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Wooded fairway shape / line advice


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Feb 22, 2010
Hey all,

Back it again, putting in some short tees out here at the course. I'm just starting to clear the line, so I don't have exact measurements or pictures yet, but I thought I would go ahead and post a mock up of the hole I was looking for some advice on. This helped a lot the last time I was torn on the design.

The hole is going to a short, demanding wooded line about 200' with gaps about 12-15' wide. This should pair well with the normal/long tee which is a 742' amateur par 5, mostly open.

My main question is that the two tee spots I'm looking at, while being virtually the same distance, have very different lines. The first picture is the hole as it sits, with the two trees at the proposed tee area in brown. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are where we've taken one of the trees out and placed the tee in its' spot.

I'm wondering if one of our resident course designers might take a look at this picture and immediately think of a hole where they've seen the same design, and have some advice on which may end up being more fun. I'm going for a tight, demanding lefty/forehand line. Easy birdie when the line is hit exactly, scrambling to save par when it isn't. The large trees in this area set up well for this shot and I think it's the perfect design for this plot. Just torn on which tee angle will be more fun and interesting.

I can definitely add more pictures / measurements and even video as I go, there's no real urgency to get the tee in since the original design is already finished. But, I thought it couldn't hurt to go ahead and post up the picture with an approximate look while I spend the next couple of weeks clearing the brush.

Thank you for any input!

And to those who don't know, we have some talented and experienced designers among us here on DGCR. This is a great place to ask for advice on course design.


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How big and how far apart are the two trees in question? Are they a desirable species? If they are acceptably placed for an approach on a longer hole does one of them really need to leave to make for the shorter hole or could you just play between them?

I think the one on the right will generate a lot more scrambling to save par as more of the bad shots are going to wind up back at the turn on one side or another on that version while with the straighter version they will tend to filter farther up the fairway. On the other hand lesser players are likely to find the straighter version more fun due to less demanding and more visible line.

Are either or both unique on the course? Ideally hole will be complementary to the rest of the course. Individual holes don't exist in a vacuum.
I have a similar hole at my course. We have 3 different tees and 3 different basket positions for this hole ranging from 240' to 380' I have an easier bailout to the left, whereas the right side is a lot tougher to get out of the rough to save the par 3

From my experience, and watching how different skill levels perform

if the short tees are intended for lower level players, I'd recommend the straighter line for more enjoyment unless you're looking to add more variety to the course.

If it's for more advanced levels and scoring separation, go with the hard hard right line.

Also, like biscoe pointed out, depends on the tree species and size. I'm more likely to cut a softwood than a nice hardwood

Let me see if I have an updated map

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