder if you are going the right way. Challenging holes, with a substantial investment in the benches, tree clearing, trash cans, etc.


Some signs were missing or vandalised. It's a bit muddy in the rain. Maybe could use some gravel or other drainage solution in low-lying spots.

Other Thoughts:

Probably 15 mins from the airport. If you have a long layover, this is a good one.
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This Course was only 3 miles from my hotel! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 2, 2014 Played the course:once


+Nice tee pads, they were a pleasure to throw from. Shorts and longs on most every hole.
+Great signage, among the best that I've seen. I played alone on a December morning with hardly another soul in the park and I never had any issues finding the next tee or basket. Signs are big and colorful.
+When I played it was pretty empty but I imagine this park being popular and a very fun atmosphere to play in.
+The woods are the perfect density. There are multiple gaps for you to try and hit and if you don't, the woods aren't likely to swallow your disc. The undergrowth is much worse at many courses that I play in the midwest.
+Lots of great holes that you have to throw far and accurately more than once. Not a pitch and putt ever.
+Trash cans, bathrooms, ample parking. Nothing too special but everything that you really need.
+The trees would be nice for shade on hot Texas summer days.
+A solid variety of holes. Nothing felt repetitive and it was definitely fun.
+Nice benches, some might need those during a long round on a hot day.
+Baskets are nice and new
+Shouldn't lose a disc here.


-No ace runs! ;)
-Overall, a bit too long for my personal preference. Many like this kind of course and I do every once in awhile but I would struggle to play here every day.
-Some trash issues but not too bad, I've seen much worse at other big metro area courses.
-There is a lot of walking involved. I think that I may have especially felt like this since I had to run (I'm a runner) just over 3 miles each way in order to play this course.
-Some vandalism was evident. It wasn't the worst but I don't know why any has to be done.
-As some have said, not a lot of variation between short and long tees on some of the bigger holes. A third set or just more variation between the two would be good.

Other Thoughts:

+As I mentioned before, I had to run to and from this course. I was in Austin for a convention and only had 3 discs and no car. I often play with a small bag so this didn't really affect my review.
+Definitely worth a stop if you are a serious disc golfer. Due to the length of the course, plan a few hours to play. Especially if it might be busy.
+If you are a very new player, be careful about coming here. It is challenging and long.
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