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    [Recommend] Driving Putter

    Has the Proxy been mentioned ��
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part IV)

    Putting Putter: Electron Ion (170g) Really looking forward to the Firm Electron release.
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part IV)

    Yea and no. MVP/Axiom definitely have the biggest learning curve but once you learn how to throw them and how they like to be thrown they are F'ing awesome. Due to the overmold if you throw with enough spin they tend to hold the thrown angle much longer. At first when I gave MVP a shot I...
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    [Vs.] Destroyer vs. Sword vs. Trespass vs. Scorpius vs. Outlaw

    Thrown them all. Do yourself a favor and get a MVP OCTANE. (Photon if you don't like domey)
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    [Compare] What is Trilogy's Thunderbird

    Culverin and/or Boatman. Without a doubt those are the two closest molds to the Thunderbird and PD
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    [Gateway] Gateway Discs AMA

    Creation of a Polecat killer?!!?
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    [Other] The Reptilian Disc Golf Thread

    A polecat like disc in Reptilians Fossil line would be the bees knees. Seriously jcassidy, PLEASE make this happen! I adore my polecats but would seriously consider dropping them for a Reptilian Placodont.
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    [Other] The Reptilian Disc Golf Thread

    Hey jcassidy, check your pm inbox please sir
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    [Question] What's in your bag?

    Putters Chainsaw by Black Zombie Scale Serpent Aero Mids Tursas Evidence Buzzz Verdict Zone Drivers FDs Star EagleX C and S PDs Felon Outlaws Destroyer
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    [Other] Element Discs Iridium

    Perhaps I missed somethings. How is this different from Reptilian DG?
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    Describe your golf game as a movie title

    Gone with the Wind - Since moving into management, my golf game has gone down hill
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    [Putters] Lid Lovers

    Just received my Liquid Metal LockJaw. HUGELY DISAPPOINTED!! Loved my Base plastic Lockjaw well the profile anyway as we all know the durability was crap. This thing is DOMEY. I mean huge pop top. Nothing like the flat base line onea. Its like a completely different disc. Really bummed out on...
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    [Putters] RDG Fossil Lizards

    These Fossil Lizards are exactly what Ive always wanted in a Wizard. Also for those of you that prefer the feel of the Judge but the flight of a Wiz these are exactly what you want
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    [Other] The Reptilian Disc Golf Thread

    F'ing love RDG. Proud owner of 8 Scales (fossil and tar pit), 6 Fossil Serpants and now 2 Fossil Wizards. Wasnt a huge fan of the serpent at first but made myself putt with it and now its just money. I love the sepent/scale combo. Cant wait to get the Wizards for throwing.
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    [Putters] Lid Lovers

    Thanks man. Got one