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Areas with overrated courses?

Compare the open holes at The Canyons (7,8,10-12) with Fairfield (1-5ish,18,19) and what they bring the overall layout in terms of balance and elevation. Some might give the edge to Fairfield. I agree those working to improve Fairfield should consider adding a few more strategically placed trees to grow into additional shot shaping challenges on some of those open holes.
Agreed. I think Canyons tends to get a pass because if you're playing the added holes, there's a big gap between the first 2 open holes and the last 3. Canyons also has a couple of throwaways (14 & 15, I think). I tend to think of the open holes as the exceptions out there.

At Fairfield, you're playing 5 in a row almost totally in the open to start the course. First impressions and all.
Seattle. People in Idaho hear I'm from there and they are like "Oh I've heard there's really good courses there!" and I'm like you've heard wrong buddy. Western Washington has some good courses if you drive through the traffic a few hours (I still really like Shelton Springs) and out of the city but Seattle itself has Seatac.... Even that course has it's issues like the neighborhood it's located in. My sister and a guy I was dating back in the day both had their car windows busted in there, lots of homeless camps, etc. Lakewood is ok, they renamed it Ralph Williamson memorial. Other than that meh.

@cefire If you say North Park, I will fly to Canada and beat you with a curling brush!


Pocatello, ID
glad to see youre alright

i know a tornado or two came rippin thru chicagoland last night
All good here. Seems like they all touched down in sparsely populated areas in the far west suburbs. All I got was some heavy rain and small hail.
I don't think they removed the baskets, so people still go down there. Without the holes, the course drops in quality and variety, but if played, they don't impress you any more.

I can confirm the baskets are still there. I think 3/5 are still worth playing (although anyone with a cart will want to leave it behind).

Otherwise, the course is a really nice Intermediate par three layout, which makes it extremely popular, The park does a good job of maintaining 18 of the 'remaining' 20 holes. They should pull 'added' holes 22 & 23, around the stenchy 'pond', which really don't help the flow anyway. ps: those two holes are often joined by 4 additional temp holes for bigger tourneys...

100% agreed. I do wish they'd replace #22 and #23 with a few of the tournament holes and do some erosion and honeysuckle control (related issues). I still love the course and am lucky that I'm able to play it regularly, but I think its best days are in the past.

[If you do decide to drop by and play, don't skip #18. It's a fun hole to throw from either for forgotten tee or over the ravine.]
Technically we got something like 11 of them but I believe nothing above an EF1. Just another day in Chicago, and 35 degrees colder the following day 😀.
i saw that ring camera video of the night tornado that the lightning was acting like a strobe light and you could see the tornado move

nightmare stuff

i think it was new aurora il

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