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Recent content by WindyCityROCer

  1. WindyCityROCer

    Stolen Bag/discs Chicago South suburbs

    (mods, feel free to close thread) THANKFULLY some neighbors I informed found the bag laying in a yard a few houses over! take care all, and thanks for pms/help!
  2. WindyCityROCer

    Stolen Bag/discs Chicago South suburbs

    (mods by all means move this post to anywhere applicable) Howdy DGCR folks, been a long time since I posted (just started playing again last year). I found out today while getting my mail, that my car was broken into last night, and my bag was stolen :wall: I'm located in the south suburbs of...
  3. WindyCityROCer

    I forget

    the name of the tourney, but there is an event here on the weekend of 9/26-7
  4. WindyCityROCer

    I will be watching Pro Worlds

    I'll be there most of week.... when we get bored of watching, we'll pray we can drive to valpo in 30 min, play a round, and then hit the Quaker Steak and Lube for wings, drinks, and war stories
  5. WindyCityROCer

    Staying in Shape (my rant on smoking)

    ok, previous post asside.... smoking (cigs) is TERRIBLE, I know ex-crack/coke/meth heads that DONT TOUCH "drugs" but would prolly go postal if they couldn't smoke...... having said that, I love (sarcastically) my first half dozen rounds of the year (ie practically puke out the niccotine...
  6. WindyCityROCer

    Staying in Shape (my rant on smoking)

    chantix is TERRIBLE!!! if your going to quit, quit cold turkey.... dont trade one drug for another
  7. WindyCityROCer

    Nockamixon Course Video

    really cool idea, yeah the bounce was a little annoying, I'm gonna have to try that this summer, and I MIGHT be able to get my greasy little paws on a steady cam... already running a list of courses through my head (Valpo, Lemon Lake, Highland Park, and IF I can get a cam long enough, my next...
  8. WindyCityROCer

    Chicago Heights area...

    as others have already said, Valpo, Lemon, Highland Park.... Highland is the quickest drive (im 2 towns west of the heights) I havent played lemon in a few years, so i cant comment on white or silver/gold, but valpo is hands down the best course I've ever played... set aside some time...
  9. WindyCityROCer

    Bag Hooks - Good idea? bad Idea?

    I've only played 1 course with hooks, Valpo.... nice touch, but to be honest, i'm so used to putting my bag on the ground that I generally forget to use them... :doh:
  10. WindyCityROCer

    How do you keep track of score?

    GGGT's scorebook FTW!... otherwise a notepad.... tried various apps on my iPhone, but too easy to forget to save it...
  11. WindyCityROCer

    Ript Revenge.....?

    I bought a deck last year, I've never played it though.... Looks like it's a blast though... great for "little" courses that you would typically play mulitple rounds on..
  12. WindyCityROCer

    My take on the side arm throw.

    interesting..... I now throw RHBH, but I started throwing FH.... most of my friends did it.... During my 2nd summer playing, I finally met a wooded course... and pooped myself. It demanded control, which my FH shot did not have. I can't say that aside from a trick shot, I have ever used a...
  13. WindyCityROCer

    U-Turn Fairways

    moto..... yeah, there's no pic of Channahon 17.... as for the "blue arrow" comment..... you mean LL R7??
  14. WindyCityROCer

    NE IN Hope u got a boat 'cause what's DG

    for 30+ years, I've been spending summer holiday's at my uncle's lakehouse in Angola, IN... after taking a few years off from vacationing there, and in the meantime, getting addicted to DG, I was shocked to find out that there aren't really any local courses (ie 30 min drive)... Well, my...
  15. WindyCityROCer

    U-Turn Fairways

    ...add Channahon Community Park #17 to this... NEVER ending right turn.... even my RHFH friends mess it up.... like a dang blad nascar track in reverse!