Disc Golf Wholesale

Aug 3, 2012

Pleased to join you all, DGCR! We'd like to introduce DiscGolfWholesale.com - a first of its kind in the disc golf industry. Online, real-time, on-time, big bad powerhouse wholesale purchasing made easy.

Our goal is to provide user-friendly quality service for businesses and groups of all kinds who are interested in carrying disc golf equipment. From pro shops to clubs, church and school groups, to event organizers and businesses near courses - until now a simple online solution has been missing in disc golf.

Disc Golf Wholesale goes beyond simple discounts. We offer tiered pricing based on annual order volume. In-House custom stamping on a wide variety of brands. Comprehensive (LIVE) inventory. Easy retail assortments. And of course fast accurate shipping and secure payment.

Minimum orders are $250, and inventory is listed in 3-5g ranges. This isn't meant to be your average player's shop -- we are out to build disc golf by making it easier for vendors to get their supplies.

Available wholesale brands include Discraft, Latitude 64, MVP Disc Sports, Gateway, Legacy Discs, DGA, Fade Gear, Golf is Dead, Lightning Discs, Westside Discs, Ching, Millennium Golf Discs, and (at retail-minimum) Innova Discs.

View our Pricing & Quick Navigation page to see at-a-glance tiered pricing. When viewing the site, you must be logged in and have our account manager set your pricing tier in order to view and purchase at your tiered price -- prices display at the introductory tier when you're not logged in. See our FAQ for more.

Take a spin through the site and see how easy online wholesale can be! No more faxes, out-of-date spreadsheets, or endless manufacturer accounts. Disc Golf Wholesale is here to step it up!
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Thanks! And we agree... it's 2012, time for a one-stop-shop to exist and do it right.

We've seen a great number of our non-DG shop customers picking up bigger and better assortments of DG gear for their customers. For a "normal" store like gas stations and whatnot, it's not feasible to have accounts going with all these manufacturers. We think we do a great job at educating these retailers on what players are looking for and what's useful (yes, we DO encourage beginner-friendly models to be included). When you start seeing more wicked Gold Line and Neutron in the middle of nowhere, you'll know we're out there :)

Anyone purchase from this company recently? My buddy wants to (he knows I know the dg internet better) but was skeptical and asked my opinion first. I never have, their site says they've been around since '11...any feedback would be great!
I'll share my recent experience with you, Grip. I actually just got a shipment from them at the end of last week. I wanted to stock up on a bunch putters for my practice basket and i figured i could buy like 17 of those and some fairway driver back ups. I put in an order for a bunch of jawbreaker roaches, a couple legacy patriots, and some Discraft undertakers. I'll tell you their "in stock" numbers aren't correct at all, they don't have thousands of every mold in stock. They emailed me the day after i completed the order to let me know that they only had a couple of roaches in stock at the 175g out of 17 total i ordered and they only had 2 out of 3 patriots in max weight. They gave me the option of a couple lighter weights and to change molds. I replied back in an email that i would wait for them to get their Discraft shipment and ship everything at once because my main thing was getting backyard putters. I went on with life for a while, until realizing that i haven't heard anything back for a while. That was 3 weeks! They replied to my email that same day though. And, told me that they were getting them in shortly and would be shipping it out. So, it ended up being 3/6 - 4/3 from order to at my door. I got some pretty good prices, like 7.50 on each putter, and decent prices on the undertakers too. They should have emailed me to update me on how my order was going. And they need to have better real time numbers on their molds in stock. Some of the problems with the order i would attribute to Corona season. Overall, I'd still give them an 8/10. And give them a mild recommendation. I'm satisfied with the transaction. I'd tell your buddy to contact their warehouse operator/customer service to see what the actually have in stock first. Damn, didn't mean for this too be so damn long!