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Kansas City, MO

Water Works Park

4.465(based on 109 reviews)
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Water Works Park reviews

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Experience: 18.9 years 256 played 247 reviews
3.50 star(s)

No Water In Play Here!

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 11, 2024 Played the course:once


- epic elevation change incorporated throughout entire park
- nice tee signs with full color maps
- benches on most holes
- garbage cans by parking lot
- challenging high risk shots on edge of water treatment plant on
holes 3-5
- flags with hole numbers on baskets help with clarity
- multiple pin positions per hole (only one populated at a time)
- some good technical challenge with lightly wooded fairways
- good mix of hole lengths in this old school design
- built in stairs where needed in some places
- well draining park with no obvious mud issues
- practice baskets
- concrete tees
- Mach X baskets in good shape
- well maintained park
- forces skill at shot shaping; need to be able to fade both ways to
avoid rolling downhill


- significant safety hazards with other parkgoers and roads
- some fairways play really close together when park is crowded
- navigation is abysmal and unintuitive in places, especially early on
- would benefit from next tee signs
- somewhat on the short side by today's standards (con for some)
- no water hazards

Other Thoughts:

Water Works park is a very good to excellent course overlooking Kansas City's water treatment plant with cool views of the KC skyline. Based on the rating, this was meant to be one of the highlights of my trip to KC. In hindsight, while this was a fun course and is well worth playing, it is certainly more highly rated than it should be right now. I personally enjoyed Rosedale Park - Down Under over on the Kansas side much more, although this may objectively be just as good or slightly better as courses go.

The name of the game here is terrain management and roller avoidance. This course is a hike and will wear you out, but the elevation change is masterfully incorporated. My main cons here were navigation, which does some backtracking early and was quite unclear, as well as safety hazards and as a more minor con, lack of water hazards. This course doesn't have the full spectrum of elements that warrant the 4.5-5 scores it is getting. Really, I think it is somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4. Don't get me wrong, it is a very fun course and if you have time, well worth the play. It is a cool course for being smack in the middle of the KC metro like it is.

You can tell this course is older. While the design is excellent with the land available, there is only one tee pad per hole. However, there are multiple pin positions, perhaps added over time, to add some variation. The course overall is a bit shorter, but it doesn't necessarily feel that way due to all of the elevation change. I found this course to be technically challenging but not punishing, though wind did come into play and was a real challenge to contend with. I found the ability to throw in wind and throw both forehands and backhands (or at least an anhyzer) essential to scoring well here.

I think some next tee signs would make a big difference here, particularly on the first 7 or so holes. Holes 3-5 overlook a steep dropoff to the left down to the water treatment plant; if you let your disc drift left here you may be saying goodbye. Otherwise, there are any number of areas to lose your score due to rollers but not too many where you couldn't find your disc later. Rough is virtually unheard of here for the most part and this is a very urban-feeling course. While this may not be my favorite type of course, it is a cool feeling for the most part and very accessible for people. The one downside to this is the multi-use park which seems quite popular and introduces more safety hazards.

The park is well maintained and there is a decent variety of hole lengths. As another perk, the Dynamic Discs store (which sells all brands) on the Missouri side is right down the road. The owners were incredibly nice and welcoming and I recommend a stop there. Overall, KC has a ton of good courses and this one is worth a stop, but I think there are a few that are better. Play this one if you have the time, but I wouldn't base a roadtrip around it or anything. Either way, it's a ton of fun particularly if you like elevation change, and if this one isn't challenging enough for you, head north to Hummel Park in Omaha to experience the definition of elevation and punishment.
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4.00 star(s)

Water 'Works' your quads and calves

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2023 Played the course:once


What to Expect - Water Works is the gold standard for free to play public park courses in the Midwest. Though showing its age, the original design and continual upkeep make this course a gateway to the west destination course for almost any bagger. It still holds up against all of the litany of courses in the area. Expect beautiful views, moderately wooded to semi open bomber holes, and tons of steep hills. Water Works will test your shot shaping, distance control, and your ability to survive the hills.

Amenities - Large well loved city park with ample parking, two practice baskets and several benches and small trashcans throughout the course. No modern bathrooms (only saw a single port o john near the parking lot). Only water spigot I saw was adjacent to Hole #1.

Tees/Signage/Baskets - Single set of tees for the course, large textured concrete built up in a lot of areas to aide against erosion. Still in very good shape for the courses age. Large course Map Kiosk with all relevant information, well worn and probably in need of replacement, but still a good source of information. Tee signs show all 4 possible pin locations on each hole complete with Par and distance. (only knock here is lack of anything indicating which pin position the basket is currently in). Tee signs were a little confusing the day we played as the KCW open corrogated plastic tee signs were still all over the course, but some of the pin positions were moved. Baskets were DGA Mach X in great shape (even though they don't like catching low left or low right) lol. Next tee signs spread throughout the course but not on every hole.

Design - Course designers saw a change in elevation and squeezed every inch of it out 18 times over. You will bomb downhill throws, have to control uphill throws, and try and land side slopes all over the course. There are problematic trees on every hole and utilized extremely well. The more open bomber holes have a tree or two either in your direct optimal line or guarding the safe optimal approach to green, or both. The more heavily wooded holes force low ceiling, tight gaps, or winding fairways that require precision to navigate. Definitely get to empty your bag out and use everything here and you don't ever get the feeling of repetitive holes.

Signatures - Many players who come here will point to several different holes (Hole #1 the big bomber hole, Hole #4 with the beautiful Terrapin Station shelter and the Peace Sign Rock green, Hole #14, Hole #17 and the Arrowhead made of rocks around the pin, etc) as their signature hole. For my group it was Hole #1. The view, the landscaping around the tee, the massive daunting downhill Par 3 to the long pin position. Having no idea what disc to throw being our first time there, the nerves of tons of players getting out of their cars and getting ready to play right behind you. Realizing the course may still be set up in the Pro positions from the KCW Open and that you may have to play all the longs with your noodle arms and old knees and back. lol #1 was definitely the Hole that stayed with me after wards.

Extras - Make sure you use the bathroom before you start your round, as one of our group found out while playing Hole #5, it is a long, long, long way back up the hill to the port o john. Take a moment to rest and take in the beauty of the course, you'll need the breather on some holes for sure and the course is quite pretty.


Trash - This is a big pet peeve of mine. Despite multiple small trash cans on most tee areas there were just endless piles of beer cans and bottles all over this course. The trash cans that did exists were overflowing and food wrappers were getting strewn about by the wind. I usually try to pick up trash as I play and toss it after the round but my grocery sack was full before I even left Hole #1 tee pad. Broken glass bottles were an issue as well and I had to keep an eye on my dog to make sure he didn't cut himself.

Flow - Some very unintuitive transitions between holes that other reviewers have mentioned. In some cases this is aided by next hole signs, but these are not well placed and can easily be missed, especially if you are playing to an alternate pin location and unfamiliar with the course. After Hole #1 we proceed straight to the tee pad in front of us, which happened to be Hole #8's tee and confusion immediately set in. Took a while to find Hole #2's tee as U-Disc was not much help and the course map made us think we were in the right spot (as Hole #2 tee is just on the other side of the tree line we were at almost adjacent to Hole #8's tee).

Pin Locations - While I love courses with multiple tees and/or pin locations, a common fail among them is the lack of pin location indicators at the tee. First time players are forced to spend far too much time trying to find what pin position baskets are in, especially for blind shots.

Erosion - Erosion is a pretty big deal here because of all the hills and slopes. It makes walking the course mildly treacherous, leads to wet spots after rain, made using a cart harder but not impossible.

Busy - This is an extremely busy and well used course. Expect backups and groups piling up on you as you play. We played no a Saturday afternoon and there were cards on practically every hole.

Variety - This course is pretty much all Par 3's in most pin positions, I can only remember one Par 4. This I feel holds this course back from being a top tier course. While the course is very good at a lot of things, this hurdle shows what the course is not.

Other Thoughts:

Bucket list course in every sense of the word for what I would consider a non-championship level course (due to lack of long two shot par 4's and any par 5's). 4 stars is about as high as I am willing to go on public park courses but this is the gold standard for what park courses should aspire and rate themselves against. The nostalgia, fun, and challenge this course provides is enough for it to hold it's place in my top 50 courses, but falls short of courses in the likes of Idlewild, Eagles Crossing, and Mahr Park for me personally.
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Experience: 20.1 years 1040 played 609 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 12, 2022 Played the course:once


Water Works Park is one of the better public park courses I've played to date. It's a well loved and much played course in the KC area, as evidenced by the well worn dirt paths down many of the fairways.

There are single tees here. These are about your standard sized concrete pads. All were level, with many having been built and beefed up to combat the erosion issues here. No compaints with these.

The baskets are DGA Mach X's. These things are nice. They don't like to catch off center putts real well, but nothing too terrible. It's honestly better than dead center spit outs on single chain baskets. There's up to 4 pin positions on every hole which is awesome to see, and again, will help with erosion issues.

The elevation is ever present here. There's a couple flatter holes but the rest are uphill, downhill, basket on a slope, etc. Rollaway potential is a major consideration here. Landing shots with the grade of the land will save you strokes here. Not having a servicable forehand almost bit me numerous times today. There's trees in play on every hole as well. Not poke and hope style, but just the right amount to force certain lines, and punishing off line shots.

The tee signs are really well done. They feature the hole #, par, distances to all the possible pin locations and a generic, but serviceable, hole map. There's also a next tee arrow on each sign which is really helpful, as long as you remember to look at it.

I personally dug the Terrepin Station painting on the shelter by hole 4 (?) and the peace sign formed by the rocks around the green. The arrowhead made of rocks around 17's pin was a nice touch too.

The course is free to play and permanent. There's water spigots by hole 1 to refill on water if playing multiple rounds and restrooms by the parking area.


The flow is a bit wonky in a few spots. Numerous unintuitive transitions between holes. I'd advise using Udisc or printing out a course map if it's your first time through. I mean, you'll figure it out, but the less wandering up and down these hills the better.

I'm a big fan of multiple pin placements. Especially up to 4 per hole. It helps keep a course fresh for local players, I wish more courses around me did this. What I'm not a big fan of is not having any indicator as to what pin is currently in play. Is it in the B position which is a RHBH hyzer or am I throwing a turnover to the c position? Or is it in the dead straight A position just over the hill? Very annoying for traveling players.

The erosion issues mentioned above, numerous times, are probably getting worse and worse all the time. Impossible for me to say, having played it for the first time today.

The course supposedly gets packed during peak hours. We got up early specifically to beat the traffic. Turns out early Monday morning isn't too bad. This clearly isn't always the case though.

Lots of trash laying around and garbages overflowing. Takes some of the luster off an otherwise pretty course.

The park road does come into play in a few places. It seemed more prevelant near the end of the round. Not a major con, but worth noting.

Other Thoughts:

This one's been on my bucket list for years now. Not that I thought it'd be like any of the top 10 courses I've played or anything. But it's just a classic midwest course. I'm glad to finally check it off my list.

I'd recommend this course to anybody travelling through the area. The rating is laughably high but it's still a really good course. I think it has stacked up very favorably to the other courses I've played in the area. Very good, not great. But it's just plain fun to toss a round out here. If I'm ever back in the area I'll be back here for sure.

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3.50 star(s)

The Nicest Course Ever (thanks to hills)

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 3, 2022 Played the course:once


A fun, hilly course full of par-3s that is a favorite but perhaps not the epitome of disc golf courses.

-Amenities: Mach X baskets (occasionally two per hole), concrete tees, signs with maps including pin positions (but no indicator method). Plenty of benches, which help with all the hill climbing.

-Pleasantness: I think this is the first time I've used this precise pro, but it fits. Water Works is simply a pleasant place to play. Green grass, sparse trees, a skyline view, and rolling hills, all immaculately kept, were the perfect place to spend a summer evening. Imagine ideal picnicking environment, and this is it.

-Elevation: If you read any reviews, you'll notice they all mention the hills. There aren't any drop-offs here, but there are consistently large hills that make it oh so fun to watch a drive go sailing. This would be a fun course to bring a Radio Flyer to and cruise down hills after your drives.

-Vibe: One of those classic courses with a great local environment. Think Mt. Airy, Sedgley Woods, Wells Branch, Oregon Park, Brahan Springs, Earlewood (if you're from any of the cities those courses are in). It's just wholesome and a bit busy.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: Lots of great par-3 shots thanks to the elevation. The two aspects of challenge will be managing slopes on some holes, and navigating around particularly placed trees on others. Mixed in are about three tightly wooded holes with low ceilings and/or tunnels, but generally holes are mostly open. Get ready to bomb out several times, and also be ready to come up short when you go back up the hills. Sometimes, clever curves or the park roads force big swoopy shapes, and those are tons of fun. Thanks to the generally open environment, scrambling is a possibility throughout the course, so you shouldn't feel too beat down. On the whole, this is a fun factor kind of course that just provides pleasant tee offs from 1 to 18.


A few ticky-tacky things. Water Works is not a case of being held back by its cons, more just not having all the possible pros.

-Navigation: The routes between some holes are definitely not clear. I went from (1) to (7) instead of (2), and got turned around a few other places as well. This is perhaps fixable with some discreet signs nailed to trees.

-Pin Indicators: To help with distances and the occasional hole where the basket isn't visible, Water Works could really use a simple pin position indicator for each tee sign.

-Par Variety: With the exception of some short par-4 alternate pin placements, Water Works is all par-3s. Drive-putt-repeat. Little in the way of placement shots, strategic hole planning, or shapes that aren't throwable in one motion.

-Road Risk: Depending on your definition, somewhere between two to five holes bring the park road into play. I could definitely see a car being pegged, whether stationary or driving past.

-Slopey Things: The ankle-rolling risk and exhaustion from trudging up steep hills are both to be considered. I suffered mildly from both during my round.

Other Thoughts:

I found Water Works to be Very Good. It's an exceedingly pleasant atmosphere, it has big hills, and there are some neat shapes as well. However, the monotone par-3 nature of the course, the lack of defining fairways on many holes, and the navigational confusion are key parts of the picture. I have it rated #45 of 265, which means I'd come back any time, but I don't think it's a model for those trying to create a destination course. Kansas City is lucky to have it, and anyone who comes here should have a great time!

~Similar Courses: principally White Oak (Dallas, GA); somewhat Dickson DGC (Dickson, TN); midwestern city park version of Mountain Cove Farms (Chickmauga, GA).
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Birthday Round 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 17, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


Excellent layout. Steep hills mixed with technical lines. It's an old course, and the wear and tear shows.


A few holes require finesse to avoid hitting a parked car or driveway. Erosion around tee pads and some fairways is pretty bad. Tee pads are pretty small and because of the erosion can have a sharp drop off.

Other Thoughts:

Beautiful layout and a lot of fun. Stretch beforehand to avoid pulling a hamstring.
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4.50 star(s)

Hill Yeah!

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 22, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


This is an absolutely beautiful course. A huge variation of hills and distances. A few hard doglegs and tunnels throughout, but there's a lot more wide open play.

Brand new tee signs are nice, but not hugely necessary as the pin is almost always easy to see from the tee. 18 MachX baskets add quality from the previous MachIII models, one of which can still be found as one of the practice baskets. A blue MachV is used as a long pin for 1 or 7 depending on where they put it, and an orange one is always in as a long pin for 12 or 17.

Finding the next tee is a cakewalk due to the amount of people who've worn a path from one pin to the next tee. Perk of a busy course.

Loads of enjoyable/difficult greens. 3's short pin on the low step, 4 on the hill in the peace sign, 13 in the catbox, 14's longest threatening OB behind it same as 16. Many, many baskets are on steep slopes, to the point where if you hit basket you'll likely roll away (known locally as getting "Waterworked").

Only one hole (13) is disturbed by a walking path, and that should be cleared easily on your drive.

No hill is misused. No hill is ignored. Every single hill is used, and in the best possible way. You'll be using a lot of control on one downhill, then putting all the power you've got behind the huge uphill on the next hole. The longest pin of 2 tucked over the hill is one of the most difficult deuces to take.


Drainage is an issue. You'll still run into some puddles for two or three days after a rain. But that won't stop the faithful. It's unlikely you'll ever have the course to yourself; it's the most popular in the area.

3-6 all play near to a sheer drop. 3-5 it's to the left, and hole 6's drop is on the right... and a bad kick will spill right into the fairway of 4. On top of that, the search through the gangly bushes will take some time, especially if you really get down the hill. These are some of the best holes of the round, so long as you stay in the fairway.

A lot of roads in play. 9, 11, 14, and 16-18 are all bordered by the main road through the park, which is decently busy.

Mostly par 3s. Some newer long pins have been added recently on 5 and 8 to add to the par 4s available, but deuce-or-die is still the main game to play here,

Other Thoughts:

This is one of the best courses to play in Kansas City. There's a few drawbacks, but overall it's a phenomenal course. Avoid going on Thursdays as the league varies what time it starts. Holes 1 and 14 are especially memorable. With a few more par 4 pins added in and a good set of bathrooms this would easily be a 5-disc review.
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5.00 star(s)

New signs, same amazing design

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 27, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


Fantastic in every regard. Every hole provides a different challenge, with drop-offs in various directions, various lines, and every elevation change imaginable. The trees are old, mature, and impossible to throw over, which forces even the most powerful arms to take the traditional routes.

This course has received some love recently - there are pretty new Mach X baskets and, finally, new tee signs. There are 2-4 pins on every hole, and also two extra-long baskets that you can play to for a longer hole (holes 1 and 12). Those pins give the course a ton of variety and make there virtually no need for alternate tees. Most of the time, some pins open up lines that would be otherwise impractical.

Most holes offer multiple lines, especially depending on pin placements. Hole 12 is a good RHBH roller hole, hole 9 has numerous possibilities, and even on a lot of upshots, there's danger because of rollaway potential or tricky stances. Some lines are shots that are difficult to find on other courses; on hole 7, you're squeezing your disc between the hill and a low ceiling, and a few pin placements force you to manage speed to not blow by the basket going downhill.

There's out of bounds in play on several holes and adds to difficulty and risk-reward potential. For beginner players, just play everything in bounds - this course is difficult enough already. For everyone else, the roads add death putts and potential for aggressive shots that will punish you if you miss your line. The pins can change up OB challenge a lot too, with the long pins on 8 and 9 bringing the path into play a little more, and long pins on 14 and 17 being a little closer to the roads.

Rollaways are common if the angle of your disc doesn't match the hillside, which can be punishing. This can be a con for new players, but it really keeps you honest on ~70-foot upshots, which would be routine on flat ground. Drives that would be commonplace for advanced players will be tricky due to discs speeding past baskets and tough putts that will be produced by hills or OB.


There's a bike trail that winds its way through some of the course. In my experience, there are not many people on it, but it does come into play on around four holes, depending on pin placements.

The only thing missing to make this a truly world-class course is more par 4's and 5's. A couple of long pins can be par 4, but in reality, it's a par 3 course.

Can get muddy after rain. There are also a few steep hills off the fairways (mainly, holes 3-5) where lost discs are possibilities. Watch any discs going that way. Fortunately, the first row of trees usually stops anything coming in.

Other Thoughts:

This course is not for the faint of heart at all. The hills will get to you instantly, so bring plenty of water.

It's amazing this course has survived for so long and is still so amazing, despite trees and limbs that have fallen down in the last 10 years. The original designers did a fantastic job.

League night is Thursday evenings in the summer and is one of the most popular leagues in Kansas City. If you want a quick round, come sometime else.
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5.00 star(s)

Iconic designation well deserved 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2019 Played the course:once


Course has been reviewed so many times it shows how well loved and venerated it is. It deserves every kudo for grandiose shots (9/10), condition of grasslands (8/10), mix of risk and reward (7/10), and multitude of shot shapes (9/10).
Coming from Colorado this has as much elevation change as our big mountain courses (a LOT more oxygen available tho).
Good map at the start - take a picture of it for navigation (see Cons)
Excellent newish baskets.
Rewards the longer arms (350+) but us ordinary mortals can find a few birdies too.
Really requires delicate landings on side/up hills on half the holes.

I played on July 4th mid-afternoon and had the whole course to myself due to earlier rain shower. Was still very playable after rain due to good grass. Only four holes had dicey mud footing near the basket.


I don't remember a single tee box sign that was readable. They have nice big metal numbers, but the images and details were all roached out so yardage etc. unavailable.

Other Thoughts:

Really worth the effort to get here. It was surreal to play on a stellar empty course on a summer holiday. Not a breath of wind and the sun was hidden behind clouds - sort of like the DG rapture happened. Guess that's a round to cherish.
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Experience: 6.7 years 52 played 50 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Impressed this out-of-towner 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 19, 2018 Played the course:once


I had the great luck of being in town the day after Water Works hosted the 2018 Master's Worlds. As one would expect based on that, the course was in absolutely amazing shape. But even if the fairways hadn't all been perfectly manicured, and even if the basket placements hadn't been in their most challenging placements, this still would be a 5* course in my book.
Water Works has great use of elevation changes, which require you to execute a wide variety of shots. The scenery is awesome, giving a unique mix of views of forestry, the Missouri River, and downtown KC. The holes are very memorable and no two are alike. There are some absolute bomber holes, some long and technical holes, and even a couple ace runs. Added bonus: the hilliness really makes a round here a decent cardio workout. It felt a lot like going on a hike, which is awesome. This is absolutely a destination course.


I honestly don't have any real negatives. We had no difficulty finding teepads, but due to some temporary baskets for Masters Worlds we did have a hard time identifying the correct basket a couple times. The locals were happy to help out though, and that was clearly just a temporary issue since the signage is great for identifying all the permanent basket locations. Pace of play is typically a big factor in my enjoyment level, but we were the first to tee off at around 6:45am so I really can't speak to how backed up the course may or may not get. Yeah, no real gripes. If you're reading this, just play it!

Other Thoughts:

I can't imagine how a park style course could be better than Water Works. It's perfect. If you are in KC for a day or two this is a must-play.
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The Katana Kid
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 8.5 years 184 played 56 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Everything you'd expect and more 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 25, 2018 Played the course:once


The famous Water Works is a well laid out course that uses the never ending elevation and abundance of mature trees to challenge every level of player. The course in the short position is only 5,175 ft and in the long position is 6,630. That distance seems very pedestrian compared to the nearby Blue Valley Park, which is 9,297 ft and 11,220 ft respectively. Yet due to the elevation at Water Works you will get more work than a typical course of its distance. It'd be nice if there were an elevation factor to measure a course by. Or maybe there is and I just don't know about it. All that to say, the elevation is a big part of what makes Water Works special. Included in the benefit of the elevation are the views of the Missouri River, the city, the skyline, and the park, which is very nice.

The first hole is special, since you are throwing down into a dell with the basket placed that day on the right slope. This day, however, was exceptionally special. I walked up to the tee, which had 6 people on it (welcome to Water Works, a local favorite!) and the first thing I hear is chains and a 14 year old raising both of his hands over his head. He just aced the 508 ft hole down the hill. Then I threw down the hill and parked my shot. So that was a nice introduction to Water Works for me. The next day a guy aced the first hole at Rosedale Down Under in front of me and I'm thinking, what's with these Kansas City players!

The tee pads, signs, and baskets were all nice, as to be expected at such a highly rated course.


Navigation was not that clear since there are not signs for the next tee and it was not intuitive to me. I was fortunate that I was able to join two locals and they led me through the course with ease. But I wondered if I would have gotten lost without their help in many places. I even asked them several times how someone new to the course was supposed to figure out the paths they were taking and they concurred that it's hard the first time if you don't have help.

Because it's a nice park there are pedestrians we share the park with. In such a nice course we disc golfers sometimes think we have it all to ourselves but this is not a dedicated course. So be careful and watch out for people. Also watch out for cars that enter areas where plastic flies.

Other Thoughts:

Water Works was my first of four courses in Kansas City. With its reputation and rating you would be remiss to miss this place.

In my Rosedale Park Down Under review I listed a quote from Ace Mason I saw on a Kansas City website, "I love people who love this game." I had never heard of Ace, but I discovered that he designed this legendary Water Works course in 1997 and is a 2016 inductee into the PDGA hall of fame. How's that for a piece of disc golf history in the Kansas City area!

This is the 100th review of Water Works on dgcr. I hope there is something here you found helpful, but it's hard when everything has been so thoroughly and well reviewed by so many reviewers and Trusted Reviewers who did a good job. It makes me wonder whether i should even write a review for such a historical course if it's in the triple digits. Well, if I get some thumbs up that's the answer.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 13, 2017 Played the course:once


This was everything I hoped it would be. Hole 1 was an excellent start to a very fun round. I was concerned I would need some help navigating but it was very straight forward on finding the next hole throughout the park.

The length of the course was a bit challenging to me but not insurmountable. The elevation also made this fun on a number of holes and really getting to air it out a bit. Teepads, signage, baskets, etc were all in good shape as was the park itself.

Locals were very helpful, allowing me to play through and were nice enough to answer a few questions about navigation, although that largely was unnecessary.

The fairways and greens were challenging. You really had to think about how your disc was going to land to avoid roll aways down the hills. This forces you to think through your backhand/forehand options if you are playing fairly conservative.

I really didn't find many birdie opportunities. If I had another 50 feet on my drive several more of these would have opened up.

The ambience of the park is nice as well. It isn't really busy, at least when I played it, and it has an incredible view out beyond the park.


It is hard to call this a con but it is about all I can come up with...get ready to do some walking. The length of the course paired with the elevation changes make for quite a bit of walking. It was all very enjoyable and the park was maintained well enough for this to seem more like an adventure than drudgery.

It seems like it can get pretty windy, even on a day that wouldn't seem that way in general. I imagine this could get tricky but also provides you one more thing to practice that many courses cannot provide - driving and putting with high winds.

Other Thoughts:

If you are new to this park hole 1 is by the circle drive in the park. You will see the course map located near 1's tee. Once you get hole 1 the rest is pretty intuitive.

If you are in the area definitely play this course. I only had time to play a handful of courses and was very glad I got to finally play this challenging, beautiful and fun course!
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4.50 star(s)

variety coarse 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 25, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


variety of shots both long and far. the photos don't do this coarse justice great elevation change.
tee pads with good grip


long long grass I think some one forgot to pay the bill.
yardage seems off on quiet a few holes

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4.50 star(s)

Water Works KC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 2, 2017 Played the course:once


Well maintained. Great use of elevation. Multiple pin placements for every hole. Friendly locals (the ones I met). Concrete tee pads. Tee signs with distances on every hole.


With 4 pin placements for each hole it can be a little difficult to navigate the first time playing. Wish there was something to let you know which placement the pin was in.

Other Thoughts:

I havent played that many courses but Water Works is my favorite to date and probably will be for a LONG time.
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Elevation: It’s got the Works 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 29, 2017 Played the course:once


Water Works is a well-executed, scenic course that's a joy to play.

• Variety: Very good. Most holes were somewhat to very open with very well-placed trees to make you shape some sort of shot to work around them, without necessarily forcing a specific line. Just enough wooded holes that require a tight line to provide nicely balanced feel overall, and a nice range of distances. Rotating pin placements (3 on most holes) looked like they are different enough to make this course well-worth replaying should you come back to the area repeatedly over a period of time.

• Elevation: Excellent. The course's defining feature, nicely utilized in a variety of ways throughout; gullies, uphill, downhill, sloped greens, over mild peaks. A few holes play flat (3-6) if you stay in the fairway, but drop off sharply along one side of the fairway, so that newb-hyzers or flippy shots escaping the fairway will likely require you throw uphill through the trees/brush lining the fairway to recover.

• Challenge: Excellent. Wonderfully challenging without being intimidating. High marks for being challenging enough to keep advanced players on their toes without blowing rec players completely out of the water (difficultly can change greatly based where pins are placed any given day). Splendid use of the abundant elevation makes you think about approaches and long putts from a technical standpoint. Features a few holes where being able to bomb is an asset, but noodle arms can still score well if they have good control. Whether you can throw 250 or 450, how you handle approaches and long putts on the varying terrain will likely be the biggest factor in determining your score. Giving shots a chance at the basket while minimizing the likelihood of rollaways is the name of the game.

• Equipment: Very Good. Concrete tees and baskets were in fine condition. Good signage makes it obvious if you went the right or wrong tee, and shows all pin locations with distances. Red and yellow flags on baskets assist in finding the current placement. Flags also give an indication what the wind is doing at that end of the fairway, and appeared to be color coded to match the red and yellow pin placements (didn't see any blue flags, but I can't recall if any of the baskets were in the blue position).

• Routing/Nav: Reasonably good. There are a few less than intuitive transitions, but no major issues. I found the map helpful (but not a necessity), and there should be enough local traffic to help you if you get confused.

• Fun Factor: Excellent. If you don't like playing here, I have no clue what you're looking for.

• Memorable Holes: Starts out with a hole that's as majestic as it is appealing. I really liked #13 (particularly with the dicey pin placement it was in when I played), and the view from 14's tee, (with the water tower and Missouri River in the back ground) should provide inspiration to rip a great drive.

• Cart Friendly: Yes. Very hilly (but not rugged) terrain may make it tough at times, but no worse than a fully loaded backpack/tourney bag.


Not that much to complain about - here's what I noticed:

• A few spots where a disc could easily end up in the road or hit a car/pedestrian. Caution is warranted, but you could usually see what's going on around you and wait for the trouble to pass.

• Could use a couple of holes that require a big, sweeping hyzer or annie line (this could be quite dependent on basket locations any given day)

• Tee signs don't indicate the current pin placement - had to walk a few fairways to spot the flag. Not a big deal, but quickly becomes a drag on such hilly terrain (especially if it's your 3rd round of the day in a town with lot of courses worth playing).

• Parking is limited for a course that gets this much traffic.

Other Thoughts:

Wind is likely to be a factor more often than not - really places a premium on disc selection and shot execution. Can be exacerbated by the ever-present elevation; shots blown off line could easily find you slugging your way back uphill, piling up strokes quickly. You'll be rewarded for keeping it low and flat when/where appropriate.

A very pretty, park-style course that doesn't necessarily feel like your typical park-style course, Water Works appears to be aging quite gracefully, albeit with some obvious erosion in a few spots (not that bad really, considering the traffic this course sees). Without doubt, a truly excellent course, Water Works is a must play if you're in the area, and Destination Worthy IMO. I'd place just a notch below some of the more phenomenal courses I've played - Would give it a 4.25 if I could, but I can't. Nonetheless, if you hit KC and miss out on this gem, it's your loss.

Conveniently located near downtown KC, and pretty close to Kauffmann Stadium. Play a round in the morning, grab a bite, then catch your favorite team playing the Royals a great stadium.
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Great Hills and Trees 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 6, 2007 Played the course:2-4 times


Downhill shots, great opportunity to go hiking up and down, beautiful views from the top.


One hole (#13) punishes you for not being able to throw 350 ft. Seems to favor the 350 foot thrower a little too much. Lack of two-drive holes.

Other Thoughts:

I wish I lived near this course.
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I'll Have the Works 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 5, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Water Works has the kind of elevation changes that will give you a good hike if nothing else. I love the big rolling hills, and mature trees that create defined lines on most holes without being totally unforgiving. You will have to make shots to go low on the scorecard, but there are not a lot of long holes.

The tees are concrete, and there are nice signs that illustrate the multiple pin locations. The baskets are all in decent shape. Versatility is good with all of the different pin placements available.

If you miss a drive, or get a bad roll there could be a toll to pay. Some spots have thick rough and potential to bonk trees. OB is a presence on some holes that are near the roads. I like these aspects, and think the layout adds nice challenge.

While newer players could have a rough time here, I think most who are avid disc golfers will really like this one. It is not super easy, but has a lot of good holes that require a variety of different throws, and plenty of opportunity to get under par. Uphills, downhills, peak to peak, wooded, open: a little bit of everything in a average length layout.

My first trip here in the summer of 2009 there was plush green grass and beautiful trees on display, and there is a really good view of the city available near the first hole.


The parking is somewhat limited and on a nice day there can be a lot of people on the course. Some may be on the course that are not there for disc golf. I saw a few folks out just taking a walk with their dogs.

Erosion has washed grooves down the hillsides in places, and there was some mud on hole 5 last time I played there. Nothing serious though.

A map can be useful if you are not familiar with the layout. There is likely to be a lot of people playing here on weekends if the weather is good.

Other Thoughts:

I loved this course. I first visited several years ago, and did not get to play all 18. Recently I moved to KC, and got to see the course in its entirety.

The winter lawn was definitely not as plush as my first time here, which is to be expected since it was June on the first visit. The leaves gathered in some places could hide a disc pretty easily.

Most of the holes were in short positions, and offer at least a chance for birdie if you make the drives. I scored a 56, with 4 birds. Had missed putts on 3 or 4 others that could have been birdies. Went OB on 16 and 18 costing me a round under par.

My favorite holes are 1, 8, and 13, but there are not really any weak links. The elevation changes come into play big time on many holes, which is always a bonus to me.

A solid course, with nice equipment that is clearly very popular with good reason. I met some nice people out there on Super Bowl Sunday. Played a good round and will be back soon to try and get under par. Glad to be living within 2 miles.
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A Top Notch Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 10, 2016 Played the course:once


A nice mixture of shots providing some nice scenery while navigating the course. Quality sized teepads and every hole had a decent sign. Mulitple pins on almost every hole. I really liked the elevation changes, they didn't bother me much.


Tee signs are present but it is hard to tell which pin you're supposed to play. Some sort of marking on the sign would be helpful. I'd also add something to show where hole 1 starts as yo can easily drive around the course looking for the first hole.

Other Thoughts:

This course was very well cared for. The grass was mowed, the course looked clean, and there was plenty of benches and garbage cans. This course will end up on my favorites list and I look forward to going back. PACK WATER!
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Water Works 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 27, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Lost disc return that goes to dynamic discs KC to pick them up
Nice concrete teepads
Flags on every basket
Cool views of the plaza skyline
Variety of shots


Navigation can be tricky from basket to teepad
There's 4 pins at each hole but there's only one basket so on blind shots you have to walk up the fairway to find it
Not many long shots

Other Thoughts:

PACK WATER the hills are tiring
It does get muddy after a rain
Several steep drop offs possible disc loss
Makes you pay attention on the angle your disc hits the ground
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Up and Down 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 25, 2016 Played the course:once


- Tons of elevation, utilized well: some holes play downhill only, some play uphill only, some play both
- Concrete tee pads in good condition
- Multiple pin positions
- Benches and trash cans at every hole
- Views of the downtown KC skyline from a few spots on the course
- Flows well, usually easy to find next tee


- While there is no water in play, there are several steep drop offs where it would be very easy to lose a disc
- A new walking trail is being put in that is a little too close for comfort on a couple holes
- No map of entire course at the park
- Can get crowded on weekends

Other Thoughts:

It cannot be emphasized enough that this is an extremely hilly course. While this definitely adds to the course, be prepared for an exhausting round. Bring plenty of water, especially on hot days.

The views of the skyline are a nice bonus. This course is also close to the downtown airport, so there a frequently private jets and smaller planes buzzing the course.

Definitely one of the top courses in the KC area.
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Water Works KC 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2016 Played the course:once


Great terrain, signage, use of woods and elevation, and locals are friendly. Great mix of left and right shots. One of my favorite courses I've ever played. Coming from St. Louis, it was fun to play a course with more dramatic terrain, compared to the many rolling hill public park courses in the STL area.


Not many long holes

Other Thoughts:

I'll be back 100%
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