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Recent content by Grungedude42

  1. Grungedude42

    In a funk - play through it, or take a break?

    I took a big break over most of last year. Only played my club's end of year tourney, and maybe ten casual rounds, tops. I was on my favorite local course to work on it more often than play on it. I might play more this year, but honestly, disc golf is becoming a thing which is less important in...
  2. Grungedude42

    Casual players on course during tournament.

    Before I ever played a tourney, I traveled to Cinci to play at Mt. Airy with some friends. Apparently we arrived just as the round was wrapping up, and got stuck behind a large group playing at tourney speed (glacial). Luckily, it was a shotgun start, so we only had to deal with them a handful...
  3. Grungedude42

    What Tees To Play From?

    I just play whichever has the most interesting shot, as long as it's a casual round. Sometimes I just play the longs with a full bag, and go back and just play the shorts with putters.
  4. Grungedude42

    Worst Way to Lose a Disc? (or three)

    I've played maybe ten rounds all year, played my first tourney of the season two weeks ago. Third hole of the tourney, immediately after taking a CTP (that held up), I go double circle 7 putting two deep in a lake. First a beat ESP Buzz I probably shouldnt have thrown into the wind, but I...
  5. Grungedude42

    Best Courses in Central Indian

    So bored of Dillon. I could play Fall Creek #5-17 all day on repeat though. Maybe if the trees we planted a couple weeks ago would hurry up and mature 10 years by spring, the problem holes would be better, but I still hate the turnover drive on #8 long. Just stay off of Horizon/Camp Indy. That...
  6. Grungedude42

    Disc maintenance help

    Sanding the rough edges won't affect the flight as much as letting your friend throw DX on a wooded course will. The damage is already done. On the plus side, they're beaten-in now.
  7. Grungedude42

    Using the term folf ??? frowned upon?

    It's totally wicked, man. Folf is rad. It's far out.
  8. Grungedude42

    Run out of light during match play

    I'm too lazy to search for it, but I built mine from it.
  9. Grungedude42

    Run out of light during match play

    Lights, tape and glow, all permitted by PDGA. I recommend lights unless you have an in-bag UV ropelight set up. Which is amazing. http://www.pdga.com/glowin-in-the-winter
  10. Grungedude42

    Run out of light during match play

    If someone tried that on me, I'd dole out penalty strokes for throwing out of turn.
  11. Grungedude42

    Legal Disc - Cracked Bead

    Isn't it legal until the flight plate is cracked?
  12. Grungedude42

    HOD 9/10/14: Mohawk DGC Hole 1 in Greenfield, IN

    It's up on top of the hill, the parking lot to the left is OB, there's a lot of water to the right. Pretty much comes up to the trees/tall grass you can see. I'd throw a volt straight at it.
  13. Grungedude42

    Tourneys: Why do people TD and Volunteer?

    Running a league is thankless soul sucking work. Rather play casual rounds or just hike instead. To hell with entitled disc golfers.
  14. Grungedude42

    The next "big" innovation from DG manufactuers?

    Yeah, I have one. But who needs a mini on a chuck and drunk round?
  15. Grungedude42

    Target from Nature

    Wow! Great work!